People You Meet in the Philippines; Part 3 of 3

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  1. Henry, your topics are certainly intriguing. Yes, and this is sad. Culturally, dare I say ingrained in the Filipino psyche. Used to be a one-word phrase describing it when I was growing up in Manila, they say “opportunista..”, you likely recognize how that relates contextually. I go thru the exact same thing when I go back. After a few years, tried to stick to a strict budget. Worked some years some years not. don’t even wear a watch some years. Hope this changes. Pinoys are better than that.

  2. That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Sounds like you’ve been-there-done-that. ha! Funny thing is, from what I gather.. nobody asks the rich Chinese for money. They’ll just flat out say, “NO!” every time. ha!

  3. As a foreigner, even a tan-skinned one.. I haven’t worn a watch in 30 years, no jewelry, but the second I open my mouth it’s obvious I’m a foreigner. I dress-down when walking to the mall and then change in the men’s room. Partly because I get so sweaty walking in and partly because I don’t want to ‘look’ like a rich-kano while walking the country roads outside the city.

  4. Henry you have very rational mind. You also seem to be even tempered and not quick to anger. I think you will be just fine in PI or any other place you choose to live. Yes they all think were rich and we are centers of attention just for that reason. There are only a few Filipinos that I know who act and speak as equals and the are all accomplished. Your analogy about the actors or director/producers is spot on. The trouble with that then becomes our abilities to find good friends there.

  5. I agree.. the working couples who have a self-reliant mindset are the best choices for friends. Closer to what we’re accustomed to in the States where you just totally avoid EVER asking a friend for money. I know one couple, he’s an engineer and she works at an appliance shop, they’re cool. Another couple, he’s a chef and she’s our HOA officer, they’re pretty cool too. But as a single guy, many of the singles I meet are kinda/sorta sketchy in some fashion. But a few are cool, like Kristine.

  6. The wealthy locals would never associate with the poorer folks or help them. Example: The college kids at La Salle Or UP might not even realize there are millions of hungry children that have nothing to eat, maybe rice, every night. Or millions of small kids that have never had a Christmas gift or toy of any kind. In 2009 near Dagupan my wife gave the community kids Christmas gifts, most did not even understand. One year later They were back at the door. But we were here in USA by then.

  7. I remember seeing the shacks along the water in Manila and I asked if ppl really live there and then I couldn’t control my emotions and began to tear up. I felt guilty and my heart was breaking.Since I was there in 2009 I have asked why so many times, is the USA so blessed but we do not appreciate what GOD has done here. Makes me think do we deserve all we have.

  8. It’s an even larger question than that. “The poor will always be with you.”, is so very true. Life is not fair, never was. Cruel, swindling men have amassed fortunes. Good men have struggled in poverty. Fools inherit money. Hard working people lose their homes. Six year olds get hit by drunk drivers and drunk drivers survive auto collisions. Life is definitely not fair, never was.

  9. ..and bigger than that, if life WAS fair it would be hell, they tried that in communist atheist totalitarian societies.
    People generally get exactly what they want from life.

  10. Comparing your insides to other people outsides, not a good idea.
    There is a desolate spiritual poverty in America, in that regard the Phils are richer. “All that we have” is insufficient in the end.

  11. I think it depends on where you’re looking and what the ‘standard’ is for spiritual poverty. Honestly, and I am not anti-Filipino in the least when I say this.. but honestly, for being a ‘Catholic’ country where most people are in mass every week, the willingness to swindle, steal from or cheat a person who is ‘richer’ than themselves is justified by the same people who leave mass every weekend. The problem is human nature, it’s not country specific.

  12. I agree. There is a ‘rightness’ to earning the things you have. And the more a person works or the smarter they are, there is no inequality if they amass ‘more’ than a person who works less or isn’t as bright. ‘Fair’ is more about keeping what you earn.. not making sure everyone has the same amount, as with socialism.

  13. I have been watching your vid Henry & I find them helpful in making my foreign husband understand me. He could not understand why I am cautious with information or wary about other people here. He would always tell me I am paranoid about being robbed. Growing up in a place surrounded with poverty & hungry people really makes us think & behave/act cautiously. So what you are doing is a great help! More power!

  14. Thanks for this Henry… wise words. I am enjoying your videos very much, working my way through them. I have been thinking about helping my GFs family – buying them some pigs, chickens and goats for a small farm. But as you explain, I may find that the neighbours take, kill and eat the animals because her family “can afford it” having a “Rich Canadian” in the family who helps them.

  15. After watching this and some of your other videos, I think the best approach for me would be to mind my own business and keep my friends to a bare minimum, if any. I understand wanting to meet new people, but as a so called “celebrity” in that country, it seems more like a hassle than anything. As far as dating women goes, its probably best for me to tell them I’m not interested in a serious relation for the time being and that I enjoy being alone, that’s why I moved here alone.

  16. You are right, Chris. I’m friendly and do know quite a few people. But my close friends list is very tight and small. I only maintain connections with the women that I; (a) trust (b) enjoy their company. The rest I just don’t make time for. Here, acquaintances will hit you up for money so, the more you have the more you gotta deal with that. I’m not unfriendly, I just monitor and maintain my friendships more carefully here.

  17. Sadly, this is true. Even at the outskirts of Temecula, CA,.. a very nice golf/wine community, there are people near the overpass living in shacks.

  18. I was totally swindled and scammed on my visit. My dating site girl used me like an ATM. Everywhere we went we had about 9 people and I stupidly paid for activities and restaurants for the ENTIRE crew. I stupidly thought it was part of the courtship ritual to treat the family. I blew 2 grand on them. I’m an idiot.

  19. watched about 20 of your video’s back to back , lovin the great info keep em rolling , watched many vid’s about phillipines on youtube from different uploaders but yours I find the most honest , informative and interesting . keep up the good work and cheers from Australia

  20. How about you dress down? Way down. I plan to come to the Philippines you when I land I intend for no one at first sight to realize I’m a foreigner.
    I’ve been to Peru several times very poor areas and always went incognito.
    Most people there thought I was from Brazil haha. Of course I said yes no one thought American unless I told them hahahaha.

    1. I kinda dress down when in downtown Cebu, but not much.  When I was living in Mactan, I was kinda a slob my first few months.  ha!

  21. i hate lie-ing, but can you just say: ‘what?! where in the world would i get money like that! do you what my income is?!’ then just make up some low figure

  22. Henry, I think utilities are fixed rates – Filipino or foreigner.  However, if you let the landlord includes the utilities in the monthly rent fee, I would be aware (be an aware and alert consumer).

    1. I am only looking at the PI. I’ve had filipino(a) friends over the years in the Navy then Hawaii and i Vegas…I like the people. It is the people I am coming there for, not because it is cheaper. My conclusion is that is the only reason to relocate anywhere…

    2. @Will Hart the fact that english is taught in PH schools along with tagalog is a huge bonus. expats tell me there is ‘some’ english in the tourist cities of thailand, but in the province areas, no english so learning thai becomes necessary.

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