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  1. My (New) Facebook..
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    How I Transfer Money..
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    My MP3 Audio-Series..
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    1. Mate can she cook? Hey is the Pope Cathlic. All Philippno are born singing and cooking, but don’t abuse them, they’re real women and very, very feminine.

  2. Henry, life is so much better when you are with the person you love! I am like you and would enjoy having my future girlfriend with me most of the time like having a small business together would be ideal. Enjoy the rest of your days in Cebu and I hope things get back to normal/ Here in the USA, many people are overbuying stuff from the supermarkets and they are disappearing from the shelves as soon as it comes in! Crazy!

  3. Go to the YouTube site I sent you on the comments. I’ve done this, followed the directions and got my acct back. Takes some days but you’ll get it back.

  4. Age doesn’t matter, it’s just a number. As long as you guys are happy together. My friend married her husband 33 years ago when she was 18, her husband was 40. They still happy together.

  5. You need to come to grips your not going anywhere. Stuck in cebu. Good relationship check, locked up, no happy happy travel, eating out 2-3 times a day. Also money this will extend beyond April 14th. Restrictions are getting tighter day by day everywhere

  6. Hi Reekay I know you’re channel is mostly about the Philippines but I would love to watch you talk about engineering like you did in the past because I always learn something new each time I watch your channel.

  7. Best to just stay put and not risk being stranded in an area you don’t want to be quarantined in.. cebu island is a wonderful island to be “stuck” on!

  8. Dont go to Bogo there stopping people from going out to other towns they did it today you cant even go to Medielin to the LTO up there from Bogo so if i was you just stop at home there you cant get back in to Bogo if you leave

  9. You are lucky with the ladies. I had no luck with the girls. Met this mother of 2 I liked. Later found out she was married. I stopped drinking which helped my mind set. Now I lie about my age knocked off 10 years. Was just starting to have some fun when covid-19 started. Of course people are going to criticize your spring/fall relationship mostly because they are jealous. You are living the dream. Hope things get better.

    1. this wasn’t a result of hacking. both times that FB cut me off, it was instantly the moment i posted a political (conservative) post.

      my passwords are over 16-digits long, with all the required upper/lower-case, numbers and non-words.

  10. Reekay if you give them your picture/drivers lic they will track you! These people from FACEBOOK ARE DEEPSTATE CABAL. They don’t want you to have any freedom on discussion! For Covid you must build up your immune system. I take LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C AND CHAGA MUSHROOM. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Stay safe and stay healthy! GOD BLESS!

  11. In the UK Facebook is not well liked by many people, my daughter has very few likes as she has a business and she finds Instagram to advertise her products as a much better platform at this time!

  12. So Henry, your trip back VN was a total waste of time, and money.. FB has turned into an odd character.. Are you officially a Filipino again, or Viet Namese?? I thought you were smitten with Viet Nam.. I understand you have a new lady, and that may have changed your plans.. Whatever you do, best of luck at it.. I’m here in Talisay City, and last night we even had a police car come through the neighborhood checking for curfew breakers… Take care my Friend, and you know how fast time goes here.. You’ll be back out travelling before you know it..

  13. I also had my primary Facebook account deactivated and Facebook would not tell me why. It really frustrated me because I lost all of my pictures and memories. I then vowed never to let that happen again so the new Facebook account I created has no personal pics. Unfortunately though everyone I try to chat with thinks I’m a poser since I have no display picture. Anyway there’s a lot more to life than Facebook.

  14. Well brother saw your visual blog. First stay the hell out of anything with politics including this bs about the pandemic .
    Expats who do this in Asia get tons of grief. Sometimes from an asshole viewer. Be very careful my friend. Other than that stay 3 months. Stockpile some videos. You have a rare jewel. You are skilled with life now. God myself and many are watching you. Show us the way. David Creson,age 83, been there done that. Wish I could do it again

  15. good to hear from you brother. Yep, same with me on Camotes – Cancelled it all. CebuPac “travel bank” is where all that sits… and AirBnB is NOT getting back to me via the cancellation of our properties there… pisses me off… oh well.

  16. facebook deleted my account also after more than 10 years without giving any answer. The only comment was, that i would not be allowed to use facebook. They deleted all my pics and all contacts i had on facebook. It maybe happened because of a political comment. Wtf

  17. I have followed you many years Henry.For me you have-reinforced so many great ideas in my life.

    I particularly enjoyed your Vietnam Vlogs.

    You would be a credit to any News Channel in the World.

    You never get angry and always objective.

    I would only say one thing! Make your Girlfriend the star of your life.

    I miss the Chickens.

    God Bless You Both

    I know you are clever enough to read between my lines.


