PHUKET or PATTAYA with $2000 V499

If you come to Thailand for a week on a budget where whould go?

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Thailand Rob currently lives in Kamala Beach Phuket and is capturing video of what it’s like to see Thailand through fresh eyes and a camera. Funny, clever and informational.

I’m walking through Thailand with out a clue!

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  1. yes transport is very expensive in Phuket
    if you are more than 2 weeks in Phuket It is cheaper to buy a bicycle
    if you don’t mind a little bit exercise
    you can buy a new bicycle from about 6000 Thb it’s about $185
    That equates to about 12-20 trips in a tuk tuk depending on where you are going

    from taking a taxi from the airport to Patong Beach is from 1500 Thb to 3000 Thb
    the cheapest way to get around in Phuket is the local buses

  2. How can you possibly not even comment on “sex” when talking about Pattaya. Most of your audience are not going there to “party”. Why avoid the elephant in the room in your advice?

    1. Because it’s a furphy!

      The millions of visitors (tour groups, families and couples) that come to Pattaya every year are evidence enough that there is a LOT more to Pattaya than just sex and beer bars.
      Pattaya is HUGE compared to Patong/Phuket. The nightlife is just one part of it…..and you don’t have to partake if that’s not your scene. Plenty of other things to do in Pattaya. Plenty.

  3. Pattaya is bat shit crazy you need a holiday when you go back to your own country that’s why I love the crazy city it never sleeps I have only just come back from Pattaya I had to have a night of the beer I was seeing the sunrise every morning for 10 days the place is mental.

  4. First of all I’ve been to both places and now reside in Pattaya ( jomtien ) section. $2000 is a ton of money for a week in any section of Thailand

  5. I found Kamala beach a bit boring ( sorry Rob ), but I still got action in the 2 days I was there. A first timer to Thailand if they have never been really needs a wingman that knows the ropes or they could get eaten alive

  6. I was in Pattaya for 5 weeks last year, and I don’t party. I had stuff to do, and it was cheap. I went to walking street once, but it wasn’t my thing.

  7. Look at PHUKET SMART BUS pass. 499Baht for 3 day unlimited ride pass. Get you to almost every beach on West Coast. Best way to mitigate the Tuk Tuk Mafia price gouging! Oh, Hey Rob!

  8. If he is coming to drink & “bang,” Pattaya is the place to go. If he wants a chill, fun and relaxing beach experience, Phuket is the place. I spent a week in Phuket 2 months and it was awesome. I was there with my girlfriend, so I brought sand to the beach so to speak, but there are plenty of girls there to hangout with. Phuket has many cool place to hang out and chill, or party your ass off.

    Pattaya is just an adult playground that you can pretty much anything you want, within the broad limits of the law and the size of your wallet.

  9. Chiang Mai is the best family place the vibe si so friendly there and loads of old country culture. I agree the taxi mafia eats you dollars quick in Phuket. best to stay near where you want to go and take advantage of the tours if you want to go out.I have not been to Pattaya. I love Bangkok great place and you can go there on a budget lots of great value for the hotels. I hope the country is open again soon. I am Leary of leaving here(Mindanao) as it is locked up also for the time being.if I do leave and moreover it is safe no active cases in my immediate area. Stay safe and you have to appreciate how the Gvrnment is doing what they have to to get a hold of things there. It is really bad in Manila now as they have told stories of people being turned away from hospitals.

  10. 2007 was my first time in Thailand. First time to leave the USA. I did a lot of research of where I wanted to start my adventures around the world. Thailand kept popping up on my radar. The factors I was considering at the time were
    Playing pool
    Thai culture
    I kept going back to Pattaya videos.
    It was either Pattaya or Phuket for me.
    I chose pattaya.
    I have been to Thailand 3 times since then.
    I still haven’t been to Phuket.
    Probably never will.
    I’ve heard the scams are a lot more common in Phuket. Go through your hotel to rent ANYTHING ANYWHERE IN THAILAND! I’ve never been scammed. But it’s the safest and easiest way to rent cars, motorbikes, and especially jet skiis.
    Did you say $10,000 bhat a day? I’ve never spent that kind of money in Thailand. No need to.
    $3000 bhat a day or a little more is all I need to have a great time. If you don’t drink and dont take a lady home you need very little to have a fun time.

