Philippines: Drink the Water? Yes or No? Part 2 of 3

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  1. Most tap water in the provinces came from deep wells. The bigger cities like Manila has stores of reserves from huge reservoirs and get filtered in treatment plants like here in the U.S. but places away from major infrastructures rely on deep well drilling to access underground aquifers. I grew up drinking underground water without any lingering health issues whatsoever ;->

  2.  Your next door neighbor ( aka rooster ) makes your videos top notch, lol. I have rooster crowing in some of my videos also, I actually like hearing them crow, it makes the films come together with the environment.

  3. I would cook water for anything that goes inside my body, brushing teeth included. If there’s bacteria, parasites or something else, I want to get rid of it cause it will eventually go down or into my gum and the bloodstream, that’s my stand. washing clothes is fine but dishes, I would have to think about that, if it’s easy to cook I might do that.

  4. haha, when I was there, we were told in the Marines , do not drink the water, you will be running to the bathroom. Hard headed me, was at a girls home, and I drank some of the tap water, I was running to the bathroom for two days, lost maybe 10 lbs, I had to go to Sickbay, and get treated, so, DO NOT Drink tap water, this happened in town out of Subic Bay, back in 1977, I know long time ago, but love your VIds, they are great, Doug

    1. I drank tagbilaran tap water, just a mouthful on 5/10/2018. I have had Diarrhea a few times. One bad spout since I got back to the USA and now my poop is getting more solid, scared I got Amoeba or worms.

  5. I am a Filipino, I drink tap water in Leyte. Since I knew that the source is a Spring water. Mixed with Chlorine in a Big tank. However here in Cebu. I don’t drink tap water.

    1. at my current location, our tap water is from a well on the property. i use it to make iced tea (after boiling) and never had an issue.

  6. We had the 5 gal dispenser and did that for a while…Take the jugs back to the water store and get new ones filled with clean water…Trouble is those barrels you exchange aren’t “new” and they aren’t sterilized (everything is well used)…They merely rinse out an old well used jug in their inventory that’s been sitting round empty for a day or two or three with a little bit of cold water (and bingo you’re the next sucker to walk in that gets jugs that look like they were picked up off the side of the refuse dump)…We gave up on this and bought our own new 5 gal round jugs and made sure we just kept them (make sure the water station guys don’t swap them out for their junky containers ~ We’d sterilized our containers with hot water (after they were empty) and then, go to the water store and refill, and bring them home…

    Trouble is when you pour hot water into a food grade plastic container/jug to sterilize it over the long term you may be slowly eroding away the coating that is the protecting barrier between your water and raw plastic that could leach chemicals into your clean water (so I’ve read and researched)…We gave up on this system completely…

    Every month we buy 4 – 10L jugs of water at the grocery store (thats approx 10 gal of water)…I have 8 quart glass pitchers that line the side of my ref plus a large glass coffee pot I fill to use for our cats chilled water…Since I don’t want my water sitting long term in a plastic jug (yea, how long did it sit on the grocery store shelf…?) we transfer the water into the glass pitchers (and yea, since we’ve got more water than glass vessels the water will sit a day or two before our pitchers empty)…When the plastic 10L storage containers empty out we walk up the street to get them refilled at the purified water station ~ 100% clean inside/we don’t rinse them out as they are pristine ~ we rinse the outside and we do keep them covered inside the pantry…As stated earlier, we do that for 1 month, throw the store bought 10L containers away, and buy 4 new jugs of water at the grocery store to repeat the process…So our plastic storage jugs are always fresh, always clean, and everything is 100% sanitary…Not so with water station jugs…Many of them are disgusting quite frankly because they’re rotated around to different customers (unless you own your own ~ Again if you own your own how do you get them completely clean…?)…The other issue is how do you know if the jugs you “rent” from the water station (mostly the delivery services) hasn’t had a previous customer sabotage the jugs (or a cock roach crawled into it or the calcium build up is floating around in your water)…Horrific to think about quite frankly (but we solved it 🙂

    The other issue with our water dispenser that someone might not think about ~I was spending so much time trying to get it clean that I took it out of service ~ I serviced it with every container jug that we changed so it was a lot of time really…Besides, the water is sill in the plastic jug as it filters it was down into the dispenser…I like my way 100X better but that’s just me…:-)…

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