Philippines LIVE – Cebu City Live Stream March 30 2020

Philippines LIVE – Cebu City Live Stream March 30 2020

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  1. Chris in Cebu, my good and honored friend and comrade (and fellow walker) once more I am left fascinated by the scenics you have put on offer in this latest contents of your success channel. Please continue manufacturing always!

  2. The guy who downvoted it , why don’t you stop watching if you don’t like it ? Quit being a punk , people are dying in the world right now , try to be a little bit human if you can ! Hello Chris and Lazy Larry 😊

  3. Chris, thanks for your effort on the inner happenings in Cebu. I am supposed to be there with my 13A Visa but everything is on hold. Thanks for your helpful info. Be safe.

  4. Hi mate Thanks for sharing keep safe mate May Coming through clear in Australia looks quite. I don’t go out age. God bless you and the family I only go out to get what I haven’t got.

  5. Coronavirus originated in Italy bro and not China. Some one from Italy went to China and whoever that person was spread the virus in China. That’s what I’ve heard and the virus did not come from China.

    1. From what I’ve seen they are only checking passes at checkpoints if you’re going between cities/towns, just walking around your area and getting essentials should be fine πŸ™‚

    2. @Chris in Cebu i talked to them on the phone, they told me to stay in the house, i told them i need water and food, they said wait they will be here in the next 5 days, i told them i would be dead by then, oh.. ok then go

    3. A barangay representative came by my apartment this morning and said they were running low on passes so our whole complex has to share one pass, pretty ridiculous.

  6. I have a great idea how about walking from ayala to panagdait very interesting route you’ll pass landers,go kart racing strip, the new bonifacio strip mall ,sarrosa hotel and more its just a straight route.panagdait is growing very fast! Very interesting route!

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