Planning for your future including travel to foreign lands can be challenging and exciting as well. The transportation industry with airlines, ferries, buses, etc are planning for your future travel also and schedules should be available in the coming weeks. The Philippines with Philippine airlines and other Asian nations are looking forward to your travel.


  1. Hey buddy I watched a few of your videos for some time now and only recently subscribed. I’m planning to live there in about 3 years. Not sure yet where exactly but you’re one of the guys that’s helping me with my research, thanks for that. My girlfriend is from Mindanao.

  2. I’m thinking I would like to build a modest house on maybe 800 to 1000 sq/ft of land. Seeing that my girl is from Mindanao I’m looking possibly on the outskirts of General Santos. Can’t afford more than 2000 pesos per sq/m. 800 to 1500 pesos per sq/m is more my price range. I’m still in the very early stages at the moment.

  3. Another Great video Rod! I finally pegged it, who you remind me of. Walter Cronkite! Not many vloggers out there can explain the unpleasant side of situations with the viewer looking at it with savvy and calm resolve that/ That’s the way it is! On a side note about the ventilators, 2 Kern County emergency room doctors did a interview. Erickson was his name. Anyways his point was, : Anyone with any condition that is put on a ventilator is already in dire straits, 80 to 90% usually don’t make it! Salamat Po!

  4. Rod,
    Up until you said something, I was thinking that is the most traffic that I’ve seen on the road in your videos in months! Oh, no left, it’s like driving in New Jersey ( If you have ever driven in New Jersey you would get that) I’m in no rush to be “tested” . I’ll wait until they figure out all the inherent problems with the test and proper training to administer and interpret the test. 1984? Who is going to accurately recall whether or not they received a flu shot 36 years ago? That was prior to electronic health records so there may not be any official record. I don’t know if that’s the accurate way to say that. “Putting patients on the ventilators seems to kill them.” As the signs and symptomology of the virus increase in intensity, the suppression of the mechanical ventilation function of the respiratory system becomes a “late” stage in the progression of the disease process. The patients that require mechanical ventilator assistance are referred to as “end state” patients. So, the statistics would support that a majority of patients who are placed on ventilators eventually succumb to the disease. Stay safe

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