1. Tim where’s the fish in the water? Usually you can see fish in the water in that kind of clear water this chest deep… Is there any fish in that water I love to fish?

  2. Hey Tim Question sir? Your doing you’re vlog in the ocean …why do philippines especially girl’s don’t swim in the water… Also what’s the dangerous thing’s in the water in you’re area near the beach house?

  3. Hello Tim and Chrissy are you renting or purchasing property at the location that you stay I would love to know more and how much the cost and that area you are

  4. This is advancing to 1944 to 45 Germany ” Your Papers Please!” Canada too now no air travel with out negative test result papers… Yet we have a train that goes across the country without any testing? Double Standards or what? Oh the PM is going down next election on that one.! What a nice day your having just beautiful… Oh check that toilet tank again ha ha πŸ˜‰ funny, Thank You, Cheers

  5. Interesting story of the travels and quarantine. Good for you for playing it safe for your family . Here’s hoping we’re past this all soon. I plan to travel this summer – support local tourism and get out in nature. Once again, gorgeous home and water! Enjoy yourself Tim πŸ‘

  6. Love and prayers ! Jerry springer coming next πŸ˜‚ jk god bless brother stay up and keep living ! Semper Fi stay strong and keep living beautiful family Tim !

  7. Tim, man, I hate to be negative and a critic, but man! Ya shoulda taken a cold drink with ya into the water for when you get all dried out talking.
    For me, it’d be an ice-cold San Miguel made there in the P.I. with none of the preservatives that go into the export version. That is, if that one is
    still being brewed these days. It’s been a really long time since I saw one, for sure.

  8. Whatever it is that you do to record your audio signal keep, it that way! you are the ONLY site I have found so far that translates your audio successfully on my computer. Welcome back! Jayvee being around is an annoyance. Keep it you, Dale and Chrissy.

  9. Glad you are safely back home! It was great to hear how another part of the world is coping in 2021 with the pandemic! -Aussie living in the Netherlands.

  10. Sounds like its a tough go in the Philippines , I’m living on Vancouver Island its not bad here just wear a mask in public building
    and into the pub one you are seated you can take your mask off to eat and drink, I recommend any body visit Vancouver Island
    you can golf , Surf and and go snow skiing all in the same day and if you know someone with a boat like me maybe hot up an afternoon fishing trip… Cheers from VI Canada

  11. I had covid and about 30 of my friends did, It’s a joke. The only guy I knew that died of covid-19 was 1 month past the date that he should have died of blood cancer. I get your reserved on you opinion. And i respect that but it’s Time to open up. To hell with the fear airborne brother

  12. I would recommend everyone research the real reasons behind this world wide pandemic lockdown, Its not what you may believe. The world will experience vast challenges when it comes to weather and food. Some regions will be affected more than others but resources will be diminished and local availability will be needed for the indigenous population and not travelers from outside.

  13. Makati is cool but I prefer BGC area they have much better restaurant joints and Shake Shack butter burgers and frozen custard shakes are to die for! Chrissy and Hanna would be in heaven in Manila, lots of shopping 😁

  14. The system that they are using sounds crazy but for people living in the province it makes it safer. It seems to be working Tim. Good luck for you and your family.

  15. Thanks for the updates! Wish me Luck! Planning to visit my mom in So. Leyte this coming June! Hopefully i can get over all of this CV tests, quarantine and so on… πŸ€›πŸΌπŸ€žπŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌGB

  16. I heard about the same time frame for possibly opening up. Sad to see countries lock down so hard and kill businesses and make ppl suffer. Won’t share my views on why I think they do that here. I was hoping they would open in the summer when cases would be low again. Insanity all the way around. All I can do is wait..God bless

  17. Tim if you have the chance when you and Chrissy and Dale go to Manila if you have a chance to go up to Baguio city you will injoy your time many hotels are cheaper now and let me know if you want to know quality good food American Style I can let you know restaurant names and areas send a message

  18. Hi Tim there is a vlogger guy from Australia the holistic trainer who is going through the hole re-entry into Thailand he has a vlog this week I think it’s info for anyone who is interested

  19. Happy your accepting the more relaxed life style in the Philippines! Lots of others have criticized you about your past , I however have been through a divorce and understand how ex wives with relationships support payments including other demands and computations and damage our reputation! What’s important is your life in the Philippines and how you treat your relationship with Chrissy and her family and so far you’ve been very fair understanding and respectable and I care because I married a Filipino lady and of course her family ! I hope the best for you Chrissy and your family glad you got back safely through all your travels!

  20. Hey Tim and chrissy
    Nice to see you guys
    Say Tim if chrissy ever tells you that you are crazy
    Just look her in the eyes and say yes I am
    (Crazy in love with you πŸ’•)
    Lol I say that to my girl all the time. Lol πŸ˜†

  21. Thanks for all the information and experiences you pass onto us. Great seeing the Leyte waters…. miss them… Maasin, here I come again in 2022… hopefully.

  22. Makati is the business district of Manila. Going to the embassy is always a huge ordeal. We got there at 5am and didn’t get in the embassy until 9am .

  23. Very helpful thanks,
    I am currently in the US and waiting to visit my gf in Bacolod. Been a long year and she is running our real estate / construction business / gas station without me. Amazingly we are conduction a lot of transactions during the pandemic. Glad you both are enjoying each other during this difficult time.

  24. You made my day T ….hahahaha , I have been laughing all morning long. Its nice to start the day here on the east coast with a smile and laughter. But can you not get your better half to change ( what must be a Leyte Filipino habit) of caging and tying up their pet dogs. So like not cool. Please try .

  25. Yea, brother, let me have joy of thee in the Lord: refresh my bowels in the Lord” philemon 1:20 πŸ™πŸ’–πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸ’ͺ

  26. Why you ain’t being out in the ocean with a harpoon and shoot some delicious fish? Whit a β€œgo pro” on your back? They will be cool to see!

  27. I keep hearing about lot of false positive test results in Philippines. I am hoping to travel back there sometime before the end of the year. I am wanting to get tickets but afraid of not being open to travel in October but still trying to keep positive attitude. Any ideas when things will open up for tourists. I don’t want to be forced into quarantine either

  28. Tim the government just released a news update that they are standardizing the covid rules. The way i understood it. No more quarantine unless you exhibit some covid sympstoms. Read it in the Inquirer newspaper. It will be easier to travel now locally.

  29. lol i was hopping u would fall down as u walked to the sand patch……not in a bad way….i have fell in the water and it was funny…..now looking at that super sharp lava rock u passed on the way to the nice sand……i dont wish that u fell…..quick feet Tim good job…..

  30. Haa bro. You gonna be a papa again ?
    Glad to see your back in action
    Sometimes leaving, opens your eyes to what was left behind.
    Absence makes the heart grow fonder

  31. Florida is wide open! Local nurses have been exposing the fakedemic too. I really want to travel out of the states so hopefully soon the world will wake up. Glad you’re doing good.

  32. Doesn’t seem logical to shut down countries for a virus that has a 99% survival rate, letting people starve to death isn’t anymore humane , this garbage started in the states as a political stunt and every country is monkey see and monkey do , ppl need to look at the overall death statistics, deaths in 2020 were actually lower than in 2019 , how is a virus logical when the total death rates overall were lower ? Someone didn’t plan on the whole Tom foolery deception blasted from the states

  33. That is Hilarious … Im Laughing Over Here ..! Thanks for the info ..Im still waiting to travel there But i be staying in a Hotel in Pasay Manila … I guess i just still wait until They give the Green Light

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