Philippines LIVE – Cebu City Walk & Talk Live Stream March 27 2020

Philippines LIVE – Cebu City Walk & Talk Live Stream March 27 2020

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  1. Chris in Cebu, my honored fellow friend and ultimate companion, what a wondrous glory it is to witness the Philippines content of your channel in the usual fashion. Please continue always to manufacture such successes, my fellow walker.

  2. Hey Chris so you know there are several meds that are effective in treating the Corvid 19 virus, Hydo colloquin, a drug used to treat malaria in conjunction with C pac , used to treat sinus infections. Also remesavid, a drug to treat ebola. Not sure of the spellings but I stated the relations. This virus is extremely contagious. 13 dead in one day in Elmhurst hospital, Queens. Be safe. also people can be A symptomatic very lite to no symptoms but spread it…

  3. You better off in Cebu, in Spain all 65 years and older with covid are being sedated to ease their pain until they die and move those ventilators to younger covid cases. Spaniards called it genocide.

    1. I hope that’s only a rumour or just a conspiracy theory. I don’t even believe it because I’m sure our doctors and other medical workers still respect humanity. Life is sacred and I’m sure doctors are still humane enough to know it. God is powerful and prayer is our only tool.

  4. If hospitals near Fuente Osmena, Chong Hua, Vicente Sotto and Cebu Doctors will be overwhelm those hotels around it may be sequestered by the government to turn it into an emergency place for covid patients this includes Pillows Hotel.

  5. Hey chris, I miss your regular videos when will you make some of those again? your channel was one of the first channels I watched before coming here.

    1. I’d rather be out walking around and talking to the people in the chat then sitting at home talking to a camera. I still do regular vids when we travel around or whatnot but it doesn’t happen very often πŸ™‚

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