  11. Yeah dude Pattaya is Epic! I went to Pattaya with my kid 2 years ago for 17 days, last year for 20 days and in January 2020 for 25 days next year going for 30, need I say more ha ha .
    My son is 11 now and we spend on average 3 -6000 bath pr day for fun food and what ever ( and not cheap Charlie style ) just got to be smart, and yes women included he he (I recommend tinder and ThaiFriendly). Hotels 4 stars 1200 bath pt day on average. So yeah Pattaya rules.

  12. It is crazy the stats speak for themself Rob.. Thailand currently has 0.09% per million of the 60.5 Million total population of Thailand. 0.09% would need 11 to 12 deaths to just make that number 1 person per million of the population of Thailand. People just dont get the math and panic from the world govts and their dictoratorship rules now. Screw the New World Order.. its a Joke. News Media Hype. Fake news. Thailand still a great vacation deal for people and probably the safest place to go for a vacation with all this covid-19 BS .. enjoy the sunshine .. beers and cheers Rob from Canada.

    1. @Alexander James2020! Yep – people shouldnt belive what Asian governments say that are scared of losing their tourist industry, one more dead farang wont even earn a footnote in the newspaper

    2. Neo Zion this is not true at all!!there has been a massive spike in deaths related to โ€œviral pneumonia โ€œ in the absolute thousands!! rather than covid hmmmmm! Go figure

  13. Pattaya on a budget, but Phuket is a good introduction to Thailand for a newbie. Plus Phuket has a lot more natural beauty and things to do. Planning a trip to Phuket this winter myself and looking forward to it, Even after about 15 visits over many years.

  14. 7 days in Pattaya for a single man that has never been to S.E. Asia will be a life changing experience. The look on a grown man’s face seeing Soi 6 on a busy night for the first time is like an 8 year old on Christmas morning looking at a room full of presents. “Are all of those for me?” LOL

    1. Absolutely spot on, it was the same for me the first time I saw
      Walking street, some 15 yrs and 30 trips on. I can sit at a road side beer bar and spot first timers straight away, just by the look
      on their faces and I’m sure the
      ladies can spot them a mile off

  15. I’m on the border of Idaho and WA. In the land of BS(USA) masks only work if you are a DR. Right?? I’m on the 1st flight to BKK. Or a sailboat. This is a PSYOP.. USA vs CHICOM/IRAN. Tinder will be LIT AF.

  16. My tattoo artist in Pattaya is working out of hotel room with disposable gear. Hong Thong is still available. 7 days in Pattaya is a bit much 1st time out. Pupils wider than backhoe tires. He’s gonna start chafing. The train to Ho Hin!! go a bit south of Pattaya,,lotta gals, food not so many Kathoey and leeches.. GoodyGoodySquirrel, where’s Hedgehog and Duck?

  17. If you are traveling all the way from the USA to Thailand one week isn’t enough time. Takes 25 to 30 hours on average each way just to get here.

  18. Hi Rob. As a seasoned traveller to and around Thailand this vlog taught me personally nothing I didn’t already know…..BUTTTTTTT, watching YOUR expressions and listening to YOUR personality, no matter what the subject (ALMOST) , is slightly amusing and very entertaining. ;-]. And if I DID want info of this vlogs subject then you informed us very well indeed. ;-]. Please keep us all amused, updated, entertained and knowledged as much as you like during all these long, boring days at home. Good health to you sir.

  19. There is a great book on the subject. By a man named James Dobken.

    The book is called “Surviving Pattaya”.

    The book is available on Google books.

    James has lived in Thailand for over 15 years.

    The book is only about $5.

    I give this my highest recommendation and I do not receive any commission from the sale of this book.

