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  1. In the UK, according to the Office for National Statistics’ latest data on ages, there were 10 deaths recorded as “due to Covid-19” among those aged 19 and under in England and Wales between March and June – and 46,725 deaths among those aged 20 and over.
    The 10 young people who died also had serious underlying health conditions. So there is practically zero risk to you son of getting seriously ill if he had caught it. It also has less serious effects on women than men. The most vulnerable are those with obesity, diabetes or heart problems and old age adds to these.

  2. Peter, as far as the choking hazard involving your son, you are correct. But as far as the COVID-19 being on the plastic creamer containers, I have a hard time believing it. The stats you invoked regarding the infected is a fact according to multiple sources.

  3. I wonder why the price of condo’s are not showing a bigger downward trend, with all the businesses and resorts closing for good, not to mention more new developments on the way? It just doesn’t seem to make sense, that prices are not down 20-25% or more.

  4. Wearing a mask with a valve is basically useless as you are breathing out unfiltered air. Won’t be long before they are banned completely.

  5. New sealand had cases since the middle of March even before The Phillipines went into a lockdown.. so not sure what you are talking about here mate, keep talking about real estate and leave talking about the virus to the so called experts, or do your homework first.

  6. I personally have a hard time believing all the fear and hype about this “pandemic”, … but having said that I’m also not in the Philippines right now where health care is really poor and costs so high if you go into the hospital with Covid.
    Very few people in Canada die with it and of those who do the biggest majority are older or have underlying health issues to begin with. I think in British Columbia at this point there are less than 800 active cases, and this is a pretty big province.
    I myself am 68 years old, and refuse to let the fear of this thing rule my life. If a business requires a mask to enter I’ll usually avoid going there. I believe in practicing good hygiene and not getting overly close to others, and that’s good enough for me.

  7. World wide death rate .008%. You think the anti virus is going to be that safe? Some nurses have tested positive 5 times with no symptoms. The numbers are way over blown, lots of terminally ill cancer patients die of covid now. George Floyd the guy that died from police that started all the riots in USA died of covid. If masks & social distancing work. why they letting prisoners out.

  8. A face covering is the one thing everyone can do to help. It wont stop the virus but It’ll stop you coughing it onto someone else! We have a couple of small pockets in Scotland where there has been an increase in positive results, but thankfully no deaths since July 16th. People in enclosed spaces not wearing one have no respect for anyone but themselves, FFS just put it on!

  9. These videos have a very short “shelf life” , as do video’s with property currently for sale , nobody will care in a few months ,, you need videos that age better.. Good Luck.

  10. In Denmark no one is wearing any masks and especially not visors, not even at hospitals are people wearing masks. The government only recommend wearing them when in crowded public transport. There’s only 22 people with covid in the hospital. Some countries even report death in car accidents as Covid-19 death if the persons was infected which obviously is ludicrous and distorts the data.

  11. Ive been bringing my own pen around for the paperwork. Also take extra precautions with regards to this pandemic. People will think youre crazy, but they probably dont care for anyone else but themselves.

  12. I haven’t heard this New Zealand Victorian package theory. Sounds fake. Rather it came into New Zealand on a refrigerated food shipment. It’s not going to survive very long without refrigeration.

  13. Your story about COVID spreading by airmail is totally bs, the virus lasts just minutes on a plastic surface.., please keep focused on real estate and don’t feed the scaremongering.

  14. I think the virus can stay on surfaces from 2 hours to 9 days now…Damn I’m not getting anymore packages from anywhere…Stay safe Pete I’m in Victoria Australia now in the Gippsland area πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  15. Should not be the hound for China in my world
    Because the FBI and the US Federal Supreme Court are my Subordinates!
    The FBI agents are in here!
    You are careful what you say!

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