Phone, Text and Internet in the Philippines, Part 1of2

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  1. Do alot of people have smart phones there or do they just use the net cafes? . I have AT&T in the states and there service is the worst . In the last 2 months it has been getting bad. Drop calls and not getting on the Internet is an everyday thing . Great info ….

  2. In numbers.. there are a lot of smart-phones and tablets here. Some are Chinese knock-offs. But percentage-wise, the majority of Filipinos can’t afford them and use net cafes. Here, laptops are double the price of the US. An ACER laptop goes for over $650. Back in California I got a Toshiba for $325 just before I came here. Net cafes are about 25 cents to 70 cents an hour depending on the location. So that’s what most low income Filipinos use.

  3. I use Smart and get the 7 day unlimited text only for 50 pesos which is a great deal. You’re right. Signals are not that great here in the Philippines especially if you live out in the provinces due to lack of those signal towers to bounce off from.

  4. i would find out who the main person you will be txting is with. some providers have free txting to people within their service. ask or specials at the phone store. they are usually very helpul.

  5. Hello Henry, I was just thinking about getting a cheap phone there and sim. I have verizon and I can pay 10 dollars a day, which is not bad, but I will be there 40 days and that 400 dollars. I just thought it would be cheaper while I am there.

    1. That is what I was thinking, thanks Henry. You need a secretary to do all your replies. I am sure you have to spend a lot of time responding to messages and not to mention making the videos. Take care

    2. a phone plan with a PH sim-card for internet and texting is only about $20/month. much cheaper than the $400 quote you’re getting from verizon.

      get a ph SIM card, globe seems to have the greater coverage for wifi. (pldt is better for in-home net service.)

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