  20. I used to live in Bangkok for 3 years and I went to Pattaya only for a day and I went back Bangkok. that place is not for me at least!
    I recommend Phuket definitely. U can find any sorts of activities in Phuket. and 2000 USD for only one person is more than enough!
    you can have nice hotel with 50 USD per night in Phuket. U can rent a scooter under the 10 USD per day and enjoy any part of it, but I think if you stay for 2 weeks and spend another week in Bangkok is much much better for you.
    The past winter I went to Phuket for 4 days and then Bangkok for 10 days with my GF and her sister we spend only 3000 USD together including hotels.

  21. Cool videos Rob! My wife and I want to go there someday. We almost went there last year with friends of ours but ended up buying a second house in Hawaii. I guess once we are living out there, our vacations will be Las Vegas and Thailand. Thailand seems really fascinating to me and itโ€™s still affordable for working class people like us. Thank you for your very informative vids. Aloha from PIttsburgh. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐ŸŒˆ๐Ÿค™

  22. Hello Thailand Rob This is L.A Rob ! i have been coming to Thailand for over 15 years and i think his best choice would be in Patttaya but not central Pattaya maybe Jomtien it would feel more like a beach vacation and just take the baht bus in at night into Central Pattaya.. and BTW rents are even cheaper in Jomtien and the beaches nicer and not as crowded.. this is what i would recommend …

  23. Just remember Rob, to cut down on travel costs in Phuket; Smart Bus, Smart Bus, Smart Bus! But you are right, travelling around the Island and even around the towns is not very budget friendly.

  24. has anyone wondered how all governments from all over the world have all come to carry out the same protocol , the only thing that would explain this (this is one for all you x file fans)is we are now being run by a single body ,we are being run by aliens and the alien killing virus has been released but some humans are not immune ,namely the old,if i die soon in suspicious circumstances you know i was right,or it could just be a virus released by the pension companies or it could just be a whole load of bullshit ,i know which one i would choose

  25. Yes good advice, โ‰๏ธ๐Ÿค”. I have been to both places,,, No doubt that Phuket is far more beautiful than Pattaya, but itโ€™s far more expensive also ,, I usually hire a motor bike in both places, Phuket is a beautiful place to ride around the island ๐ŸŒด, it takes all day, but you can stop for a feed at great little beach side restaurants; whereas in Pattaya itโ€™s very easy to get a Baht bus or motorcycle taxi, itโ€™s cheaper than chips ๐Ÿค” If youโ€™re a single man , Then Pattaya is definitely the way to go, ENJOY ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Ž๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰Thailand

  26. I’ve been living in Phuket for 3 years now.
    I would say that 10.000 Thb a day, is a hell of a budget anywhere in Thailand, including in Phuket.
    To spend this kind of money everyday (hotel expenses included), will garantee you more fun than you will remember, as it’s actually a two weeks millionaire type of budget already.
    So you definitely need less than that to have plenty of fun even in Phuket, believe me.

    And no, hotels won’t be cheaper walking in than booking online (9 times out of 10).
    But don’t just take my words on it, have the experience and check it out by yourself, you’ll see.

  27. Rob, travelling from Ubon to Bangkok atm. They have cut the number of buses but prices are the same. Price of hotels in Bangkok and Ubon, using mobile booking, are way down. I wiuld estimate 50 %. Going back to the big PX in a few days. Will be interested in capacity.

  28. Yeah, I was really surprised how expensive it was to get around in Phuket. Caught me off guard. I did find the Smart bus for only 170baht but be prepared to wait to get anywhere you want. If the guy doesnโ€™t mind hostels, that can cut the cost quite a bit, also. And the cost of eating in Patong will make one think all those stories of cheap food in Thailand, were lies! Lol… I did end up extending my visa for Thailand and got a chance to checkout Kamala. Beautiful and laid back. Much better than Patong, for my taste. That being said, the circumstances I got to experience both, were not typical. I can recommend the Clear House resort in Kamala. About a 10 minute walk from the beach but nice place and includes a buffet breakfast.

