Philippines – Land of enchanted islands | Behind the scenes / VFX breakdown

The intro to the Philippines – Land of enchanted islands was a challenge to create, and was something that pushed the boundaries of creativity within my travel films. This is a behind the scenes of how the intro was directed and filmed. To create this 40 second scene, it took over 3 weeks of planing, filming and editing, but was well worth the time judging by all your reactions to it!

If you know someone who has not seen “Philippines – Land of enchanted islands” yet, please share it with them (:

Massive thanks to

– Jamie TK –
– Gabriel de Carheil
– Czarina Madayag –
– Josh Hem
– Chris Button
for assisting shooting the intro.

Music – Never walk alone – royalty free from Epidemic sound
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double sided blue / green screen
From Australia –

From US –

Our transition sound effects pack


  1. I hope you all enjoy this peek behind the scenes of what went down filming the intro! (: I’ll be doing a lot more of these BTS videos in the future. I can’t wait to show you all whats next!
    make sure you have that notification bell ON! LETS GOOO!

    1. This is why I am a big fan of yours and your channel! Like the Philippines-intro there´s always new Hollywood-like stuff in your videos that´s really impressing! This BTS video has inspired me trying to make such an intro myself. I would highly appreciate you having a look at it and leave a comment about what you think about my ‘copy’, if you find the time. Keep on filming such great stuff and showing us how to do it! 🙂 Both thumbs up!

    2. Thanks for sharing this BTS Benn! I enjoyed watching your Philippines video and it was nice to see how you made your intro. Looking forward to see more BTS and hopefully some editing tips.

  2. This is almost more interesting that the final product…. you guys did an amazing job and inspired me even more to follow through with my dream. Thanks you fuckin crazy aussies!

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  4. wow cool stuff! Thanks for inspiring filipino filmaker mate! I just started editing my travel videos and hopefully be like you in future! Cheers from a filipino from doha!

  5. I did not like your video, but I did love the intro though. Good work on that and something different in a travel video that is more than typical and tiresome.

  6. Can someone explain to me why he spun the items in front of the green screen like that? Was that to create 3D models of the items in the room? And if so how do you do this?

  7. Hahaha. That’s actually pretty cool behind the scene footage. Looking at your video, the Philippines is on our list for our next travel destination. Be safe.

  8. Ommggg i really love it, maraming salamat sa Pag gawa, nawa ay maging masaya ang inyong paglalakbay sa susunod. 🥰🥰
    – higaunon tribe of the Philippines

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