(Personal Update) ‘Almost’ Homeless, Quiet in Cebu, Staying Indoors – Philippines

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  2. Glad to hear you’re settled safely! I read that 4,500 foreigners were kicked to the street in Manila. Not sure what they ever did, if anything, for them. Hopefully they all either got back home or found places to stay

  3. Hi Reekay, what are you guys doing for exercise over there? Here in the states many outdoors running, biking, etc. Cardio is a good way to keep immune system healthy. I’m curious if swimming pools are open. Can’r transmit through water. Swimming is excellent exercise too. Take care! ~Rob

  4. I didn’t venture into Cebu. We stayed in Mactan at a resort, Blue Water $150/ night, all Chinese, elegant, free breakfast. And then onto New Town Apts., $100/night. Great view, grocery store next door, limited restaurants.

  5. Hi Reekay, stay safe, Australian borders are closed, I myself would love to come to Cebu and meet the lovely Cebu Ladies and have a lovely beach holiday. Its all on hold, stay safe, I will get there one day. Regards Lee

  6. The United states are saying now the virus was just a political hoax by dems, the hospitals are being told to write on death certificate carona virus is cause of death. This hoax is falling apart

  7. Lock down here in Thailand also curfew 10pm to5 am. Up to two years prison penalty for breaking it. Can’t leave country flights canceled, luckily we are in nice retirement home to stay with all comforts .finaly getting a sun tan laying on second floor deck all day I’m happy listening to Pandora radio on vpn. No shortage of food here can drive to supermarket ,requirements are face mask and temperature taken at door and hand sanitizer. I think is safer here than rest of world mostly got virus in check

  8. I am 69 but barangay captain friend gave me a pass and most look my pass and confirm with driver’s license and do not notice…maybe go to barangay captain and plead your case lol. Wife and kids do not drive a motorcycle much less the 400 kawasaki lol.

  9. barili cebu here, …7/11 open, grocery store walk up and order by list at door. Also a ok pizza restaurant is open for take out . Only trycycle running, motorcycle not allowed and they are checking your pass and only 100 people can sign up for pass to get to town with atm so used remitely to send money to palawan using visa/ or checking and my usa/relatives address. On our acre facing the ocean high up we continue to raise some farm animals, and fruits and veggies…360 even stocked with the tasty brand bread we love so even ice cream. Car is in kia with dash on floor waiting parts and workers to install my a/c…had a picanto for ten years but the kia soul has had several problems and worst part is waiting for parts. my antilock brake parts have been ordered for a year now. sad.NEVER BUYING ANOTHER KIA BUT I HEAR FORD TRUCKS IN CEBU HAVE SAME PROBLEMS. So my kawasaki is way i get around.We are very comfortable and just miss our once a month few days travel. in my 20th year now and love it…i loved pattaya and bangkok but the almost no english turned me off.

  10. I had a similar experience and i am not going to go to Philippines again any time soon. I Bearley managed to fly out of the country at 24 march

  11. The place to stay for tourist sounds hard to find. How about if you found a family that would rent you a room in there house? Would the local government even allow you to do that?

  12. I am told that there is NO cases of the Virus in Cebu,well if that is true then why in the world would they shut the Business,I mean that is like Buying a new car and saying I can’t drive it for 6 months.

  13. Same thing down here in Mindanao region. Butuan City is like a Ghost town compared to usual, Yay. April 1st they stopped sales of Liquor, how the hell is that supposed to stop Corona Virus. I mean like there is not hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to buy. I have been sterilizing myself with Tanduay, lol.

  14. Good Day Reekay, just wanted to share with you a link to one of our evangelical missions. We pray for the safety of you and your loved ones during these dangerous times. Mabuhay from Bro. Ern, a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. PS. love your videos!


  15. I had the same issue with rentals. I had been in Philippines since Feb 15th I had paid 4 months rent 200,000php and had signed the contract but the Homeowners Association refused to consider. The owner of the property I think is going to sue them for turning away tenants that had broken no rules or special orders.

  16. Yes i heard the same thing about Angeles city people over 65 were high risk and not allowed in malls or grocery stores. That could cause major problems for single men. Thank God your not on lock down in the National Capital region around Manila. I bet thats a nightmare.

