Philippines news updates concerning international flights and medical issues. NAIA, the main airport in Manila will start international flights May 11. These are primarily for returning Filipinos and OFWs. The tourist department is working on tourist procedures for the upcoming opening of the economy.


  1. Everything that the Filipinos are doing to control this virus is foolish. I see open sewers, lack of potable water and a no welfare for the homeless woman and children, seems they should fix that first before quarantining and entire population. just sayin…

  2. So what is the rule if your married to a filipina and have your daughter there? I don’t have my residency any longer though i have my marriage license. Any words on that?

  3. It is a bit surprising they are expecting this boom in domestic travel, I agree with you where are they going to get the money the country has been shutdown. They are going to have to figure out how to let tourists in without too much pain if there is even a way at this point. Someone can test negative for Corvid and then by the time they land they could be positive. I am hoping I can come in December to see my family.

  4. Good morning Rod. It mush be nice to be able to get out and walk, shop and just breathe out there. Yup I think the Filipinas are some hot women. 😊 I hope the opening up goes well. Best wishes Bob.

  5. I also think the Asian countries they are saying vitamin D ie what you get from the sunshine is a big factor with beating this virus, as you know the UK has plenty of rain so we are knackered lol

  6. Just curious Rod is the balikbayan privilege allowed in? Not considering it myself at present but always good to know.I can’t imagine wearing a mask on a 15+ hour flight. Also did you hear a paw paw fruit and a goat tested positive for covid 19 in Tanzania? Thumbs up Rod!

  7. First fishing opening here with a cold and rainy day for about 40s. Stay safe, healthy, and happy travels. Greeting from Minnescoda!

  8. Must be nice to get out and walk. We are still in a tight lockdown here in Colombia. Can’t wait for things to get back to normal. Very interesting content! Keep it up!

  9. Most travelers don’t think like these Politicians..Even If they open up for Tourism, Nobody will come if they have to meet a lot of Mindless requirements, Like Quarantines, Certifications, and Testing in Philippines using some Chinese test. I suppose that it wont be long before they will want to start Contact Tracing of Foreigners. I know for sure that people from America Will not go for any of that.. These Politicians think that the more Requirements ,The better , Most travelers think the opposite. This way of thinking will destroy Tourism. It will most likely drive Travelers to other places like my Home State Alaska. I hope so because we work very hard to attract Tourist and make it very easy to Visit without a lot of Mindless B S . just Freedom.

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