Philippines Expats Wake Up Call

Philippines Expats Wake Up Call


  1. Yes Pete you’re absolutely right. PM here in Australia said no international travel til mid 2021. Even if the Philippines reopens who will feel safe to go there for some time?

  2. Got my flight changed for the 2nd time to December, maybe a 3rd time… Just stay safe, you are very unlikely to die from the virus, but the lung damage (for life) is worth looking out for!

  3. You should also wake up and stop helping to spread fear.

    Maybe focus on recovery rates and death rates in conjunction with infection rates.

    More have died from malaria and dengue than this virus.

  4. diff. countries the world over 🌎 opening up, expect tons of ppl just baskin’ in the sun out there in public for supplies …… while other places/areas gonna be strict!

    here in u.s. new wave of lckdowns especially west coast,…here in los angeles ur gonna be fined hundreds of $$ if u go to the beach, lol (*especially 4th of july)

  5. I traveled to renew my visa, its not that bad getting all the travel docs.
    1. Go to your Borangy and get a pass…take that pass to Health dept to get health pass…take those passes to the police station to get travel pass. It all took 5 hours to do because we started at 8am.


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