  17. I heard in Naga City, Bicol it’s worse if you’re a foreigner. They won’t even allow you to go buy food with a pass. It’s a catch 22. So if there is no transportation do they really expect a man’s girlfriend to load up carrying groceries? They need to treat foreigners like humans. If that happened here where I live that would be a scandal and make the international media.

  18. Careful with how you handle your mask, brother. I saw a doctor on TV today explain that touching the inside of your mask transfers germs from your hands into the mask and actually increases the probability of getting the virus. Stay safe over there. I’m an American over here in Bacolod City enjoying the lockdown!

  19. check with health online but masks unless they are hasmat grade dont help stop the virus. they do help if the sick wear them to stop the germs going out

  20. You have nice ‘haven’ place in Cebu now. I may rent it too when I make it back to PH… I envy you for being together with your Filipina over this rough period.
    Stay safe, positive.

  21. I realised my hotel at London Heathrow airport is closed. I wish they could have auto emailed me about my booking being cancelled.

  22. I was in Cagayan De Oro city before but back in Canada for a few years, bizarre to see the streets so empty when traffic was mostly at a stand still. It seems the lockdowns are more severe in the Philippines and the same in Peru…empty streets.

  23. That was definitely a blessing Reekay! Glad to see you still going strong traveling the world. I wanna be like you when I grow up😂😂 Ive traveled to pangasinan, bagiou, makati and a few other provinces so far. Im going to try and visit cebu and palawan in the future. Safe travels!

  24. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of unintended consequences due to the lockdown, but since community spread is such a big part of it, I see the necessity.  I was skeptical at first.    I think it will be quite a while before there is normalcy.  You wil not wake up one morning and everything will be the way it was before.  I think that things will come back in phases with travel between islands and internationally being one of the last things to resume.  I don’t think that the government is going to rush to reopen the borders.It would not furprise me if it is 2021 before visas will once again be issued to foreigners  I hope I’m wrong, though.

  25. Glad you are healthy and staying safe. Imagine driving next to Disneyworld and Universal here in Orlando, and not seeing anyone in sight! Strange times. Also, currently you are not able to purchase an Airbnb here in the area. Many of my New York friends have come down, but are now being checked at the border and airport, and told to self quarantine for 14 days. 😎

  26. Reekay yes i live in Bohol and because i am 65plus not allowed out due to 24 hour curfew but if i need doctor i can get a medical pass when my wife gets me one

  27. Hello Reekay, my wife and I were at Solena for a week and had to Rendezvous to manila a day before all the domestic flights were downed. We were happy to be in Manila, but the next day Duterte put Luzon in quarantine. The next day Luzon was in total lockdown and announced that all international flights will be stopped. Bad time for a vacation. Decided to return back to the States two weeks before our planned departure. At least we had a good month before all the craziness. Stay safe.

  28. Living in Cordova, Mactan Island with lockdown and also over 65 not allowed out. Thankfully we did prepare ahead with food and prescriptions. We have a scooter so my wife can buy extra groceries if needed. She does have a barangy pass. Stay safe my friend.

  29. I live in It park too now. After lock down prices of condos go down. Instead of 22k i paying 15k plus internet electricity. We have big swimming pool that belongs to the condo. Owner said it hard find tenants now. It park is like same barangay so u can walk around and no need these exit pass. No problem with food in Ayala market. I think here it much better situation than in some provinces or even other country’s.

  30. Was planning to move there , had few obstacles and the deal fell thru . Could be i got lucky am 74 so i would have been in trouble lol

  31. Be safe out there. I used to live in Guadalupe Cebu city for 5 years. We are now back in the US because the kids are now in college. I still have a house there. We were planning to visit sometime this year but I’m hesitating now because of the pandemic situation. Stay healthy and amping mo diha. 🙂

  32. It’s been a few years since we last talked, but I’m happy to see your doing okay amidst everything going on my friend. Sounds like you really dodged a bullet finding a new place. I’m happy it worked out for you 👍

  33. …Things are closed down….!!!……..Americans with $50,000 motorhomes are getting kicked- out of American campgrounds, it is THAT bad….

  34. Is Rustan’s supermarket still open? I got a text about a week ago saying they were closing until further notice but that may have been just the mall portion.

  35. That is why I left thailand when I could. Even though New York is at the center of the crap now better than as a foreigner where you are very vulnerable to the whims of the local government and population.
    People are going to get very desperate in thailand and foreigners are going to be targets.

