Philippines Seeking 100% MGCQ & Davao Implementing Tracing App

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  2. What’s the point of “opening up” if they are tightening the rules and prohibiting nonessential movement & travel? Sounds like the same thing to me. I just heard good news from a friend an hour ago, and now this just deflates my tires again. Thumbs up for this video because i wont kill the messenger. However, i dont know when i can get my hopes up.

  3. Not everyone has a phone in the Philippines. I just think this is something that was thought of and developed 6 months ago and is being rolled out very late in the game.

  4. All these precautions should have been done a long long time ago. Its been months & there’s been little improvement …

    Whatever … it will need co-ordinated efforts from all for this to work as there as still many stubborn or ignorant people out there.

  5. I’ve been very much among those who have been going along with all of the guidelines and thought everyone else should as well. I’ve been wearing a mask outdoors, social distancing as reasonably as possible and all that. I used to look at those who characterized COVID-19 as an “aggressive flu” as nutters. I’m losing patience now and my perspective is shifting. Both my parents got COVID. Mom is in her mid 70s, my dad in his late 70s, both came away perfectly fine. The death rate is going down as we have learned better how to manage those with COVID. The lockdowns are getting ridiculous. I’m not about to declare “new world order” like others sometimes do, but it’s time to move on to less rigid approaches. We will not lockdown our way out of this and COVID is not going to go away. I respect that they’re trying and I will continue to respect the ordinances around COVID because those are the rules here and the Philippines is not my country. But enough already. We can manage this in less rigid ways, people are tired of this, and so many businesses are getting crushed.

  6. Bottom line is… With all this tracking and tracing…. There is now the higher and permanent reality of loss of most to all of foreign travel and money ever coming back to the Philippines. If other Countries like Indonesia Vietnam Malaysia etc…. Are more open and free to live and travel… These are interesting times…. Thanks for all your research and clear presentations… You are better than most News sources to be had about the Philippines and Useful content…

  7. I’ll be moving back to the U.S. if this dont let up soon. I’m willing to fight or die over this in my country. Extreme but this is out of control. There is no deadly virus. I’ve been reading and studying everything around the world. It’s a Globalist take over. New world order. It drives me crazy when so many speak and say, When this is Over, it’s never going to be over. Please get that. Your an intelligent guy Reekay. You could use your platform to get the truth out. Your channel, your choice of course. This is really bad. Thanks for all you do and share.

  8. In other words – ‘we’re the globalists and we’re going to f*ck you to the point of extinction!’. If that ends up being the case, the Philippines is off my radar! Thanks once again Rekay for that very informative info.

  9. You can go to to view all the world news about how the QR code is being used. Its pretty freaky… not just the Philippines is making this the norm. It will be a worldwide tracing system

  10. Have they given any assurance or details on the 65 restriction…that 65 is durable going forward….or is this just another flavor of the week idea?

  11. The QR code use is much more in use around Davao then you mentioned. Davao now has one, the province.south of Davao has another (Davao del sur) and the capital city of Davao del Sur has yet another (Digos). None are interconnected. I believe Gensan also has a QR code now in use or development. All claiming their covid hospital beds are full. The over 60 crowd (not 65) are once again being treated like mindless , stupid children.

  12. This QR code stuff does not replace QPASS and in my opinion force’s ALL pinoy to have or buy a smart phone so they can comply with more new rules..
    I expect as usual LGU’s will not be able to comply with there own new rules and they will just go ahead and put the burden on the citizens…. Lastly this CONTROLS even more so
    the movement around the city they live in and what hours allowed out

    Sounds like the beginning
    slowly of implementation of Marshall law.. LGU will say
    No money… Mayor will say
    No money.. Governor will join the no money bandwagon… Then more problems…
    Notice they are starting this now just before Christmas
    I sincerely hope GOVERNMENT finds the correct people to FIX the issue instead of making it bigger
    Just my 2 centavos worth from a damaged old brain

  13. This QR thing is going to get out of hand here.. You will go somewhere, and not know which QR code is valid.. I read all of Traze, and it said that this QR code will encompass everywhere, not just for airport travelling use.. I went to Robinson’s today, and tried it.. The nice lady security guard said, OH no Sir, that is not the one to use.. I told her that this Traze was developed by the DOH, and was supposed to be used everywhere.. She asked me if I had Viber, and I just filled out the slip of paper to get in the store.. So frustrating…

  14. Install App on old phone – Go through Immigration – Delete App – Turn off old phone.
    Or maybe I just wait until the people upraise against their beloved government.
    This must be a GOLDEN TIME for the Marxist, Communist and Islamic terror groups in Pinas to recruit people who have lost their livelihood.

  15. They just change the name but keep the restrictions . What good is opening up more shops , restos ect if you don’t let people out to shop because they don’t have a Q-Pass ?

  16. Reekay Its the beginning of the end for Phillipines. The Communist Have taken hold of the Phillipine government. Game Over. There is No coming Back.
    Find us another country where we do not have to deal with a new communist deep state controlled government. Its a shame a great country that lost its Freedom.

  17. ☆☆☆
    A Sensible and Compassionate Anti-COVID Strategy

    October 2020

    Jay Bhattacharya
    Professor of Medicine at Stanford University an M.D. and a Ph.D.

    My goal today is, first, to present the facts about how deadly COVID-19 actually is; second, to present the facts about who is at risk from COVID; third, to present some facts about how deadly the widespread lockdowns have been; and fourth, to recommend a shift in public policy.

  18. Sir. I see you reach many peoples through your site. Research and view the videos that were removed by you tube and Facebook. It’s really scary to think that we have been lied to so much by medical leaders throughout the world. Starting in the USA by Dr Anthony Fauci. People check out this info please. We’re being lied to to creat this false agenda

  19. This is bad! This tracking has nothing to do with covid, this tracking is what Bill Gates was trying to implement on everyone, to track where everyone is, or has been

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