1. Living the Dream! Looking forward to coming over as soon as the Covid stuff blows over. Was thinking Cebu but you got me thinking Subic. Will try catch your next live video. Thanks for the information, always appreciated. Carlos

  2. 32:00 Trump runs the FED now and is forcing them to buy $Trillions in bad assets in preparation for bankrupting and discarding them ,, so until then the dollar will be stressed.

  3. Pete , Trump will definitely be re-elected and in his second term will institute NESARA … when the federal reserve falls here it will force all other countries to exit their central banking systems to compete globally… ALL economies will grow ,, especially for the middle and lower paid. This will help everyone and create a housing boom among other good effects. The COVID rules will disappear after Nov. 3rd ,, only 60 days… hang in there. Be glad you’re not in OZ ,, mandatory forced untested dangerous vaccinations the minute they’re available.

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