Planning Out The Finishing Touch’s On The Nursery Room

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  1. They skim coat the ceilings there too. Get a can or bag to see if it will work for you doing the ceiling .if it doesn’t you have it for the walls so no waste.

  2. I like the idea of painting on top of the skim coat, will make it look nice, also easier to clean and won’t be as dusty. I had all my rooms painted in Cebu. Also, try to seal the jealousy windows a bit, they will let alot of the heat/cold escape as they aren’t efficient. You could use rubber strips, unless you plan on opening the windows a lot.

  3. my wife tells me plaster of paris is called escayola or sometimes yeso which i presume gesso which is a type of molding plaster. hope it helps

  4. Ceiling texture is just very thick paint. It is not putty. I don’t even think its a plaster of paris. I think they mix sand in it. It is better to use a big sponge or special texture roller to apply it. I for a smaller texture just use a thick roller head with very fat thick fluff on it for a more pronounced texture.

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