Places to Stay on Bohol; The Mellow Inn – Philippines

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  1. At the very end of this video is a short slide-show with some photos I took of the Double Room (inside) and the terrace. I actually didn’t think of doing a video until the following day after I went for a swim and by then the room was a bit disorganized.

  2. Your the Man Henry. Thanks for sharing I will try not to point out any short coming as I am getting this information for free!!! I do have a few comments and questions however. It looks nice enough for me. I would stay there and the price looks good too. Is the mall 5 min away by walking or by Tri-Cycle? I didn’t see a Karaoke Machine set up so maybe the nights are quite also… :>0 Thanks again for sharing…Your becoming a valuable asset to all of us…

  3. It’s about 5-minutes by Tricycle. ūüôā The deck area by the pool, where the sound system is.. is down the hill and facing away from the rooms so, it’s pretty quiet. Glad to be of help I can. I’ll try to do a video of any other places I stay in the area as well as I go along. ūüôā

  4. Looks like a decent place. I would stay there. Thanks for sharing…Keep those videos coming as we all appreciate these tips. Have a great day.

    Mike in Seattle…

  5. I really like it.. has what I need and the prices are great. Geez, back in California it was at least $55 for some dump hotel in the city. This place is nicer and for just roughly $19 a night, can’t beat it. ūüôā

  6. ha!.. yah, everybody here goes by a nickname. Everybody I’ve met has their nickname and then their birthname and rarely do they use their real name. There’s a 65 year old dude in the village here name, ‘Boy’. A local kid who goes by ‘Lexus’. I have ‘Reekay’ on my motorcycle and helmet because that’s how most people here pronounce Enrique. ha!

  7. Most tricycle drivers know exactly where the hotel is. It is locate about a 10 minute ride from the Pier where the boats come in. It is also located about a 5 minute ride from the BQ mall. Even if anyone did use karaoke, it’s on the other side of the building down the hill facing away so, it’s pretty quiet there in the rooms.

  8. Great video Henry ! Never knew about this place, we always stayed at Bohol Tropics or Metro for big money !  This looks like a very decent place, and the price is great. Cant wait to get back !!

  9. ??? ¬† Car rental ¬†BOHOL ¬†CEBU ¬†DUMAGUETE ¬†>?? ¬† ¬† are u using ¬†Dongle to connect ¬†online ?? ¬†what speed ?? ¬†1mbps ¬† .. ¬†Smart or Globe…. ¬†find your site informative & i am 14 year VET . well done

  10. You’re a ¬†wealth of very useful info Henry!! Thanx for all the video posts, I am compiling the tips you are giving. Sure can use them when my boat comes in…
    See ya soon ‘mano!!

  11. Thanks for the information, Yes leaving my Hawaiian islands to Philippines would be to me a new change in pace and looking forward to the change. Aloha

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