  36. Great info toward the end. The way policies are implemented is typical for a nation like the Philippines and definitely this unique situation describes what an expat can expect in case of national emergencies caused by any catalyst. The larger the defined emergency, the less personal right there will be expected.

  37. All those precautions seem very common sense and logical. The only problem is this whole corona virus is the biggest scam in the history of mankind. I utuber showed a book from 1989 that explained viruses. The corona virus is listed as the common cold. Good for you to find shelter. That’s quite a predicament.

  38. Hi Reekay, keep safe both of you! I”m here So Cali and it seems like a normal day here, maybe a tad less people and cars, bit seems pretty normal even saw smog. We are a stay at home unless you need to retrieve some necessities.

  39. I am an American living in a city south of Davao. I saw this coming about 2 months ago and started to buy extra food. I am living by myself and have over 2 months of food now. I have 2 suggestions and observations to give you. Be proactive.and not reactive. Plan for things to get much worse. Food shortages, and eventually ( I hope you are listening).civil unrest.Old prejudices against foreigners as the source of.all their problems will become more and more pronounced as things progress. Keep as low a profile as you can for your own safety. We are beginning to see government officials blame foreigners as it is an easy out for them. If things get better, great. If things get worse you are better prepared for it.

  40. I’m confused….
    I have only seen a handful of your videos, but in some in Vietnam I thought you said Vietnam was less expensive and at the same time provided a higher quality of life….but you have now moved back to the Philippines ?

  41. The president of the Philippines was speaking and talking about not hesitating to kill people and stating not to question the government. When I’m there I definitely don’t talk about the government there but if our presidents had something like this that s*** would not fly

  42. Man Oh Man, That was really cutting it close. Talk about right down to the finish line. I was supposed to fly into Cebu Feb 14th, then to Baybay. Found out I would have to be in quarantine for 14 days. because of a change over in China ( just off one plane and onto another). So spoke with my girlfriend & i canceled flight. I was to stay with her in Baybay at least 3 months. I wish I did the quarantine I would much rather be locked up with her than locked up in my house in the US . Although I’m sure catching up on a lot of projects to my house LOL. Good luck & be safe my friend 🙂

  43. Another good video Reekay. I was in Cebu a few years ago. Ayala mall closed is incredible. Looking forward to your condo video. Your kitchen must be really nice with a large refrigerator. Well done.

  44. Henry, I think having a filipina with you helped. Otherwise, if you were by yourself I think you would be sleeping on the sidewalk along with the homeless people.

  45. i have a pinoy friend in cebu, he has been a life long friend to me. If you are stuck i know he will let you stay at his house. hes has a top floor you could rent for a very small price. it has everything and is actually quite nice. if your stuck of coarse!

  46. Stay safe man. I always watched your videos and have thoroughly enjoyed them. If you have to go into quarantine, remember to obey the rules or duturtes davao death squad will hunt you down and kill you in cold blood. stay safe

  47. Like this guy,, but He doesn’t realize that this whole Coronavirus is a Scam by the people that control the government’s of the World,, as well as the big Network News agencies of the World,, to destroy the American Dollar and the American Economy and bring in a World Digital Currency…!!!!

  48. It’s really helpful to have your updates Reekay. keep ’em coming, and stay safe.

    I was on my way there last month to be with my girl through all this. But during one leg of my journey they officially closed Manila off.
    So in Amsterdam airport I was not allowed to continue.
    I ended up being stuck there, until just 2 days ago, when I finally made it back home where I have been placed in a 14 mandatory quarantine.
    My girl and her family are ok still, but I ofc fear for their safety very much, and not being able to do anything to help them if the worst comes to light is just killing me.

  49. At some point you’ll want to think about getting a permanent home. I get it, when you’re travelling and you’re stuck, you’re stuck. But nothing beats a permanent home, whether it’s in the west or asia it really doesn’t matter. It’s a home base. Even if you spend more time away, it’s a place, when all your options have been exhausted, you can come back to it and it will be there just the way you left it. You can customize it, decorate it and stock it as you like. In times like this there is boredom, but we have no problem being holed up in our house because it has the space, it’s comfortable and there is no lease that will expire.

    Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to go on holiday, even for extended periods. But for some, we eventually get homesick, and the urge to make our way back – at least that’s the way it sits with my family. As the seasons and circumstances change, so does the feeling of getting back to your home – wherever that may be.

