1. Good choice with the name for the video you made it nice and easy. Wow what a sweet place I think people like that live a good life. Great video as always bro!!! Been watching for a long time just starting to comment but always give you a thumbs up bro!!

  2. Hi Tim…. i want to let you know…..i have returned from 9 years abroad just last year and i love your videos….coming back to america has been really tough….it is not a nice place anymore…not to me….many saturdays i have watched one video after another of yours and it just brings peace to me….i am happy for you….sorry i do forget to hit “like” sometimes

  3. Hi Tim when they grow a vegetable in a certain area they don’t want to grow that same vegetable in the same place the following time because the nutritious are gone from the soil. So they won’t grow good in the same place. The peanut shell help. But there something better if he put seaweed in the ground. You can grow the same vegetable in the same place the following time.

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