Philippine life and travel offers adventure and challenges. PAL, Philippine Airlines is planning to start domestic and international flights up again in June and July.


  1. I always appreciate your valuable information. Hopefully, International flights from LAX to Manila will come soon. I check your channel daily…Thank you for your update

  2. Great vid, be very careful taking vaccines ….. do a lot of research , just because the TV tells you vaccines are safe and effective does not necessarily make it true… “ if you can’t trust the government who can you trust”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. Just a friendly heads up! This is not directed at you! This is just some insight! The virus is a world wide diversion to crash the worlds economy. We are in the first stages of a great economic depression. This is going to happen. We have been sold out! The politicians that we have trusted have been paid off handsomely to expedite the elites agenda. The elites want all land, the food, the water. This is about the power and control over the people in the world! It’s time for us to wake-up! If you think this is bullshit then you must be buying into lies and propaganda that you are hearing everyday on the news and media. They are lying on so many levels. Yes, there is something out there that has killed people but it is not nearly as bad as any prior influenza season. There was no reason to shut the world down! This is a takeover. Life will never be the same and is only going to get worse as we lose our rights and freedom! It is fascism and we will be living under China’s society policy’s. You want to see your future life, look at China!

  4. With all the good and bad in the world its nice to see you helping those poor people out, what a nice gesture im sure they will appreciate what you did, to be honest it brought a tear to my eye, we dont know how lucky sometimes we are in the west that we live such a privaliged lifestyle so my hat off to you sir for that well humbled gesture, god bless and stay safe.

  5. Thanks for sharing links about the REAL and common sense information , i’m starting to get to suspicion myself …..hoping to come in October

  6. Sometimes we all get caught up in our monthly budgets & then see how some natives are surviving during these unsettled times & it’s rather humbling…

  7. Hey Rod, you should check this site, these percentages are very misleading.

  8. Hello Rod.Your generosity overwhelms me , that financial assistance will do more good than you could possibly know. Your act of kindness has a beautiful way of reaching down into a weary heart and making it shine. Thank you sir, I applaud you for humanity and kind heart…..Cheers !!!!

  9. there is too much fear of the virus, keeping everyone off their jobs is not helping the economy here. the virus is always going to be here everybody’s waiting on a vaccine which is at least a year away so they can get back to where they were but that former lifestyle has changed where your mask, wash your hands and keep that social distance cause the new way of life is here with a host of new rules and regulations.

  10. Been saying it for a long time, this is a PLANdemic concocted by China, the globalist elites and Bill Gates with Dr. Fauci working hand in hand to unseat the dully elected president of the US Donald Trump. China not happy with Trump from his tariff to his calling out of China on many trade violations and his stance on the South China Sea and support of HK demonstrators and Taiwan independence. The globalist elites not happy of Trump because they can’t make money anymore under Trump nationalist stance on trade and Americans first policy, buy and made in America first. Bill Gates has been known and documented to advocate less people in the planet to inch closer to his environmentalist dream of a net zero carbon emission free planet and to achieve that he wants to vaccinate everyone so that the elites and the government would have a total control of the population. Dr. Fauci illegally donated money to a lab in Wuhan for the study of Corona virus against the government policy, look it up online! in 2018 he predicted something very big coming, a virus that would devastate the world. This is the guy who is a personal best friend of the Clintons and a registered Democrat who is advising Trump to keep the economy close on total lockdown. The plan is to scare everybody to submission with the over hype cold virus that comes every year so that everybody should shut up and take the vaccine as instructed, meaning your not allowed to go into stores, take a plane, drive a car, go to school, get a job and a list of many other things you can’t do without a vaccine. This is a war between the globalist elites VS the poor and the common man populist. Don’t forget to vote November 2020, this will be the deciding factor that shape the world!

  11. I think 75-90 days closed will break many employers and change the view of Govt to stay closed

    Very troubling times

    I myself am trying to go home to the Philippines for over 40 days now .

  12. My mother’s PAL flight back to Manila fron SFO has been cancelled twice now and re scheduled for June 12. They’re a pain to deal with everytime, re scheduling a flight will put you on the phone for at least an hour. Unfortunately they’re the only carrier that offer a direct flight to Manila from SFO.

  13. What do you expect regarding the vaccine requirements? A Gates/Fauci vaccine plus its identifier without which no one will be able to function in society?

  14. What will you do if the BI requires a Covid-19 vaccine in order to renew your visa? I suspect some countries will require a vaccination sticker/stamp in your passport in order to allow admission into their country. It really seems there are a lot of people stating they won’t get vaccinated if Bill Gates or the WHO pushes the vaccine.

  15. Great video and thanks for the update. It breaks my heart every time I’ve been in the Philippines and seen how many of the people live due to poverty. Yet they always seem to have a smile on their face. I can’t imagine what it’s like for so many now. I’m sending money to my fiancée in Cavite every month so her and her father won’t have to worry. Her father’s disabled and she is the sole support but hasn’t worked since the lockdown. I’m hoping things will be opened up this fall so I can get there in October and start living the good life like you. God Bless Rod.

  16. Hi Rod…….I just heard tonight that the Philippines now holds the record as being the country under lock down…
    I have no idea where the news came from…Officially that is..
    And as for vaccines,,around 40% is about the correct average for protection…

  17. Looks like red lights in the Philippines are still only a suggestion. Lol! Same old Philippines. Love it. I have my ticket back for September 15!

  18. Rod,, Let’s hope that when they allow International flightsThat when you arrive from your destination.”That you won’t have to go into a 14 day quarantine” LOL

  19. Rod, if you want to hear some interesting and eye opening information about immunizations, check out Dr. Rashid Buttar – a US physician. As always thanks for your insight and information.

  20. one common thing that has not been looked into is why men are more disproportionally than women are affected with Covid….I have a theory it has to do with testosterone and Vit D and how virus affects both

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