I want to show you what Kamala beach Phuket looks like this week.
Thailand is working hard to combat this tourism issue as fast as they can.
Travel here will be stopped completely on the 10th of April till….

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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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    1. I’m in the same boat, only my wife was due to immigrate to Australia on the 15th of April, next to impossible with no planes so I know your pain, hope it all recovers soon.

  1. I really enjoyed that video ..
    Was nice to see the place empty .. and drive around the streets ..

    I met you u in late Feb in Nana’s rooftop bar .. was a pleasure.

    I hope to be back soon.. was meant to be May but that’s not happening for sure and I’m due to be in Kamala November too but I don’t think that will happen either . ..

    However.. be safe and look forward to the next video .

  2. Thanks for the Update Rob, sad to see it so quiet. I hope Nana’s and the other places I enjoyed so much on my visit weather the storm. Good luck.

  3. Wow it looks more deserted than the small villages normally due, I hope the small businesses can make it through this, so many of them lived week to week already. Thanks for sharing Rob 😎✌️

  4. Yeah it’s pretty much the same here in NJ. I live about an hour outside NYC and you should see some of the videos showing the streets there. I have never seen it so empty and quiet. This is scary.

  5. I spoke to a Thai buddy yesterday who is in bkk and he got the viruse back around mid February. He beat it. He is viruse free. Stay safe rob.

  6. How about Cobb? Is she still painting on her own, or has she also shut down? Still have the painting of my wife sitting on the motorbike. Still love it, please thank her again for the great work!

  7. Now I’m crying. I remember those roads so well, especially the beach road and you passing the little restaurant we had breakfast in every morning. Loved that place and the two ladies that worked it, the lady who cooked owned it and they were both so sweet. ❤️ Seeing everything so deserted breaks my heart for everyone who lives and makes their living by the tourists and locals being able to go out every day. This is all so tragic for the whole world!

    1. I am reacting the same way @PBJ. Currently in the States I am “inconvenienced” by being locked down. But I don’t live day to day by what I can produce. Thais really don’t have a safety net like we do. It is heartbreaking to know how people are suffering not just from the virus but financially. Be well. All the best. Mitch

  8. So sad to see Rob. I feel for those people who depend on the tourists and farangs. A lot of Thais live from day to day money (no rainy day savings). Can’t wait to get back from Australia to holiday and help out.

    1. most generous of you. me, I’m more critical as I live here and while if feel sympathy for avg thai, they are the ones who happily accept the mask and hand gel with a wai. That’s a bit metaphoric in addition to actual.

      Makes me think they are accepting their enslavement with a smile. Not my country – not my fight.

  9. Thanks Rob for the latest on covid19 in Kamala we are on shutdown here in Edmonton as well. Stay safe Rob take care looking forward to your next vlog. 🍺👍🍺👍

  10. Hey Rob..hope you’re Well? Very Erie mention places being looted? Heard a few vloggers saying expats farangs could be targets. Maybe you can give us insite with a vlog if you feel safe etc..apparently all us farangs are loaded..haha anyway take care be safe..
    Ian UK

    1. Alex, umm yea, spooky… but only 27 deaths in 3 months in thailand… yet we’re now in a police state…

      in ussa, the stated deaths over the population is 0.0039%, or a 99.61% chance of not dying. the active cases is stated as 365,884 (of which only 9169 are considered serious/critical) which is a 0.996% chance of catching wuflu, or a 99.89% chance of not even catching wuflu. and the biggest richest country on the planet is on shut-down and a population is supposedly living in fear.
      spooky eh….

  11. Thailand will bounce back! The Thais are a resilient people. Once this pandemic is over, Phuket will be packed with tourists again and in party mode!

  12. it’s not like they have huge amount of debt and leveraged loans like in the West; they just close down the business and everyone goes back to their villages.

  13. Wow!…so different from last May and our walk from the beach at Rim Hat, past White Sun, Danny’s, #1 Seafood, Grill Bill, and our home base at Resotel. Lilia and I really hope and pray that this settles down quickly, and we can return to Resotel mid-May. Beers & lunch on me, if we can make it.

