Philippines LIVE – Cebu City Friday Evening Live Stream

Philippines LIVE – Cebu City Friday Evening Live Stream

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  1. Stay safe Chris and family! Here on West Coast of Florida it’s getting worse. Sorry I seem to always miss you live lately – but I do watch the vids. Thanks for everything you do for us!

  2. Missed again take care mate also girls and all follows God Bless you keep safe have a great weekend Ps we are in lock down in Oz now oldies need to stay home that me lol

  3. Enhanced Community Quarantine
    Cebu City – 12 noon Saturday
    Lapu Lapu City – midnight Saturday night
    Mandaue City, Talisay City, and the remainder of the Province of Cebu – midnight Sunday night

    1. No need to stock up more than a week’s supply. Grocer stores and supermarkets, flea markets, pharmacies, hardware, banks, convenience stores, etc. will still continue to operate daily, albeit on shortened hours. Just wait for a few days and the long lines will soon be gone.

  4. get some rice Chris the country has a supply for 3 months they import a lot from Vietnam, Vietnam is not exporting anymore rice as they are keeping for themselves

  5. I really enjoy watching your live streams. Your streams help pass the time as I recover from neck surgery, especially since I am stuck in the house all day long. Only 3 1/2 more months of recovery to go. LOL I wish you guys well.

    “Blue Room”, aka “I am Groot” aka John.

    1. Hey @Blue Room, I am Groot, John, Haaa yes a lot of people really enjoy Chris’s videos. I’m sure more than he thinks! Hope you feel better sooner. On the bright side, you did pick a good time to get surgery. You may end up not being able to leave your house anyway. Also it would be a good reason to have a cute Filipino nurse to take care of you 🙂 Chris will be out and about as he will not be able to stay indoors !!! Take care !

  6. I fear there will be thousands dead in the Philippines, Cebu too will be in a panic in 1 or 2 weeks depending on the spread, problem is too many people not taking this serious.

  7. Remember this virus is highly contagious and it is extremely aggressive in that it can live on some surfaces for 17 days, someone sneezes it can live in the air for up to 5 hours.. No animals can catch it. Water, Gatorade, crackers, peanut butter, can foods, tang … stock up..

  8. Hi Chris, Glad you and family are doing good so far. By the way I have too say FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD… Buy some chocolate ! You are stuck at home with TWO FEMALES ! They will tear you apart should they become unhappy – about anything, trust me 🙂 Please buy some chocolate for them. Keep your spirits up !!!

  9. Dang, I can’t seem to catch the live stream, if you’re down for a month, I will miss your updates Chris.I love to see and hear how it is in Cebu. our prayers are with you and your family for your safety till it’s safe to go out again. Prayers as well for all our friends and family in Cebu. I’m glad we can face time with family there.
    We’re here north of Seattle (outside Ferndale) under a “stay at home” order. We work at “essential industries” so I have pass to get to and from. they say you can still go shopping and get gas. Pharmacies and groceries open, along with take out food. Everyone is getting real paranoid with “social distancing” . Stores have reduced their hours of operation. Seems one of our contractors was pulled over yesterday in Ferndale and asked for his “papers” kind of freaky. Number of deaths are increasing but most seem to be connected with one of the local nursing homes. positive cases are increasing also with my workplace having had people test positive. Wondering how bad it will get, though I feel we are reaching the peak and it will be getting better soon. yep, it’s global pandemic, it’s the same everywhere.
    prayers of hope that all will take care and be safe, this is very serious

  10. An Oxygen ventilation, without this machine the corona19 viruses will kills patients, many of people’s decased at home because of breathing problems, that is known corona19 viruses and caused other disease.

  11. Thanks for the update Chris, it’s noticeable, no foreigners around on the streets where you were walking near Vicente Sotto.
    Cheers Chris, try to avoid sneezers or coughers, thats not to say, they could just have a normal everyday cold. Here, everyone
    is adopting a very suspicous attitude towards other citizens. Currently we have strong winds and heavy rain with low temperatures
    forecast to last at least the next 4 days, Saturday through Tuesday. Guess thats alright considering the whole population is under
    house arrest. LOL.

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