Philippines LIVE – Cebu City Street Walk Live Stream April 23 2020

Philippines LIVE – Cebu City Street Walk Live Stream April 23 2020

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  1. You think it’s a good thing that they are cracking down even more! people can’t work people have no money people have no food children have no food there not helping the people except giving The moldy rice but you think it’s a good thing huh because you have a bank account to go to. Just wait and see what’s around the corner Chris and as far as that Goofy looking view of yours calling people bottom feeders because they give their own opinion he is probably the biggest bottom feeder of them all.I live in Cebu to a lot longer than you would know the place and the country a lot better than you 18 years I’ve been here. Where do you see what’s going to happen over there very soon. Cebu is never going to be the same businesses closed up jobs lost many will never reopen tourism destroyed this whole thing is a farce they don’t need to be doing what they’re doingand for you to say it’s a good thing Chrissy boy you’re a bigger idiot than I thought you were after watching several of your videos going to like martial law! Because guess what it’s going to come. Duterte loves this virus that’s going to give him what he wants and don’t expect any presidential election. That governor of Cebu Garcia is a total first class bitch turn out of control the power hungry. Just wait and see I’m waiting for flights open up and I’m never coming and a lot of other foreigners living here are doing the same. And believe me I know.

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