  14. Wow rob I flew into Phuket on this day last year after watching your videos for 2 years WHAT a difference, here in Australia it’s much the same it’s scary times keep your head down and see you on the other side.

  15. Prayers for the people of Phuket, Thailand, and the world. Hang in there, be strong, we will get through this and the smiles can return.

  16. Wow Rob, it was not that quiet in Phuket the year after the tsunami. Good to see Thai people are taking this seriously. They are giving the best chance that way. Stay safe and enjoy the quiet while it lasts.

  17. Yikes, now my prime minister is now in intensive care from this sxxt. THIS IS SCARY beyond belief. And Rob, your statement about people stealing. OMG, that is desperation. damn, this is history in the making. bad, sad times. But things will get better in whatever time it takes. wooooo. ;-[ Creepy? you want CREEPY???? NDTVI latest or 2nd latest vlog on walking st in Pattaya at night. ;-[. Keep well.

  18. Rob,
    Stay safe buddy. Love your vids. Praying for everyone in Thailand and all over.
    Much respect to you as well, with a US Air Force mug (Whiteman AFB, MO).

  19. I live in Wisconsin were lucky my city has not had any COVID- 19 cases, we haven’t had a curfew ether the stores close around 9:00 PM and open around 0700, you can go for a walk, run, bicycle, motorcycle anytime. People are still working except the service industry. ATM’S and bank drive ups are open.

    1. But with no real testing going on you are flying blind into a coming storm. One person will bring the virus into your community and that will be that.

  20. Social distancing is working.. so people just have to stay indoors but hard to do in such a beautiful place as Kamala not to enjoy a day outside. Still we all must do our parts to help keep the Covid19 infections lower and hopefully stop it completely in what ever time it takes.. so strange the world is now.. hard to imagine what 1812 spanish flu was like killing 500 million.. we are far from that and that is a great thing. Stay 6 feet away Rob from the camera 😉 lol Cheers stay safe

  21. Just so empty, it’s very sad. Things are definitely slowed down here in Washington state too. Stay safe out there buddy, see you next time!!!

  22. Going to destroy the worlds economy, lives, small business for a virus that kills 1% or less of the people contract it. Insane…
    If they don’t turn the key soon it’s going to be too late to recover.

    1. Death rate is more like 5-8% but I hear you. Problem is all the sick need care too and the other non-covid patients also. Basically the medical systems worldwide cannot deal with the impact from this virus. Sad times for all.

  23. Nice video.
    Today was supposed to be day 6 in Phuket (was staying in Kamala), then on to Krabi for four days, then Bangkok and finally Chiang Mai to close out the month of April. I could’ve gone in February, but wanted to experience Songkran, so I waited until April… Bad decision.

  24. “I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!” You certainly are if you are backing “COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO”

    1. Has nothing to do with Trump. It is a known fact from many sources that the WHO was in cahoots with the CCP and allowed infected people to move freely throughout the world thus causing the current pandemic.

      The world is run by corrupt governments and greedy self serving individuals. Period.

  25. Ramen Noodles … which I could get some. I’ve been to all the major supermarkets in town and, except for less popular flavors (like Creamy Chicken), there is no Ramen. At least the cheap stuff like Maruchan and Nissan. There is still a small selection of the imported stuff you find on the Asian aisle.

  26. Another excellent video (given the circumstances). I especially liked the part where you were driving around without speaking because it set an appropriate sad mood while showing us the current version of Kamala. BTW, congratulations on passing 54k subscribers!

  27. Bro, just a quick question, most Asian countries Philippines (where i am), Vietnam, South Korea, China etc all wearing face masks to go outside the house, yet from what i see on the vlog, the few people on the street and on bikes aint wearing face masks. Why?

