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Philippines Immigration offices are opening up again in many cities with Manila office closed temporarily for disinfecting. Some offices are requiring appointments which can be made online. Others take walk-ins. The BI office in J Centre Mall, Mandaue City, Cebu will be setting up appointments in the future but allow walk-ins now.


  1. Using JRC is the best bet right now as he will also see that your ACR card is up to date or will process it for renewal. Also some seniors are still being turned away from the Jmall where the immigration office is.

  2. What if you’re over 60 years old are you able to go out if you have no pass can you go out to take care of your business??

  3. LOL. I don’t think things are quite that complicated here. Good vid though Rody A.K.A. ” Locally Stranded Individual” …………..

  4. Looks like the BOI needs to get their act together regarding foreign tourism. The economy can’t handle these draconian measures much longer.

  5. In Dumaguete they use the same form with one exception. The office asks for your job. I left it blank as the question was in the blank area on the left side under the agent information. I was required to fill it in with my job in the US.

  6. Rod I went to S&R last week June 3? from Guadalupe just to see if I could. There was a roadblock between SM and S and R but I couldn’t turn around. They were only stopping motorcycles so I stopped and told the guy where I was going he said Im not supposed to go. I offered to go back on the sidewalk but he said to just go ahead and go back the other way, (west then south by IT park). Kind of indicating they weren’t stopping people there? do find if your polite and smile there is not a problem. They know the system isn’t working well and if you don’t cause a problem there isn’t a problem. Also its more work to write a ticket to foreigner maybe. Also went for a ride in the mountains one of my favorite things to do, just 5 miles from Cebu and a different world. Everyone smiling at me and yelling “hey Joe” I must have been one of the first foreigners there in a while more people saying Hi and smiling and fresh air. And yes use JR for the visa that is a no brainer.

  7. Hey Rod… Any time I have had to deal with the Barangay, it has never been one simple trip.. It is always hassle on top of hassle.. Like your example, you have to go here then here, then when you think it is all done, maybe tomorrow, or maybe next week.. Always a calamity.. You go there, and there is ten guys, and two ladies sitting on tables outside playing cards, and drinking Tanduay, and nothing getting done.. Biggest joke I have ever seen.. I will go to BI on Wednesday.. Thanks for the video… Bruce Boggan

  8. Filipino overseas workers are returning home without work and MONEY. Philippines is desperate for other sources of revenues including retirees and tourists.

  9. Rod,.,., I just went to Immigration at Mandaue today and it took me about 1.5 hours to extend my Visa for 6 months.,.,.,,,,,,,,,,, ( cost 8,345 Pesos ) until December.,., Also, i check with ACR section across the hallway and was told that my ACR card was processed in Manila and not yet sent to Cebu.,.,., So i ask them for the cell number for me to call from time to time to see when its here in Cebu for me to pick it up,.,., Smart 0998 189 4855 Globe 0956 962 1525 take care.

  10. so can a foreign national still immigrate to the PH, nothwithstanding all the admn delays, frustrations, etc..? and will they lower the $20K cost for the SRRV anytime soon?

  11. Interesting Video My girlfriend went to the BI for me (60+) and they were closed here in Davao City. The Guard gave her a form that was stamped & dated and they took her Phone # and said they would call with an appointment. I haven’t anything from them yet. I will have her double-check again this week to be sure. I am on a tourist visa.

  12. Another informative video.. Thanks. Here in Talisay my wife went to the City Hall mayors office today to get our ONE DAY travel pass. Plan on going to Park Mall and Seaside SM. We already have a medical certificate and quarantine pass. We both are 60+. Thank you

  13. What’s the process for me to move there. I’m married to a philipina here in Canada for 10yrs now. Can i just apply for dual residency when we arrive or will i have to get remarried to my wife there in philippines first?

  14. Davao is not letting anyone over 60 into the city. Immigration os cutting no one any slack on this. If you can not find anyone to travel to Davao your in deep sh.. Visa agents here know this and have raised prices. Thanks Rod!

  15. Those officials are a bunch of dumb idiots. I’m pretty sure, stray dogs are more intelligent than those government officials. You’ll find out.

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