Philippines news and travel news around the regions and provinces are changing now that we are nearing June. There may be discounts on flights in the coming months and into next year according to one travel site. Restrictions for stores, shopping, and travel are also changing.


  1. Restrictions here in NZ have been relaxed somewhat Rod, though social distancing is still enforced, many food outlets are now open restaurants etc, with limited patronage, what the hell for i don’t know. there have been no reports of infected persons in this city of 108,000, nor in nearby cities, (4 satellite cities in this area). Im a soldier Rod, i do not fear the unseen. Cheers my friend.

  2. Good report Rod. Especially the doctor office stuff. Just have to sit back a day or two to see which category we all fit in and any other changes.

  3. We have a farm in Camarines Norte but are currently in the US. We hope to travel back there soon as possible. With what you know do we have to quarantine in Manila? Are the provinces requiring quarantine? (14 days ) Since Agriculture is an essential industry are we allowed to travel unrestricted to our farm? Any info would be helpful. Sangre Del Sol on FB

  4. Thanks for the valuable information Rod. I hope there will be some regular flights from Davao to Manila available soon. Standing by for your future updates, always appreciated.

  5. Fantastic and very informative video Rod. Thank you so much for making this video and keeping us updated. Please keep us in the loop regarding any future changes.

  6. well over here I wonder how much the “new normal” will differ from the “old normal” That’s a play on words if ever I’ve seen one……

  7. Rod,
    I read about those “sweeper flights” as they’re called on Face Book. They weren’t cheap! – Believe it when it’s happening!!!!

  8. Valuable information Rod, thank you. The PHILIPPINES cannot afford to be in lockdown much longer. The Flights from USA to the Philippines should resume in June. As you have pointed out, Those foreigners MARRIED to a Filipina will be allowed to return sooner than most of the other expats. Good luck with your Dental appointment. Keep the updates coming. ✈️👍

  9. Always very confusing.. That fight club paper.. First half say 35% cheaper, then it turns around and says they will charge more for baggage, and services?? What is it predicted to be, fight club.. Then the opening business?? Seems like it covered every business in existence, but at only a certain capacity.. If you are a business owner, how do you know if you can open or not?? Do you submit a request to open to some city office.. Very odd how they do it here.. Thanks for the video.. I guess we will just see how it goes.. BTW, I changed my YouTube name.. This is Bruce Boggan…

  10. This shutdown has to be crippling for the Philippine tourism economy. I once thought of visiting the Philippines earlier this year but now a visit there isn’t even on our radar even IF they opened up tomorrow. Just too much hassle with airline rules hotel rules transportation in and around destinations and ever the changing government restrictions both here and there. We’ll see what next year looks like. Doesn’t look relaxing enough to me to spend a lot of money to get there only to be told what I can do where I can go and if I can leave. lol

  11. I will travel internationally if there are still some new policies in effect if when I get to Philippines it is normal. Since I want to go I will put up with what I view as overreaction to get there.

    At home Costco is requiring face masks for all shoppers. Since I do not need them and can get my products elsewhere I will not be shopping there. I’m hoping others will join me so that they will reconsider their policy. Time will tell.

    Thanks for the additional information on balikbayan privilege. It is greatly appreciated!

    Time will tell what the future holds.

  12. Thank you for another very informative update, Rod. You are providing a great service for us all. Much appreciated. God Bless You.

  13. Rob prices of airlines will only apply to PAL and CEBU airlines i googled NYC to Manila Flights PAL not available but others are same price as usual going there. BTW 15 day quarantine is not practical nobody will fly there. Like i said this virus is here to stay, gonna be like the normal flu we cant be locked up in a room basement or house thats crazy and impractical also dangerous

  14. My flight from Chicago to Cebu, June 15, was canceled.  I was contacted by EVA. I have had to cancel everything. Thanks for the update.

  15. Thanks for the update Mr R. Had planned on relocating to the P.I. in October…. Obviously in wait and see status at this time .


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