Planning Some Fine Tuning In The Garden

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  1. Big tub water pig poo grass cuttings, stew it for 2 weeks keep the water up, and you have nutrients, dilute with water in container,

  2. Hi Brian.
    Looking at your soil conditions, may I suggest that you consider “no dig” gardening. You certainly have an abundant source of raw compost available from the deep bedding in your pottery as well as what can be added from your chicken coop.
    There are hundreds of videos on this subject on YouTube. Basically, you lay a deep bed of mature compost in the form of your proposed planting bed on top of your soil. You plant your vegetables in the compost without disturbing the soil. In the pathways between the beds you can put wood chips, plain rice hulls or even cardboard to keep the soil moist and minimise compaction. (Major problem with your soil).
    Try it. I’m sure it will work for you.
    Best of luck my friend.

  3. BRIAN all time when bigin work garden spread compost on soil strate 3 cm uniform after work soil for mixed compost with soil and texture soil change into black . Plants show green deep sign when soil have minerals and are good

  4. Hi brian watch your videos and like them very much hope all goes well with the baby if you want tomatoes when the flowers are out go around and tape them ido it and i get plenty

  5. AZZOLA harverst at 10days and offer superior minerals //////high temeprature accept azzola and tomatos BRIAN —–where you put azzola planted tomatos . corn need more water and high temperature……….AZZOLA stoped water evaporation ,she cover water and transformaiton energies sunlight into minerals food for chicken —-tested at one piglet azzola 50% mixed with 50% food for see evolution pilglet if take fast into weight. SOIL garden change texture into 3years and become very fertile soil

  6. Brian, if you let the pond go dry once a year, you can take out a large amount of mineral rich muck from the bottom of the pond and add it to your garden to improve the soil there

  7. Raised bed garden would be good there and container planting.easy on the back also.lots of information on u tube.thats my plans when i move there .

  8. Wasting too much time and money on that soil. Plant fewer things so they can have more individualized effort applied for personal consumption. Do more soil samples and try again for your gov agri to test and recommend. Your fish farm partner just had a video showing fields full of row after row of tomato plants with fruits – find it and go steal some cuttings and advice. At least they have a tomato plant that maybe is better suitable for the weather and insects there.

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