  28. The Pattaya News has confirmed the sad news that popular Pattaya Vlogger Kev in Thailand succumbed to his long battle with cancer at 2:30 AM this morning. Our condolences are with him and his family.

  29. Wow! Hasn’t even been two weeks since I was there and I thought it was quiet then?!… Hated to cut my holiday short but coming back to the US was the right decision, though. Definitely saw why you like Kamala. Looking forward to a trip back! Take care, Rob!

  30. Sad to see, ive known it was coming for months, entire world in lockdown is going to cause much pain to many people, no money no eat, I think theres a something else lurking in the background not just the virus.

  31. Maybe this will give the immigration authorities a preview of what Thailand would be like if their wish of ridding Thailand of farangs comes true. A lot of locals would suffer, farangs on the other hand can go elsewhere no probs.

  32. Generally Thailand is a place where Thais can survive very very cheaply, especially away from the cities. But following a rather poor ‘high season’ this is having a harder affect on the tourism workers and people that service those people, than it would normally do (obviously this isn’t normal or usual, but you know what I mean!). PS WHO has a large portion of the blame for the situation we’re in now (clearly not as much as China, but a lot!), so I would suggest you look to support another charity instead.

  33. Don’t go out without a mask, the locals will lynch you, even if you are walking along miles from anyone. I think there”s a real misunderstanding how this virus spreads in Thailand. Unfortunately it’s westerners who now have the blame for this virus squarely on their shoulders. The fact that it came from China was an inconvenient fact which has now been forgotten. Never have I felt so unwanted here. If the spread of the virus suddenly accelerates and there are a lot of deaths, there is going to be a lot of nastiness, and a lot of nasty situations occurring aimed towards the people who Thais in general think are to blame.

    1. The Thais run with the Hares and hunt with the Hounds. They loved the Chinese money this past 10/15 years and made life more difficult for the Western Farangs. They always smell and follow the money trail, that’s all they’re interested in. Thailand was already on a downer even before the Coronavirus hit.

  34. The Thais run with the Hares and hunt with the Hounds. They loved the Chinese money this past 10/15 years and made life more difficult for the Western Farangs. They always smell and follow the money trail, that’s all they’re interested in. Thailand was already on a downer even before the Coronavirus hit. Too many restrictions, no give, only take, Thailand is past its the sell-by date.

  35. hope thailand and whole world would recover very quickly.perhaps you have to learn how to cook and don’t eat fish with lots of bones because hospitals may refuse to take bone out of throat

  36. I love Thailand and especially Phuket. It was my very first place where I practiced Muay Thai. I’ve come back every year for the past 10 years. I know it’s getting rough for the Thais right now but this pandemic is serious and lockdowns seem to be the only thing stopping it’s spread.
    I hope everyone over there stays healthy and safe. Help each other out and try to ride this out as peacefully as possible.

  37. Centralization of Government does this in time of Crisis….Phuck the people and save the central government……They didn’t even thank you did they…

  38. I would have thought a lockdown in Phuket would be hard to implement but obviously not. Good on the Thais for staying at home and saving the country.👍

  39. Hi Rob Great tour around Kamala + curfew update Thks. I tried link to Amazon Camera 3 it didn’t work, would be great to have an explanation of which cameras you use for different situations, Keep Safe & well Rgds Gus Aust.

  40. Haha, Rob I remember your video about bidet’s a wondering why we don’t use them in the U.S. Well, since toilet paper is still in limited supplies, the cheaper bidet’s are selling out !!! We would be wearing mask like they do in Asia if we could find any. Just a matter of time before we start sticking commodes in the shower.

  41. Noticed the same thing Rob. A lot less traffic here in Cincinnati, Ohio. But the few people that just have to drive faster than everyone else are now driving WAY faster than everyone else. Have not been to the store for a couple weeks now but I hear that supplies are still limited. I will have to go sometime next week so I hope they start catching up soon.

  42. I was stationed at Whiteman AFB in late 70’s…. and you were stationed there? I lived in Kamala too. But Kamala was much smaller then. Best wishes.

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