Picnic on the Beach – Dauin, Negros Oriental – Philippines

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  1. Nice video. It would be interesting if you would interview those Canadians. And if you do, I would like to know what they do concerning health care. In Canada, health care is free but Canadian citizen need to stay in Canada for at least six months every calander year to be eligible.


    1. I agree with Mikhail, here in Toronto it is free rich or poor,to see a doctor , go to hospital, operation(surgery) etc. the medications 20 % if you work from the company , sometimes free medications to the big company.
      not away from Canada more the 6 months. The only thing long time wait in the emergency room sometimes 6 to 8 hours.unless a person is dying emidiately attended. Scape from winter for 6 mothns is very good. Dumaguete is my home still young to retire.

    2. Every province administers health care slightly differently.In my province, nobody gets bill for medical care, nomatter how much they make and I make much more than poverty line, so I should know it.. We pay all our life for the security of a national medicare insurance but we mainly need it when we get older. And then we lose it if we live abroad. Unfortunate.

    3. Of course, doctors, nurses and equipment have to be paid by somebody. What Imean by free is that you don’t have to pay anything when you go see the doctor or need any medical treatments. Basically, it is a national health care program that is available to all Canadians rich or poor but you have to live in Canada for six month every calandar year to get it. 

    4. @DrAutoflower Adventures I don’t know where you live but I live in Canada and health care is free for everybody.Even millionnaire can have access to free healthcare. It has been that way for decades.


    1. @Tommy Vinson we had a great time. stayed until late afternoon and then i had to go pick up lyn from work. very nice to just enjoy the shade, some beverages (mostly pop, i only had one glass of red horse or i’d take a nap. ha!).. and good company.

  2. Hi Reekay, thanks for showing a Canadian! I think one of the first I have seen on your videos.

    Michael when I was in Cambodia for 2 years I bought private health Insurance. I came back to Canada last July. The Canadian program will not cover you. Now that I am 60 though, that has become cost prohibitive ( with the company I was with) and the coverage has dropped. If you go this root make sure there is not a clause in your bought policy that says this coverage is only valid as long as your provincial insurance is valid, some private Canadian companies have that. Hope that helps a bit.

    1. @LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines 30 feet is close enough… please find out how much… and how much does it cost to build a half decent bamboo house … I guess it would be under his wife’s name.

  3. oh I miss that we usually hire a nippa hut for the day near our house only one minute away from our house in Nailon Bogo Cebu  its getting cold hear in Australia now I wish I was there its nice getting in to summer now

  4. Awesome piece of property. Too bad you didn’t show the beach etc.How much does it cost to get a property like that? Thanks for sharing Henry. You’re one cool dude.

    1. @OnYourMark ! i had footage of the beach, but it was so windy it overwhelmed the microphone. the beach is kinda rocky, not really a swim spot. but only 10 minutes away is a great spot for swimming.

  5. hey Henry
    I noticed the suns glare at the beginning of the video, was wondering if you are using a polarizer filter on your go pro or not….but other than nice view away from the city

    1. @AL ARCILLA i hadn’t thought about seeing if a polarizing filter was available. i have a lens for it that fits over the existing one, but i’m pretty sure it’s just clear glass.

  6. What are those roads made of in your video Henry–looks like hard
    packed dirt roads. Maybe in smaller areas they are made like that,
    but they must use concrete as well over there ???

    1. @Grant Bedard the main roads are cement, but the backroads are just stone and the hard island terra. doesn’t get too muddy when it rains, thank goodness.

    1. hahaha  very nice!  I bring a whole bunch of the Maple Candies made with pure maple syrup they are easiest to “give away” to a lot of people.

    2. @Aprille Shepherd totally cool people. they gave me some authentic canadian maple syrup. it was like having maple syrup for the first time in my life. beats that colored corn syrup stuff by a long shot. 🙂 (and yes, i drank some straight from the bottle.)

  7. Hi Henry. Thanks for your informative videos; I really enjoy following them. One thing I noticed on my first visit to the Philippines recently was that a few places I stayed (around Cebu and Bantayan), I’d be kept awake by stray dogs barking through the night. I suppose I’m a light sleeper. Would you say that’s a common thing, or just confined to certain areas?

    1. @James Hannagan it’s all across the PH. if it’s not barking dogs, it’s wailing cats or crowing roosters or loud karaoke. the PH is generally a loud place in the cities and some neighborhoods. but most places in the province are very quiet and peaceful.

    1. Hi Chris you don’t need much of a budget realy. Especialy if you have a motor all you need is a little gas. Borrow a motor? Bring your own food and drink and expolore even by foot there is lots to see. I hope your budget is not that low you cannot catch a jeepny. In time you will learn from the locals to have fun for very little. Regards Rik

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