Piggery Update 4/17/20

How to farm for profit in the Philippines, business ideas. General advice about farming and business, how to get permit’s and licenses. Life style expectations and experiences.
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  1. You might be rotating alot here in the next month if this keeps up,there’s always pigs popping an the room was gonna be needed.hope the new liters stay good

  2. Brian, if there’s a God of Pig’s I’ could really thank you that they sacrifice them self to to help people to survive,and I’ loved all the Animal and thank’s for not showing what happen to the pig :-)) That’s why when ever we consume the food we should thank’s God and all living thing’s in this world.

  3. Interesting piece, in today Philippine star( 18th april, online), basically said LGU ‘s, can buy direct from farmers.
    Includes Pork, Chicken, vegetable rice evt.
    To be distributed to the needy.
    Just need certification from the Barangay Capitan, that one is a bona fide farmer!
    So far, we up here in Pangasinan are only on lockdown until the end of the month, sounds like( as you have been extended until end of may), we may be extended also?!
    Have sent you email, with the extract from the philippine star.
    Take care always. 😀

  4. Mate you are doing a fantastic job helping the poor people in your Barangay you have good hearted subscribers, so they have extended the lockdown till end of May in your area, that may happen here also, it will put a big strain on people, especially the money side of things. Stay safe always

  5. the pigs are looking good from the feed you are growing to keep the pigs to survive in a bad time i think things not going to get better for a long time yet brian , 2020 not a good year up to now

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