  50. Henry I have been a faithful subscriber for many years. Yes there has been times when I didn’t agree with you, however I respect your efforts. I would to speak to Ma Ann Sarsona if possible about a purchase. You have my E-Mail contact already could you please make it available to her?

  51. Thank you for the update. I am glad that you got a good place. Did they ever finish the swimming pool there. That was a big selling point for those units. I looked at their model units over 6 years ago. They are expensive.

  52. What if you dont want to live in an apartment? If you know anybody that owns or leases a house on a few acres not far out of town, that would be an interesting video.

  53. I am glad everything worked out. The last I heard, the Dumaguete passes will be handed out after April 3rd by the barangay folks. The current restrictions are anyone can go out into the city from 7am – 5pm. Although all minors must stay home. The trikes are

    still running but, only allowed 2 passengers (3 total with the driver). I think jeepneys and some Ceres buses are still running. No ferries or air travel. Foodpanda is still a food option. I have groceries but, usually order out once a day. I was

    in Cebu earlier this month at the Waterfront Hotel. It was 40 – 50% occupied. This was prior to the quarantine. I have done a couple Dumaguete quarantine videos. I will try to make a new current one.

  54. Not quite Reekay, you were recently hospitalized for your ear. Maybe not very exciting but you were there. And happy as a child when you were outside again. 🙂

  55. I liked this video at this time. I have been thinking of you and am praying for everyone 🙏. So glad to hear that you are doing well!!

  56. Hey Love the video! I’ve recently just come back from the Philippines due to the corona virus! was planning on building my channel over there but obvs cut the trip short! Manage to get some content though!

  57. Crazy to not serve the over 65 year old, surely it’s only an advisory he remains isolated due to his age? Here in UK over 70s have been ‘asked’ to stay indoors along with 1.5m ‘high risk’ people but it’s not compulsory they do so, at least not yet.


  59. Probably Chinese, Korean, and Japanese speculators own those vacant apartments. A lot of them don’t even bother to rent them. They just need a place to stash their cash.

  60. I’m curious Reekay, you said your original Airbnb had a reservation so you could not extend your stay there, my question is, how would those people with the reservation be able to be admitted into your condo since the lockdown was already in place and you yourself had a hard time securing a new condo? I’m glad you found a nice condo, take care and be safe, both of you.

  61. The guy from Expats Report
    is a vegetarian right? I’ve
    been meaning to ask if
    Dumaguete or Cebu City is
    a better option for retire-
    ment for vegetarians.
    Stay safe, V & Reekay

  62. I went to Cebu the first time in 2007. It’s basically the gateway to the Visayas, so been there many times over the years. I was there in January during my last trip. It’s mind-boggling to see so few people out!😮

  63. Just thought you could use her filipina citizenship to your advantage, while staying here. I’m not ex-pat just someone who overstayed in the USA for 40 years.

  64. This is when it is good to “BE Home”. Life here basically hasn’t changed. We go to the supermarket, buy gasoline, go to Lowes for building supplies, nurseries are open for spring planting. Just can’t dine out anymore, but we didn’t do that much anyway. Yesterday, the State of Virginia and local counties ordered closure of local hotels and vacation rentals except for essential workers.

  65. Interesting that you had a hard time getting in but the foreigner getting into your place did not seem to have a hard time. Where was that foreigner coming from ? Why was he allowed in so easily ?

  66. you could have done some creative banking & rent these places under V’s name. just transfer the funds into her account a few days before rent is due. thanks for the heads up regarding Dumagete. wow its getting tight out there. its still ok here in tacloban. no real lock down in place. i just bought 2 cases of beer, if that gives you a glimpse of the state lockdown here.

  67. Hello glad things worked out for you. I called the consulate there today and registered with them. Also signed up on smart traveler so I have an exit. Strategy. They told me Manila was open for international flights still, but still on lockdown for local flights. I was inquiring about the article on CNN stating that state department had raised travel warning to the highest level and while still not in play there may be a shelter in place order issued by the USA. The consulate said they had not received that order and if so would be emailing out notices with info on sweeper flights that from my local would run about eight times a normal price. She quoted PHP17000 to manila and then make your own booking from there. Good luck i have to many doctor appointments so off I go I hope at the end of the month.

