People You Meet in the Philippines; Part 2 of 3

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  1. as they say’ travel is the enemy of bigotry’ and some of what we can take away from being open to certain culture that we prefer to pick as a subject of study,experience wise or if indirectly linked by marital, friendship or otherwise will be different from what we would expect. The expectation of being taken advantage of is not specific to foreigner in a different setting.Generally the locals within their own community will have similar experience as yours though in different degrees…

  2. I was discussing the general issue with a wealthy Filipina the other day. I got the same response as I did from another forum from a rich Filipino.. “it’s not about race, it’s about Money”. Anyone, foreign or domestic who has money can expect to be leaned on. Where there is wealth, there is usually a willing batch of people seeking to become a dependent entourage.

  3. Life so hard there for locals as well and they get paid less than in the other countries. They have bad mentality of enviousness if your life is better than them. Sometimes we you treat them well and help them , that might do your favour.

  4. Yes, every individual is different. Some do appreciate any help as a one time gift. Others though, a one time act of kindness ends up opening the door for repeated help in the future. I believe in compassion and helping, but I also believe that too much reliance upon a neighbor is what makes for bad feelings and resentment. There must be a balance between those who are giving and those who are receiving.

  5. I like this vid. You are so right. But when ever I travel and people try to treat me bad I just tell them stright in the eyes “I’m from Chicago” and they back off. I’ve told this fact to other travalers to help them. It saved me twice from being robbed ! I actually did live there for a short while and that is how I learned this fact.

  6. I’ve got relatives who live on the Rez here in the U.S. who have to deal with the same shit.  Someone thinks they have too nice a car so it gets keyed all the time.  I’ve also seen “locals only pricing” at stores here too.  Its rare but it happens. Sounds pretty common there though.

  7. You’re right, Mr. Henry. In fact, some balikbayans suffered many instances of vandalism and opportunism that discouraged most of them from ever retiring in the Philippines, although I still persuade myself that retiring there might be do-able or feasible, if not totally fearsome or terrifying. A close relative who is a cancer-survivor went there several times for her extended vacations. As a form of spiritual gratitude for her remission, she spearheaded medical missions and gave away medicine and foodstuffs to those who came for help. Before she knew it, day in and day out, she found herself losing her privacy, let alone time for much-needed rest and quality time with our closest relatives there. People swarmed all over her house, stayed long hours, even for two or three days, tagging along relatives and friends from neighboring barangays. She even called me and her own daughters to send her additional funds when she ran out of money. She became a virtual atm machine to most of them. They would pester her for scholarships, money for hospitalization, funerals, church projects, wedding gifts, etc. Because I experienced some of these when I vacationed there, I advised her to do what I did,  just go to another city and short-lease a house there until her flight back to the states. Many of my friends have tried to dissuade me from retiring there. Some of them who resorted to buying a unit in gated condo towers in Manila couldn’t escape being swarmed and victimized. So expats aren’t the only ones getting the bum rap from these experiences. A friend has two houses south of Manila, but because she has relatives and friends near them, she would rather fly and stay incognito in hotels and leased condos in the Visayas and Mindanao.  When her relatives learned of this gambit, they promptly painted her as an obnoxious tightwad.  I still wonder if she still retains her longtime wish to retire there at all.

  8. It is jealousy for sure. That’s the kind of mentality that I really really hate. Crab mentality is something like if all of them were cheating and only one guy gets caught, he will say why only me, what about the other guys who also cheated. What about him or him or that guy or that fellow over there. Why just me??? He drags everyone down to his demise because of crab mentality where if you put a bunch of crabs in a pot of boiling water, chances are one will try to escape but another one will catch his leg and grab his claw, as if saying “no you’re not, you’re coming into the boiling pot with us.” kinda thing. Or like, Im poor and you’re doing better, No you’re not, Im going to scratch up your car and poke a hole into your leather couch. Typical jealous bastards, I hate those kind of people. It shows disrespect, lack of moral turpitude, lack of education and basically is a common habit of street thugs that live in the slums of manila. That’s what they are. Scum because no educated moral person would do something like that acting like a common dirtbag criminal. Definitely despicable behaviour. Some pinoys will not like what I say but that’s tough. Either you’re a moral person or an immoral idiot. That’s all there is to it. I would diss them and refuse to associate with those hoodlums again. Oh no way, they’re not coming into my apartment or home anymore. Get away from them as far as possible because those kind of people are dangerous. It’s a mental disease or disorder. If you have taken a course on psychology, it often represents a sadistic personality disorder usually associated with alcohol abuse or substance abuse. These kind of people with these destructive behaviour may have suffered from a type of passive-aggressive disorder or an oppositional defiant disorder as a child and the behaviour was not corrected and developed into their adult life. I noticed because of the socio-economic situation of some people, unable to notice abnormal behaviours in their social settings, they develop into criminals and are more prone to criminal behaviour. They never teach these things in high school and a lot of these people never finished high school due to lack of finances. It could also stem from a person’s poor diet which can affect a person’s mental state. There was a study done in the United States and it says there are more mentally ill persons in the United States walking around freely but the United States is a much richer country and they have social welfare. Can you imagine the amount of mentally ill persons in the Philippines where there are almost 95 million people crammed up in a small space and that the income gap is so large that everybody else is struggling to make ends meet??? Life in the Philippines is fine if you have money but to those who can barely survive, it’s a nightmare and this creates a lot more mentally depraved people than one can even imagine.  Add to that the availability of firearms today and the amount of hungry people out there, of course, it creates even more tension in society in general.

  9. I’m Catholic and I would have questioned them for behaving in a way in which Jesus would have found unacceptable. I am assuming they are Catholic.

    1. A lot of people here in the PH have Catholicism as their ‘stated’/traditional religion rather than as a personal conviction.  

  10. I agree with u henry. Some filipinos taking advantage if they think u have money..foreigner or not they treat the same if they think u have money….i am filipino but i dont tolerate the bad characters of some filipinos ..a lot of good filipinos but a lot of bad as well.. i experienced last year in the airport the taxi driver charge me 600 pesos only from the old airport t0 the naia terminal 3. when i tell this story to my auntie she said. Nxt time u take a bus only 20 pesos. Im not rich anyway….when i arrived again in the airport of roxas city capiz the tricycle driver chrge 250 pesos frm the airport going to the terminal of jamindan.. but my mother argue with the driver. No we will not take ur tricycle bcoz u taking advntge the minimum wage of tricycle here is only 50-100 pesos. . A lot of tricycle anyway. . The driver said. Ok 100. Then we go. But the time when we gt off. I gve him 300. Pesos.

    1. @Oland Stone nobody here has gotten money from me without my consent. we have to exercise our prerogative, when to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. 🙂

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