  18. Plan a,b,c,d.e? The whole point of a lockdown is that everyone stay put??? You need to go on vacation NOW? Let’s all be responsible! Stay HOME! That is what we are doing here in the US!

  19. Wow this information was critical. I didn’t know that Dumaguete City was in a state of calamity! I was headed to San Carlos City. Thanks.

  20. Reekay just enjoy time with your girlfriend. I am in Thailand and soon we have some lockdown too. THis is a bad situation all over the world and we have to adapt. You can travel healthy later. I will follow your as usual to be informed about the situation in Cebu. Good to have a few expats vloggers in different area.

  21. Hi Reekay, I understand your situation very well when it comes to Fb, I had the same problem when I moved from Ph back to Sweden. They didn’t even give me an option to download old photos. I got fed up and am now finished with them forever. I can understand your situation however that you need to have Fb for your work and am happy you got your new account up and running…
    never mind the negative vibes about your girlfriend, she takes care of you and you take care of her, you look genuinely happy together on all your photos you posted.Just think a pandemic that literally shuts down half the world!! Just hope it will be over soon so we can go back to a normal life.Take care both of you

  22. If it will help, we can do a sub-lease of our Cebu City condo. That lease (and our phone #) should be enough to guarantee your re-entry to Cebu City.

    Plenty to do on Cebu Island. Best to keep distance from others for the next few months.

    Try to believe that We’re actually not bullet proof.

  23. Hi Reekay, thx for the video update.
    Just a suggestion right here, maybe you could simply rent a car and capitalize on this opportunity to explore Cebu. I mean, this way, you’ll get to check out areas that you would not necessarily have been to in other circumstances and in my opinion, it’s a a door wide open to both great discoveries and nice videos.
    What do you think ?

  24. 9:24 I need to get to the J Centre Immigration office in Mandaue today to extend. I have no proof of residency to show at a check point because its just an Airbnb I’m in. So I guess I’ll overstay and pay the fine later??

    1. i just got back from the J-Center Immigration office (Mandue).. leaving from downtown Cebu. i went in Grab and then taxi return. no check-points within that area. so go ahead and do your extension.

      immigration office DOES require a face-mask to enter the office. you can still get them (the cloth ones) at some of the auto-parts and hardware stores.

  25. Reekay…after this all blows over me and my girl and our Daughter will be moving to Duma after this all blows over, could you help? We are living in Bogo but in Mandaue for medical for a few more days🖒

  26. The Government Here in the Philippines is doing an Amazing job. I am really impressed! Will do a video about it soon. Mate let’s have a call soon!

  27. Just be safe dude. That’s all that matters!!!

    And by the way?…..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DUDE!….Looking forward to one day meeting the both of you when I fly there to hang out with my future wife!! Congratulations and may you live to see many more!!!

  28. Facebook really stinks. Can’t believe they shut down your account. These guys need to be regulated. You might have to refrain from any political statements, especially if you’re a conservative. If you’re a liberal, you can probably post anything you like.

  29. Just want to make a comment about the current virus situation…..Watched some vlog video’s from Cebu posted yesterday , 3/16, did not see a lot of “social distancing” or face masks being worn, shutting down access to individual islands will help curtail the spread, but unless people get serious about the Corona virus , it won’t work…… stay healthy there Henry !

  30. your lucky facebook last year deleted my account without notice and i will never use facebook again i lost all my photos and my contacts friends from around the world which i meet on my travels i was thinking about sueing FB but this seems like a long process and one i cant win but losing all my photos from around the world over the last 10+ years is a bummer

  31. It’s great to see things are going great despite the current challenges Reekay. Hopefully normal service will be resumed gradually. You make each other happy, that has nothing to do with age, ignore any negative comments, there are many successful age gap relationships for anyone who is open to try something different to what they have always been led to believe.

  32. Doesn’t seem to take much and since there is no accountability Facebook is wide open for abuse. I suspect that someone with a “personal” agenda could easily screw with people.

  33. Yo Reekay, i have watched you on you tube for years now. I hardly ever comment to anyone that i watch, I wanted to tell you that your videos are great and very informative. You have made me want to travel back to PI as I was stationed in Subic Bay in 1971 while in the US Navy. I am very happy for you that you have found someone that fits you, She seems to be a great and beautiful companion which we all need. I continue to watch your videos and live vicariously with your many adventures. Thank you for all you share with the world!

  34. Going to different Islands or whoever you said I would wait it out because you can’t guarantee anything rules can change in the blink of an eye and I can see you’re a very logical pragmatic guy so stick with Cebu for now

  35. Being cooped up in a tiny apartment, you’re certainly going to test your compatibility, that’s for sure. If you can make it through that, well you’ve passed the test. But it also brings other things to mind, such as how easily you can be separated. Foreigners ordered out, can’t come back in. Not wanting to leave without her, you get the picture. Think about how you’re going to keep her at your side regardless of the circumstances, to be truly free to go wherever you want whenever you want, together without jumping through hoops… Btw, Not much different here in NorCal right now.