  68. You said on one video that you got the place for 6 months how many PHP do they charge you for that and did you have to pay it all up front? By the way thanks for the video Henry!👌❤👍

  69. Reekay, it’s great for you that the city streets are so quiet. But they are only quiet because the vast majority of people are doing the right thing by staying at home. Imagine if every citizen was out and about making videos! It would defeat the whole object of the worldwide instruction to stay at home and save lives. I don’t want to be a killjoy, but so many people worldwide just don’t realise how terribly serious the pandemic is. It is going to kill hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people around the world. So I am pleased for you that your life is so great, but it’s very different for so many other people. I live alone in Spain, and I have not been outside my front door for 7 days since my last grocery shopping because we have been told to STAY INDOORS. I love your channel and I follow your content with great interest, but on this occasion, I am sorry, I felt I just had to voice my opinion. Please continue to inform and educate us on all human matters because you do it so well, and I feel that your insight into many aspects of life is very valuable. You are in a great position to set a good example to us all.

  70. Reekay, Now that was a close call. Good to know you and V are well and it’s always good to have the right connections. I was planning on checking out Oreville in Dumaguete One love in the month of May. But now I just take it day by day here in Davao, Philippines lockdown was supposed to be until April 14, Now extended to the 19th. like I said just day by day but I’m not complaining. Take care and stay healthy.

  71. Wow looks like total lock down .Saigon is in a soft lockdown from the 1st to 15 April grocery stores open and take out so far grab still going but no city buses .
    But people still going to work and construction going on .
    Main thing is to wear the mask it is the law and I would say just about everyone wears it going out
    It’s too bad Vietnam had it beat then all these cases from the UK,EU and states started to show up
    They pretty much shut down borders now
    Looks like the Philippines are getting really organized with this hope they beat it
    Stay safe can’t say I feel sorry for you locked up in that condo with that beautiful young lady 😍

  72. Save ur money .do not spend hotel expensive I refer to you apartment Indian apartment … close to ur needs also…. try for one month ….hotel daily to much expensive

  73. Save the Zithro and try to get some Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine). Together they constitute the most promising ‘cure’ for the virus. Plaquenil 200 mg 2X/day; Zithro – you have to check. Or maybe that’s what you’ve been planning.

  74. I was in the philippines in early december. It’s amazing seeing traffic like that there now. I have heard a few bad things about people recording so stay safe over there!
    People have been arrested on a he-said-she-said basis in ncr area regarding recording and passes.

  75. My girl has the pass we are in Bogo, she says they are installing CCTV everywhere. Im wondering is this gonna end up like Chinese social credit system. Hell to get my seizure meds she is going to have to go to barangay captain or the barangay police. Good thing there are not to many people with seizure condition around here.

  76. I hope things go back to normal, I was planning on moving there full time in june/july, 2020, from the USA, Im in the process of selling everything,

  77. wow, i was in cebu nov 2019, It was crazy busy, now its a ghost town, Im in las vegas, USA, its a little busy here with cars ect…not like there,

  78. Take care Reekay, we have a house in Talisay, I am retired & my wife is from Toledo Cebu, we travel back & forth as often as we can, but we are on Guam now. Hope to meet you one day, I love Cebu, orig from Tx., consider Cebu home now. Live La Luchera at Mango Sq. Be safe. My name is Ed and wife is Luz.

  79. I had my gf find a place before all this and today will be the 16th day back. Im in Mabolo minutes away from Ayala and still waiting for my pass. I’ve been told foreigners don’t need a pass and if you’re a senior you won’t get one. I have poor wifi but location is good renting for the next 3 months and then will go back to Escario where I had a good place. Good luck amigo.

  80. I’m happy everything worked out for you in the end Reekay, that could’ve been a bad situation. I feel for the many Filipinos there who’s hard lives have now got a whole lot harder. There will be a lot of desperate people there soon if the is no kind of help or resolution for them. Glad you are both ok, stay safe always.

  81. Glad to hear everything is going smoothly for you. Hopefully the approved trials of existing medications, touted by the Trump administration in daily White House updates, and apparent successful trials in China will hasten things coming back to normal. The vaccine can’t be rushed it seems. Take care.

  82. I arrived on the 16 and got refused for my room headed to red doors hotel and got a room still here until they lift this lockdown otherwise I would be homeless in Cebu trying to get to Dumaguete

  83. If I were you I’d plan for the long term and talk with management about May and even perhaps June. Back home here as you already know it’s April maybe May and worst case June. That’s nuts and will throw the world out of whack for sure. It will depend on numbers of course new cases persist then ….. and that only time will tell. Cebu is much better than Manila with that cities crowding. That’s like a gasoline spill waiting for a match or spark. So stay safe stay healthy be smart and make those just in case plans brother.

