Philippines LIVE – Cebu City Colon Street Live Stream April 8 2020

Philippines LIVE – Cebu City Colon Street Live Stream April 8 2020

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  1. Did you get to watch President Duterte’s speech so Manila’s lock down will be extended to 2 weeks April 30th… what about Cebu?

    1. @Chris in Cebu I hope it won’t be extended Chris because our situation in Cebu is very different from that in Manila and Luzon area where 90% of the cases are found. In Cebu, during the last seven days, no new positive cases was recorded except on Tuesday (April 7) where it recorded one case. Today, no new cases was recorded and no deaths but 6 recoveries. All testings done for today were all negative. The 6 new recoveries bring to 17 total recoveries in Cebu. As of now, Cebu (including Cebu City, Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu) has only 6 active Covid cases and still admitted in different hospitals and according to DOH-7 official, all 6 were in stable condition. The recovery rate for Cebu is very high at about 56% as against the Philippines’ less than 3%.

    2. Cebu Citys quarantine is supposed to be till the end of April but I’ve got a feeling it will be extended for a few more weeks before then.

  2. Thank you Chris for the LS video, which I miss again, too early though… Thank you for sharing. God bless you.
    Good luck and wish you all the best. Be safe, stay safe, stay home! Best regards/Ned👍👍

    1. @Chris in Cebu Yes, all church activities which are normally done or conducted during the Holy Week specifically the commemoration of the Last Supper mass on Maundy Thursday and the Siete Palabras (Seven Words) on Good Friday, the vigil mass on Black Saturday and the Easter Mass on Easter Sunday will all be streamed live on FB ( Metropolitan Cebu Cathedral FB page) from Metropolitan Cebu Cathedral and other websites such as Sunstar Cebu and Sunstar Philippines.

  3. Hello Chris, thanks for sharing. That’s my city, strange to see very few people on the street.
    Take good care and stay safe Chris and your family.

    1. Chris in Cebu Lol , I told my wife , I Wish I could change my name to Larry cause lazy Jim doesnt sound as good . Thanks for changing It for me Chris lol . But she said NO WAY ! To changing my name , hehe .

  4. My fellow walker Chris in Cebu, I am always happy and joyous at being able to witness fully the high-level successes of your channel that you unleash each time onto the Youtube platform. Please never cease to manufacture these contents.

    1. @Chris in Cebu hi I’m always watching your vlog thank you for featuring Cebu hopefully your always doing ths .. God bless wishing for more subscriber

  5. Not a hater just a new subscriber but you sound pretty young how come you’re not back home having a job just curious do you have videos of why you are there

    1. My wife is from the Phils, that’s the main reason I’m here. We met and lived together in the states for many years, eventually she wanted to come home so now we’re here. Welcome to the channel 🙂

  6. Hello Chris, your video brings a bit of home sickness in me. Born and raised in Cebu but hasnt live there since early 90s.

    Thanks for posting

    Be safe, Rodney

    1. Chris in Cebu You do understand the city is on lockdown and only one member of your household may go out with a pass the buy essential goods. I’m

    2. Usually I’m out to get food to cook for the day. It’s either that or just getting some exercise, don’t really go out for anything else since most things are closed.

    1. Yeah, I went and got a pass from the barangay HQ as soon as it was announced. So far I’ve not been asked to see a pass while out and about within Cebu City but I’ve seen some checkpoints set up where they are checking passes when crossing over into Mandaue and Lapu Lapu City.

  7. Tnkz u for that nice video in CEBU the my home when i was born MANDAUE CITY nxt city near…PERO DITO NA AKO NAGTRABAHO SA MANILA PASAY CITY ..🤗

  8. Have nothing good to say about the Philippines government they are killing and murdering more of their citizens by starvation. Let’s not talk about that right, let’s sweep that reality under the table like nothing happened. Want some statistics how many Philippines citizens have been killed by the government of Philippines just ask me I’d be happy to share with you.

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