Phone, Text and Internet in the Philippines, Part 2of2

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  1. hi. there sir,,, im from bohol also,,, im glad that you liked our province,,, regarding your queries about that wimax stuff,, it’s pretty much the same with the usb modem stick, you’ll still get internet connection problems… either in the city or in the province,, network carriers here is lying about connections and speed,,, you dont always get what you paid… hehe… so that’s all i can say sir, since youre here in bohol ill be glad to be of help anytime sir,,

  2. by the way sir im from anda ,bohol,, a hundred kilometers away from tagbilaran,, be careful of where you’re park your scooter in tagbilaran,, my bike was stolen in tagbilaran,, it’s common in the city..

  3. “Workable, but not great” also is how I would describe my experience with Globe “3G” in the provence of Camarines Sur, town of Libmanan. Globe 3G USB stick is about my best option for my usual several months stay in the Libmanan and Naga City area, but I found it too slow to use Majic Jack; other expats have also found that Globe cellular 3G is too slow for MJ. Curiously, my Globe cellular generally worked fine with Skype – even for video Skype.

  4. smart communications recently launched 4g lte services in the philippines.. it’s much faster compared to 3g.. but the coverage is limited, as far as i know some parts of tagbilaran have 4g coverage..

  5. Try Viber. Download the app to your phone and you can talk free to anyone with an Internet connection in the world. We talk to all our relatives in the phils that way in calls they often originate themselves….

  6. I might give that a try. I have a smart-phone with internet, but I rarely use the phone for Net because I have to use my reading glasses to focus on the screen. ha! My calls with the tipIDD card go through very well overseas. But if I can get a good enough signal on the smart-phone for an online voice network that would be great.

  7. MagicJack, as long as you have a decent Net signal is fantastic. It’s about $27 a year and well worth it. It’s a USB device, you can either use the laptop mic/speakers to make calls or hook up a cordless phone via the phone-jack in MJack. I prefer the laptop since that allows me to crank up the volume and do hands-free calling. With MJack, you have a phone # local to your home-country so it’s just like calling from within your destination call. Unlimited hours for free.

  8. (contd.) The only reason I’m not using it currently is because my Net signal is about 250kbps on average and that’s ‘barely’ adequate to make a call which drops out every minute or so. 750kbps seems to be the minimum requirement for a solid connection without issues.

  9. Yes, I do worry about that. So far I’ve been parking it near the security at the ICM or where I can keep an eye on it if I stop for some bbq. I’m still paranoid.. when I get off my scooter I immediately stand near someone else’s bike. ha! Then I go in the mall and watch for about a minute through the window to see if anyone shady comes by my bike. Love my scooter like a horse, gets me around. 🙂

  10. Thanks! Yes, I checked my speeds many times through SpeedTest(dot)net and I never get the 3G that I’m paying for. Is barely 250kbps on average and sometimes I have to re-connect when they change my IP every few hours. One thing that kinda helped is enabling a free service from OpenDNS(dot)com . That uses the fastest ping-route to make surfing ‘slightly faster. Every little bit helps. 🙂

  11. better if you buy a chain lock for your bike , just strap it in on your wheels at the front or at the back .. so you’d be confident when you’re away from your bike.. that’s what i do now,, since i bought a new bike.. you can buy it on unitop costs around 250 pesos… or you can have your bike installed with alarm system… much nicer though..

  12. you’ll never get that 3g speeds if you’re near in tagbilaran.. just imagine all that people using internet at the same time..and almost all cellphones are internet capable.. BUT that wimax thing can help you a little .. since they will install an outdoor antenna on your roof and the modem inside your house,, connections will be stable than that usb modem.. just transact with authorized distributors..

  13. Thanks for the tip. Eventually I gotta do something for more reliable Net here at the house. For now, it’s a good excuse to go to ICM’s net cafe and see the pretty girls do Zumba on Fridays. 🙂

  14. I’m ok, I usually take Oceanjet, but I use GO2 to buy my tickets. Sadly, a friend of mine know a guy whose Filipina Mother in Law perished in the ferry collision while en route to visit them. Very sad.

  15. hey henry If you are just calls your family in the US you can try SuperIDD 149 you can call as much as 3 intl numbers with 24hrs and the cap time per call is either 15 or 30mins  check it out by dialing *143# from a globe prepaid mobile phone then choose option 6 to check the best intl call offers

  16. Which company do you use for your smart phone with Internet? How much is it if you just want to use a laptop and hook it up to Internet? Say for 3 months. What do you recommend?

    1. @injanhoi1 i’ve tried all three of the major networks here (Smart, Sun & Globe).  Overall, Globe has had the best coverage in small city (i used it in Mactan).. outskirts/boonies (Bohol) and mid/large cities (Cebu/Dumaguete).  I use Globe for text/voice/net.  I recommend the hot-spot, post-paid wifi modem or even better the home cable option.  but with the home cable it’s a 2-year contract, so i went with the mobile hot-spot since I move around alot.

  17. Hi I have a Virgin Mobile phone and my girlfriend in the Philippines is getting a globe phone so we can text. Would my phone be able to send texts to her globe phone?

    1. +Bryan King that is no problem. any network can contact any other network. however, if you are both on the same network (Globe, for instance) you can get unlimited texts/voice promos to save money’.

  18. This is not to do with cell phones but internet connections. Can you use skype and be able to talk to someone at home without it dropping? How about at the internet cafe?

    1. LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines let’s say I’m in Starbucks in Cebu as an example. Would there be issues in using Skype? I guess maybe you never tried that.

    2. the general USB wifi is about 2mbps on average. for a good skype session you really need 3.5mbps or more. this can be done with a dsl contract. but not so much on wifi signal unless it’s in the center of cebu or manila for the most part. province areas are notorious for low signal strength.

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