    1. thanks. the plans we have is to stay together through this. fortunately we were not on separate islands when the restrictions hit.

  36. Don’t count on summers making this virus go away. Australia is just as bad as the rest of the world. Also, i am long off FB. They locked my account after someone reported my name as not being my real name. FB demanded a government ID as driver’s license. FB wanted every place I went to school, worked, lived, know my politics, interests, favorite movie, songs … I was like, what doesn’t FB know about me? I am now long off FB. Good Riddance.

  37. Hello Good Sir. I’m dating a lady online from Davao. Taking it slow. But like most Filipinas, she has a large family that she doesn’t want to leave behind. which is fine by me I look forward to eventually making the journey. My only concern so far…….Is Davao City area safe? Being in Mindanao and all. Thank you. Luv the channel.

    1. i consider the inside of city-limits of davao to be safe. many expats do live there for years. however, going out into the province areas outside the city, especially alone, is not a good idea, south of davao.

  38. Anything leaning conservative on Facebook gets shut down. I cancelled my account 6 years ago and never looked back. They will do anything to stop Trump.

    1. so true. everyone knows it and if they haven’t lost their account entirely, find themselves in FB-jail for some post that melted a snowflake’s feelings.

  39. Are they calling it martial law yet?  I’m here in Texas and restaurants and clubs are closed, church services have been cancelled, Grocery stores are still open.  This is a great time to just relax from the constant go go go of society  and to spend time with family.  It is all temporary, and this too shall pass.  Other countries are a lot more restrictive than the US and the Philippines.

    1. no, it’s not martial law. a health quarantine to limit each person’s exposure for the time being. my guess is that it will ease up by april 14th to some degree.

  40. Typically, in a year’s normal two flu seasons (one per hemisphere), there are between three and five million cases of severe illness and around 500,000 deaths worldwide, which by some definitions is a yearly influenza epidemic.
    The CDC estimates that as many as 56,000 people die from the flu or flu-like illness each year.    
    More than 80,000 Americans died of the flu in the winter of 2017-2018, the highest number in over a decade.  So what is really the underlying reason for the panic and paranoia over Corvid 19?  IMHO and thank for sharing.

  41. Facebook is not secure right now. The same thing that happened to you happened to me. I was disabled from my FB and I was asked to provide a photo and then I was able to get back in but my ability to post in groups restricted. I don’t know why but I read somewhere that they’re
    using automated moderation software because of employees not coming into work. I live in Cebu and I’ve come to terms that I’m going to have to stay put until this thing passes and we don’t know when that will occur.

    1. back in september, that was the situation. i went to davao just for 2-weeks and then returned to saigon.

      but then in january, 2020, i ended my lease and took my stuff to the ph. 🙂

    2. @Reekay’s LifeBeyondTheSea Oh good. I thought you left VN temporarily to visit your girl friend and still have the apartment and personal belongings in VN. I asked because of the travel restrictions and thought you still have to pay rent over there.

  42. Reekay!!! What a life!!! Peeled apples and oranges??? You deserve it all brother you’ve given so much of you time to us and now you’ve found this wonderful woman to share your time with? Thanks you all you do!

    1. i was in vietnam for 11-months, but met my g/f during a visa-run to the ph back in september. so i flew to davao in january/2020 and now we’re together in cebu city. 🙂

      ‘if’ things normalize next year, we hope to return to vietnam in 2021.

  43. Are you saying the Vietnam government shut down your facebook account that you created many years ago from the US? Is it VN or Facebook the company? I thought they only can block you from using FB while in Vietnam. I am surprised that they can remove your FB account. Just wonder how they have the power to do that.

  44. Another great vlog. I have been here with Neneng for 14 months almost 24/7 & like U I love every minute of it. I always say if U want to have a great relationship, get into one with a girl who ends up being your best friend as well as your G/F. Why? Because you always want to be around your best friend. You overlook your differences & concentrate on the things U have in common.

  45. Stay save Henry its a absolute nightmare in Europe so many passing away from the virus, I am now on furloughed from my work coz of the virus spread in UK, getting paid 80% of my salary from the government to stay at home and save let hope this blows over soon, its a nightmare just getting grocery and medicine

  46. Got it Rick ! 👍 cool You got a good catch. I hope I’m next lol . My plan to visit the Philippines is still active now just to wait longer . I give you dates after all this turmoil passes. Later Rick

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