  29. Good video, I like the vibe of Kamala, Phuket more than Pattaya, but Iโ€™m boring. ๐Ÿคช Chiang Mai is totally my choice for a chilled time, just avoid the burning season, roughly Jan – April. Thanks & stay safe! ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ‘

  30. I would go 2 nights Pattaya, 2 nights Koh Samet and 2 nights Pattaya. With Samet, you get even better beaches/nature and cheaper than Phuket!

  31. Just getting to Phuket is more expensive than the cheap bus ride to Pattaya. Food is more expensive. Barfines are more expensive. If budget is an issue it’s Pattaya all the way. Maybe you wont be able to do it again for a while, so do everything.

  32. Did they close sarasin bridge already? Btw. You can get taxis pretty cheap in Phuket. Once you have a driver, ask him if heโ€™s hungry and if he wants you to bring him something to eat/drink. This absolutely changes their mind about trying to rip you off. Then you have a new friend and reliable driver for life

  33. Not really Phuket, but more than likely Patong, which is closer to Kamala, so if you are into the beach as rob says and just laying low Patong is cool, Pattaya… beers and girls, Pattaya… just keep it in check where ever you go and should be a good time! Transportation cost me 1000 baht from Patong to Kamala so your better off in Pattaya if on a budget for getting around town on a beer budget. Really hate to be on a budget in Thailand, just saying! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT time,WE carnt fly out of Ausrtralias . so far got my travel insurance back . still trying to get resort cash back , ,i recon thats gone , AirAsia couldnt give a flying fuck . OUR trip was to be may . Then 14 days confinement . so were out of pocket around $9ooo,YOU HAVE A GREAT TIME

  35. Don’t think anyone is going there in the next six months lol. US just gave Thai govt 2 billion I’m sure the Thai people won’t see 1 baht

  36. $2000 is $65,000 (today’s rate) for 7 full days. You can stay anywhere in Thailand. Are you a massive alcoholic? Are you going to spend a lot on the niightlife? Are you going to want to travel? Will you only want to eat Foreign food? Do you need 4 star treatment? Those are the real questions. 1200 baht for a room is a good, clean, newish room in a good location. There are 5500 baht rooms in the Hilton if you must.Walk to the baht bus lines and spend maybe 100b a day max. 1700b a day for food would be a significant amount (you are eating foreign food or expensive seafood all of the time. I usually eat a 45b rice/pork breakfast with a 20b bottle of water so keep that in mind. Anyway we are at 3000b. Now what? Sure if you want to fly all around, rent a yacht, take 4 new friends to one of the islands, it can take a few bucks. It depends on what you want. Either Phuket or Pataya would work. I like Pattaya it depends on what you wan tto do… nightlife = pattaya, beautiful sights/beaches/snorkling = phuket. You want to save money? Take the bus from BKK airport for something like 130 baht (plus likely another 100 for a moto taxi to your hotel from a bus dropoff place) as compared to 1500b for a taxi. I’d focus your spending on what you want the most. Have fun.

    I hang out with multiple friends and do many things and spend about half of what you have budgeted.

  37. Rob, Florida/NC guy here wanna come out there and pay you a visit. Is it safe yet? Think you’d love my schtick maybe we cud collab while I’m there. Stay well brotha.

  38. Hey Rob, Cool shirt ! Have you ever considered selling your favorite shirts that you find in Thailand ? I remember the shirts being thinner/ lighter in Thailand ( would love to have, now that I work in a hot factory job ) I’d pay 10-15 USD for that orange shirt.

  39. Rob, Carry out is very expensive in BKK right now. 2-3x. Do you know a way to deliver food internationally? To a friend ? How can we help out our friends? Heck, Iโ€™d send you one!!