  84. I am in Bohol very close to Alona Beach, and would be happy to help out any expat over 65 needing groceries. I have my pass and am already helping out another family.

  85. Reekay, glad that things worked out for you. And by the description it sounds like you fell into a very comfortable place! It seems you’ve made enough connections that there’s some resources in your network that have your back! Your girlfriend is so sweet, so what a nice way to be in a lockdown: great accommodations and great companionship!

    My fiance is still in Cebu. She has to walk an hour to the market, wait for a 1/2 hour to get food then walk an hour back to her apartment. Hopefully before the year she’ll be here in California with me! Mike and his team at Olvis are doing a great job on the K1 Visa! Thanks again for that!

    Take good care!

  86. There’s something to be said for owning somewhere to call home. Even a tiny studio to be based out of. My friends thought i was mad buying a condo in cebu. Doesnt it work out more expensive using hotels and airbnb than owning ur own place Henry?

  87. Thank you Reekay for your very informative Vlog on What’s happening in Cebu.
    My Fiancee and I have booked a trip to Manila from June 3rd to July 3rd.
    The Hotel is paid for as is the Flight, but now I’m wondering if I should Cancel the Trip and get my Money back. As it doesn’t seem to optimistic over their at the moment. What do you think Reekay.?

  88. I am doing a self quarantine since I left philippines we just came back to Texas with no instructions from any one at the airports or immigration,.

  89. I believe you almost SOL this time. If you keep up this travel lifestyle, you certainly will hit a wall someday. I came to Dumaguete to settle down 3 years ago and I am over 65 now. I hate stress and the traveling is all stress too me. I am amazed at your reasons to keep pushing your luck. Marry her and build a nice home for you and make it big enough for all the folks to come and stay over. Take it from me, she is a keeper and you better stop playing around old buddy.
    P;S; My wife and her family are the only way I could have made it here. The quarantine just got as had as ever here in San Miguel. Check out the story Hitting the name Philippine Dawn and see our youtube posts. They are short and I hope you get to know us. We saw you in Bacong one day. I would like to see you find a home. You see we all get old no-matter what.

  90. Almost the same in Puerto Rico but we have only one airport open not to many people traveling, starting tomorrow you can go out depending on the last number on your license plate my last number is an even number so i can go out monday wednesday and friday sunday everyone stay home, emergency only hospitals and Pharmacies, be safe and maje the best out of it, good conversations and understanding

  91. So whats up with the mayor. He is not gonna allow foreigners in cebu anymore. That goes for all the Philippines. Is it over for tourists here in the Philippines?????

  92. I’m in Madaue. Got my pass Sunday night. Local grocery store (Metro) a few blocks away. Regular pass, store closes at 6pm. No more 3 hr long lines due to the passes and no transportation. I’m sad for the local people. You all be careful, be safe.

  93. If I ever come back to Cebu I want to stay at the hotel that allowed travelers. The others that didn’t don´t deserve future business from westerners. The mayor doesn´t seem to remember who created most of the call center jobs

  94. Thanks for sharing. Incredible … I was in Cebu 11 months Ago and stayed near ayala … seeing the area so empty now gives me a good Impression of how things are handled there. I live in switzerland and we have no curfew here, so First time i see more traffic in my little village than in Cebu City 😂
    Stay heathly and enjoy the good company.

  95. So glad you got housing. I stayed in the Avalon next door and yes shopping right across the street. I’m still in Leyte and luckily have great housing and a car. Was in a resort a few weeks ago but I only had a copy of my PP with me and like you they wanted to see my date of entry which I didn’t have a copy of so they only let us stay that night. So drove back to the compound where we’ve been since the lockdown. Stay safe and thanks for the update.

  96. Good video Reekay. So quite around that areas. I guess the Quest hotel is closed now? Stay safe you and Vie and keep the videos coming. Cheers.

  97. Hi like your video. Is your new apt. A studio or one bedroom. How much a month if u don’t mind. Im now in puerto galera mindoro. Looking at Cebu. Thank u

  98. Thanks for the great information 👍.. glad you and your girl are safe and happy 😀 how much is your monthly rent where you are now? Thanks 😊😁😷👌👍🤗🇺🇸

  99. Yes its true out here in Bohol. 18 and below and 65 and up cannot go out at all. Also, started the other day, if you dont have your quaratine pass with you, you can’t go inside the grocery store. And if you dont have it and theres a check point, then your screwed. Stay safe out there.

