Philippine Architecture

Philippine Architecture- This post will mainly be a photo gallery of examples of Philippine style architecture. For houses the main difference is for the most part, homes do not have closed garages rather they have what we would call a car port covered on top but not on the sides however this is usually part of the construction of the house. Also most homes here have high walls to keep out the riffraff meaning keeping out the rest of the people and especially the thief’s. The style is slightly different then the rather gloomy and plain looking US homes. They like a lot of bright colors in their homes. Philippines homes go from simple bamboo and grass to concrete bunkers. Enjoy the photos. Many of the nicer homes are in gated neighborhoods, that is, there is a security guard checking vehicles entering the neighborhood.

Affordable Luxury. Amore at Portofino, a new enclave at of the Portofino Alabang Community. Adjacent to Portofino South, Amore offers its own clubhouse and amenities, more open spaces and access via the Daang-Hari road, San Pedro roadlink and in the future, a highway going to Dasmarinas Cavite. This is teh first home I have seen with an Amrican style garage...

Many Philippine homes have bars on the windoes and fenses/walls around the property to keep out theifs.

Notice the terraces and open car port.

There are people that are called “Squatters” These people find a vacant piece of land and construct a shelter. There are also squatters that find a vacant home and just move in and take over.

Apartment highrise in the Philippines

Ayala "The Terraces"

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