Philippines LIVE – Cebu City Live Stream Capitol Site March 26 2020

Philippines LIVE – Cebu City Live Stream Capitol Site March 26 2020

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    1. @Asia Night: Walking in Asia They would never see 5000 peso from me. If they restrict life and liberty by being irrational their game could get deadly.

  1. My good and honored friend Chris in Cebu, fellow walker, I just decided to stop by and share my enthusiasm for your channel, which is featured with ultimate levels of success and wonder for all to witness with their own eyes.

  2. Him Chris, Joe Genson here, so you can’t bring your gas stove to your new dig ha. New law here in San Jose California dont allow any gas appliances in newly constructed homes beginning 2020.

    1. All high-rise condo residences in Cebu built since 2010 already ordered not to use gas stoves. That’s why you always find induction cook tops in all units.

  3. The irrational people in the Philippines Government should be the Philippines peoples biggest worry to think about. Psychopathic lunatics overreacting and creating world havoc on the Pretext of a virus pneumonia influenza being sensationalized by the most irrational lunatics its unimaginable how crazy those people are .

    1. Hi Iris, it’s pretty much the same everywhere here, Talisay is getting ready to enter Enhanced Quarantine along with the rest of Cebu.

    1. @Chris in CebuYes they are with limited houus, the other day they were open at 8am.. now they switched back to 9am and closing i theink at 6 but their site says 9pm, plus they are still doing deliveres to certain areas, check out their site. also the new quaratine starts at noon tomorrow.

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