  100. I’m in Manila and have been getting daily updates from the US Embassy on their STEP (Smart Traveler Enrollment Program) via e-mail. They advise on sheltering in place and send out daily info on lodging accommodations with pricing and links to all pertinent information for travelers. As well as info on added sweeper flights to get US citizens to NAIA for onward travel or shelter. Stay safe

  101. I have a lot of friends in Cebu I lived there a long time. I also have a lot of Filipino friends and those people are really hurting they’re running out of money or have run out of money and they can’t buy food. The government there is doing absolutely nothing to help these poor people Governor Garcia’s is an ass and she always has been I don’t know what they plan on doing but more people are going to end up starving to death than dying from any virus. There seems to be no effort to get food to the needy in any large way. What incompetence I see going on over there and plain callousness toward their own people. Foreigners have it easier they have money. I think of all those kids that aren’t going to be able to eat. The local and national governments are handling this crisis in a very suspicious way.

  102. Here in Bacolod they came around Saturday and issue our pass. Our lock down started Monday. My wife was the one we chose to go out, but we stocked up as much as we could before it started. We live in a gated community, so we can go walk around the neighborhood to get some air and stretch our legs.I have to admit, I didn’t want to live isolated from the community, but my wife really liked this house, so we took it. I guess she looks like a genius now. I fully expect this to go for at least a month. They set up specific hours for seniors here at the stores. As you mentioned, there are no means of public transit, so finding a ride to the store is a challenge also. Good luck and stay safe everyone!

  103. Well at least you are trapped with someone you care about. Thankfully you found at least something affordable somewhere. Many like myself are currently trapped in America trying to get back to Southeast Asia. If i had known how bad things would get in 24 hours i would have never left. Some of us will be staying in hotels waiting to leave.

  104. Great vid and a look at what is happening over there. Like the way you sped the vid up while walking. Good to hear things are going good for you and Vi and you resolved that accommodation issue. That would have been stressful. Stay safe.

  105. Happy that Ann was able to help you, Mate. In all my life, I have never dealt with a realtor who is as genuine, friendly and helpful as she is. She’s one in a million. Thanks for the shoutout! Speak soon.

  106. Hey Reekay, just saw your new Vid from Cebu. Glad to hear
    you and Vee are healthy and doing well.

    How long have been back in the Philippines?

    I am now married to gorgeous Filipina (with one on the way)
    and enjoying my retirement in Misamis Oriental. 😉

    Let’s stay in touch,

    Dr. Ron

  107. Stay safe, Reekay. As of now, Philippines is safer than the US at the moment, because these cases are getting ridiculous by the day here. Most don’t know how to take extra precautions on social distancing and stay home as possible based on what I see in my home state. If you were in Vietnam where my wife is from, even better, because they are putting everything in their power to avoid spreading the virus even more. They are in the right direction.

  108. Personally speaking, I am sick. I can’t get warm enough. I have goose pimples and raised hair on my arms. In bed I sweat and my clothes get drenched. I was just tested for the Wuhan Virus. Will know late Wed or Thursday. If no Wuhan Virus, then possible walking pna or perhaps Lyme Disease. I dunno. Now, just a deep hatred for China.

  109. I really like your vlog, but I am worried about the ignorance of some Philippine Politician.
    I have been wintering in Thailand the last 13 yrears. I made the decision to not return to Thailand for reasons of the government being somewhat hostile to foreigners and relocate to the Philippines. Am I leaving one bad place to go to another?

  110. Hello Henry and glad you and Vi are safe and in a nice condo! Yes, show us your condo please! Here in South Florida, schools are now closed until May 1st until further notice as the Coronavirus population has gotten worse throughout out state. Everything nonessential has been closed and what is worrying many Americans is not having enough money to get supplies or pay utilities (although people will not get evicted nor will utilities be shut off). Be safe!

