Philippines Good for Retirement?

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  1. we have the same story…I came to Phils in 2004 and all my friends/family told me it is very very dangerous!! I think I have come n gone to Phils 10 times!!!! love it

  2. Enjoy your channel Sir. Your an interesting cat with great info. Lived in the P.I. (Clark AB) as a dependent in the early 70’s.
    Retired now and researching to possibly relocate, once the covid virus is under control ….. Peace/Cheers

  3. I’m half Filipino and I grew up on Clark Air Base. I was last in the Philippines 2 years ago and I did find prices have gone up. There is still a lot of poverty but everyone’s quality of living is alot better because there is more access to schools, electricity, running water, etc. The Philippines is one of the safest countries in the world as long as you have common sense. I plan to come to the Philippines as soon as the travel restrictions are lifted so I can find investment properties and possibly invest in some businesses.

  4. Maybe Philippines looks far from pretty it looks old and dirt road and old. It doesn’t even look like
    as nice as Ecuador??? Hello??? Your thnking about single men with no affection or LOVE good
    luck if all about $$$$ with the women don’t plan on a long happy life.

  5. I agree with you Philippines was still best to buy property and even Condominium. In spite of Pandemic crisis whole world experience,Philippines was still best to buy.Armageddon was not still time to come.Lot more years to have a good life.Truly we have lot of problems in the world were just made by men.Many bad men want to control people just to earn money.Money was root of evil.
    To have a picture of the Philippines itself…more improvement once many projects were completed.It will be still a good life in the Philippines inspire of crisis…after crisis gone.Still controlled but never lost out hope and composure. Always on guard….things be fine.

  6. I was 90% down the SRRV road…Duterte giving me pause with too much accomodation of China…then COVID hits…and we see many bad instincts of Martial Law to solve ultimate problems…and even tighter ties to China. My decision will wait post Covid and Duterte to see which way the wind blows. A lot of China envy at the moment…short memories…Japan remains the POWER of the PACIFIC…Navy is Dominant…4 Carrier Battle Groups to control the seas from the Persian Gulf all the way home…China is playing catch up….a generation away.

  7. Age Gapism is a reflection of 30 year Plan Superiorism…and almost no human has a very good 30 year plan…you a 1 per center…maybe you got a decent 30 year plan…otherwise not so much…and in the Phils basic needs REQUIRE A focus on TODAY ….not even tomorrow…tomorrow is new options…I can always change tomorrow….in that world….30 Year plan is INFERRIOR PUCKS…. 😀

  8. Peter your needs for housing is quite discriminating…and with your young son…your expectations are only elevating…only a few places that would satisfy your needs….or how would you solve? In Baler for example you mention…

  9. So I just retired looking to move but I love the beach 🏖 I what to buy 3 bedroom one story any places that I should be looking FYI great video 😎🇺🇸👍

  10. What sets the Philippines apart fro the rest of a Asia, is its English speaking and a Christian country. Plus the people are great, and the Filipina’s are without doubt the jewels of Asia.

  11. First let me say I’m married to a Filipina. I’ve been going to the Philippines since 2008. Scenically the Philippine islands are beautiful. Great beaches and very friendly people. Safety wise I’ve never felt in danger there except one time at an Aussie Bar in Zambales . Lol
    Driving is a big change too. Not in smaller communities but in the larger cities you will find a different mind set and rules on the road.
    I found many things that are alluring. I love the food, I love going out with my Kuya’s and traveling all around the different islands. Everyone always talks about the sunny days but those days are not the ones that will relying on them to care for you. I’m saying you need to be realistic. You’re still relatively young and appear to be healthy. What happens when you can’t care for yourself anymore. That’s when you need help the most. I’m not sure when I need it most that I want to be in a underdeveloped country period. I don’t like the thinking ability of the average Filipino. Not that their mind doesn’t work but there idea of right and wrong is far different than mine.
    Cost in Philippines in my view has never been cheap all things considered. The Prices you’re quoting are available now in the USA and I can drink the water. Maybe not in Australia as I understand things are expensive there.
    You never touched on medical needs. Major medical particularly. Only certified hospital I know of is St Luke’s. I was in a hospital in Parañaque after contacting cellulitis. They had me on IVs for 4 days. My cost was only $500 but I paid before leaving. Down side was I couldn’t drink the water, food was minimal and lacked choices, showers had warning signs about non potable water. I used the but thought if I had open wounds then what. I constantly hear people saying you can live like a king. Bullshit you can’t. Kings live without consideration of cost. If you’re not watching your money in the Philippines you’re doomed.
    Hey I’m not trying to hate on you or the Philippines but recognize it for what it is . Sitting there on subic bay listening to the waves splashing is wonderful but the waters so polluted the didn’t call it the shit river for no reason. When you old try walking on those broken sideways with holes in the and while watching your step getting hit in the head by a low hanging sign. I’ve had it happen many times in many places.
    I just would recommend to any go enjoy the Philippines because there’s lots to enjoy but make sure you have an exit plan that will get you back to you home country.

  12. You are making me think Japan might be a good place to retire. (Legal representation in Phil still bad, corrupt judges etc.. but that might apply for expats everywhere)

  13. I agree about 1940/50’s family life looking pretty cool. when i was a kid growing up used to love to watch old b&w tv shows about that and dream i was a part of the fam hahaha

  14. PH definitely has alot going for it….friendly peeps and lots of beautiful Islands….but the factors that knock it down for retirement is healthcare, traffic, generally less quality infrastructure, not the cheapest housing…..If Vietnam had better healthcare it would be a clear #1…. Philippines is solid option though and you make great points

  15. We bought last January in Mansfield sub division. In Angeles city 3br 1 bath for around $50,000.00 USA. First payment is due November. So selling our condo in Florida to just pay it off

  16. Maybe I just need to get back there soon and look for myself. Any word on when visitors from usa can return? I have my i card and need to renew around November.

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