  40. 2 weeks in Patong is eventually 150 euros a day,(Party Mode) if its not your first time here and have already gone sight seeing before(temples etc.) taking out your flight money and hotel booking and motorbike rental. Wich includes1) breakfast, lunch, dinner. In reasonsble priced places. Wich means out of the 3 you can choose a thai place to eat.And fast food isnt cheap either if your thinking about McDonald’s etc.. 2)having a few beers in the afternooon or in the evening or both 3)going out at bangla at midnight having a few drinks. 4)having a girl stay with you for st. 5)maybe a massage with a nice ending. Price breakdown the basics… Beer in a bar 80 to 100 depending the beer, maybe happy hour draft for 60 not putting in the lady drinks.. Beer in clubs 200bht. drinks in clubs 250 and up. Cheapest one in hollywood disco 160 baht. St with a girl 2000 maybe 1500. Lt 3000 and up. Massage ( oil) 300,with happy ending 1000 total. If you cant drive a motorbike 50 baht motorbike taxi inside patong borders. Sometimes they double it because you are not thai. Tuk tuk 250 and up deoending where u go. So if you take out the girls for fun and keep it strict to a foot massage, and just eat drink and swim you can make it with 60 euros a day. All this is just depending on how much u can drink or eat, everyone has a different pace. And island hopping can be around 1500 and up depending what tour you are taking. Ive been traveling tobthailand 2 times a year since 2010.Pattaya is cheaper but havent been there since 2015. Call me crazy but 1 euro used to be 43 to 45 in 2010 now it was 32 in 2020. So do the math. So if anyone callsme crazy for what im writing than probably they had alot to drink and dont remember what money they spend the previouse day๐Ÿคช๐Ÿคช. The cheap beer-and girl days are long gone in the land of the smiles!

  41. And continuing my other comment.( FOR PATONG) Airport transfer with taxi meter taxis can be around 700 baht. Hotels in low season and not hostels, you can still find from 12 to 20 euros at 3 star hotels.The rooms are modern, at least the ones ive always stayed in. In high season its usually doubled the price.

  42. If it is his first time I would say do 5 days/nights in Pattaya in the middle. Split beginning and end in Bangkok as there is plenty fun to be had there as well as relative cheapness and diversity of activities. Bus from Ekkamai cheap and convenient.

  43. I wonder if it affects the algorithms having the end credits? I know monetising is based on views and subs which you got covered but you will see in the analytics how many videos are watched to the end etc. If people like myself have seen the end that many times that they turn it off before the video finishes, it will affect your numbers. I remember for a while you had an end bit after the credits and that kept people watching to the very end of the video. Worth looking at for your analytics but probably not too important.

  44. I LOVE THAILAND !!!! Last time i was there , was 7 weeks of traveling, fantastic place, lovely lovely people. but remember be very wary of the bar girls ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. The best way to survive anywhere you travel to on a budget is to live like the average locals. 2000 USD is more than enough for even two weeks in Thailand. That’s unless you’re staying in a 5star hotel banging every Thai girl you set your eyes on you’ll be fine

  46. Good summation.

    I would add that Pattaya’s “tourist” side is a little underrated.

    There are good beaches nearby (any beach other than Tawaen Beach on Koh Larn, Sai Kaew (Military) Beach in Sattahip, Koh Samed for a day trip, even Cosy Beach in Pratumnak).
    The Water Parks are far superior to Phukets’……..Sanctuary of Truth is spectacular……..Khao Kheow Open Range zoo is cool…….Nong Nooch Gardens are massive…….Buddha Mountain is worth a drive by…..

    ….and for the ladies, the shopping in Pattaya is so much better and SO much cheaper than Phuket I honestly feel bad when I see what people consider “normal” prices in Patong.

  47. 2000USD in pattaya for week .in for good time its crazy. soi 6 and lk metro .hopefully Christmas myself for month ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™if Covid Fucks off

  48. The guy has 8 months to save for Thailand and all he can afford is 2000$ ? Come on step it up! You could save 4 or 5 k by then!! I recommend Bangkok! Pattaya is fun for one or two nights but quality of girls in Bangkok is way better

  49. Pattaya was awesome 1 week party, 1 week down time. Best vacation. Living in the Philippines now and still Pattaya is my go to Vaca spot.

  50. Pattaya was awesome 1 week party, 1 week down time. Best vacation. Living in the Philippines now and still Pattaya is my go to Vaca spot.

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