  111. I was there a 1/4 block from Ayala Mall, you were at the very corner.
    According to my daughter, who is a research scientist at http://www.stanford.edu wearing a mask is not necesary, if you are not a health worker because it is just to protect the patient and if it is a n65, which protects 95%.
    It is better to make a lemon, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mix and do mouth switching por 30 secs and then spit it out and go.
    There is a treatment already approved by the FDA.:
    200mg 2x daily Hydroxy Chloroquine
    500mg 1x daily Azithromycin
    220mg 1x daily Zinc sulfate

    350 patients (clinical trials) results:
    • Breathing restored 3-4 hours
    • Zero deaths
    • Zero hospitalizations
    • Zero intubations
    There is a vaccination too
    And it is subject to clinical trials for aprox 1 yr. Hopefully it will be successful to be approved by FDA. My daughter was part of research team that created it.

    Be wise Reekay!

  112. Stay Safe & Stock Up….Philippines should have done how South Korea is doing, Increase Testing While Life Goes On. This is not practical at all, how many jobs will poor country like Philippines lose, not to mention mental health problems been lockdown for so long.

    Korea seems to be the only sane country left on Earth – They have the most Practical Approach To Life It Seems.

  113. Great…crazy…scary story…thank goodness it all worked out. That’s kind of worry that sent me back home…getting plenty scary stateside now. Godspeed to better days.

  114. Question for you Reekay.
    Do you think the goverment of the Philippines are going to change the accessibility for foreigners that want to stay or live in the Philippines once this is over? I had planned to come out there in July, but because of this bad hand that we’ve have been dealt, I will be delayed somewhat until probably the new year. I know this, there will be a lot of changes right across the board after the aftermath of Covid-19. Your thoughts please.

  115. finally found a way I can make it back to cebu and survive without a business there…. u.s stock market 😉 then currency exchange just in a small account. should be enough i hope

  116. there are only 5 expats in out condo, 1 Brit, 1 Korean, 1 Swed, 1 Norwegen and my self and our GFs we share a meal at night pool side all thought the pool is closed. We keep our distance. Due to my age I can not go out past the security gate to the main Rd. My GF goes to the SM to get food etc. I can not extend my visa as we are in an Enhanced Community Security Zone.

  117. A real mess. I was supposed to come out there to Cebu May 2nd. Looks like for now I’m better off in the United States for now. Since I’m 69 years old I have to stay put here.

  118. Thanks for sharing information of what’s going on. I didn’t make it to my fiance on 19 March Philippine immigration turned me back to USA when I landed in Doha Qatar to change aircraft flights.
    We’re making plans for the future. God willing we’ll be together and get our marriage done.
    Thanks for sharing your information. Gives insight for the future and what to to expect in these situations.

  119. ….bleach diluted in water to clean the bottom of your shoes. Sanitizer at groceries and everywhere, and temperature checks. Here in New Orleans there’s nothing. I just came back from Walmart and no wipes to clean the dirty cart, dirty floors, and just found out four of my coworkers tested positive for corona virus. If four of my coworkers came forward with their infections, I wonder how many more have it.

  120. You forgot to mention that you have a lot of toilet paper. In the states, people are going crazy over hand sanitizer, water, bleach, and toilet paper. I hope it doesn’t last long because I already canceled my April trip to Thailand but moved it to June 27th. And I’m still sweating that one out.

  121. It is more restrictive than in Denmark. People have been asked to stay home; which they do to a great extent. The same type of shops are open, but there are spirits to hands and people are asked to keep their distance. If the situation is stable, the government will start slowly and reopen society. They will not end up in the same situation as Hong Kong.

  122. It is more restrictive than in Denmark. People have been asked to stay home; which they do to a great extent. The same type of shops are open, but there are spirits to hands and people are asked to keep their distance. If the situation is stable, the government will start slowly and reopen society. They will not end up in the same situation as Hong Kong.

  123. I am in Binh Duong VN now we are in a soft lockdown almost all flights, buses and taxis (not even Grab Car) suspended and no public gatherings of 2 or more.

  124. Glad to see things worked out.

    I’m a 52 year old single teacher from vancouver…i just came across your channel about 2 weeks ago.

    You’ve given me so much to think about. I usually watch about 5 or 6 videos each day.

    I’m particularly interested In your dumaguete videos…seems like a great retirement home base for me. Only 2 years away for me.

    Again…thanks for your creations…and for your sincere, well-thought takes about life in general.

  125. Hi, is there any way you can send out a snapshot of you filming your video so that we can see what type of equipment you are using and where the camera is in relation to yourself? Thanks.

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