People You Meet in the Philippines; Part 1 of 3

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  1. I have a couple question. How much is the house rent in bohol? like the one you’re staying. also how much are you paying for internet, water, and electricity? How long can a single American Citizen stay in the Philippines?

  2. I plan on doing several budgets at the main site; lifebeyondthesea(dot)com. Hopefully later this week so if you Subscribe at the main site you’ll get a notice when the article is posted. But ballpark figures for now.. a home in Bohol figure about (USD), $200-$300/mo., Internet: $20/mo, Water/Electricity: $40/mo. You can extend your Visa as a Single status Tourist for up to 18 months at about $35/mo. Even longer with an extension from Manila (via mail).

  3. You can also, at the 18 month stage, just do an overnight stay outside the Philippines, like in nearby Malaysia, for 24 hours.. they stamp your passport.. you return and re-do the 18 months all over again as a newly entered Tourist.

  4. A very good subject Henry. This is the thing that I’m afraid of the most. As you know, it happens to all expats, to Filipinos also not just foreigners like you. I can manage living below my means in the Philippines, as long as we see the sunset or sunrise and be near the beach every day or almost every day but I don’t think I will be able to hide or avoid people forever who’ll think you are their only hope. “How to be thick skinned” will be a subject for you to touch on probably.

  5. Yes, just last night I was speaking with a rich Filipino and we agreed it’s not a racial or nationalistic targeting.. it’s a matter of who is perceived as ‘rich’. Filipino or Foreigner.. if some people perceive you as rich, they will have their hand out. I’m not against charity, but here you can end up going broke as word gets out that someone else got some cash by hitting you up. News like that travels fast here and pretty soon there’s a line outside your door. It’s a ‘rich’/poor issue.

  6. ha! I might have mahjong on my computer to practice. Here in my village it’s the men who gather to play mahjong instead of the women. If not that, they play poker. I know a few of the older ladies, who run the village sari-sari store and local HOA. (we actually have one in the jungle.) They help me with my pitiful Visayan. ha!

  7. ohh thats nice its cheaper that way instead of coming back to the States. What if you just keep renewing your visa instead of going to other country like malaysia?

  8. You can only renew for up to 18 months. Then you either get an extension from Manila (by mail thru immigration) or leave. 18 months is otherwise the maximum stay for renewals.

  9. Not as much as I plan to after August, when I get some wheels of my own. Then I plan to spend lots of time cruising around the island. 🙂

  10. How old are you kids? I would go in a heartbeat but my daughter is 7 and have to pay child support and want to be there for her in her growing years. I may not be able to do something like this for another 10 years or so. 🙁

  11. You mention about having your female buddies but how about male friends? Do you have any buds you go hang out with for a beer or to watch TV/shoot the breeze with?

  12. My advice to you, honestly.. stay in your child’s life. The Philippines will still be here after she’s 18, 19 and off starting her own life. These years, while she is young is such a precious, valuable time and you gotta relish it because.. one day it will be you hoping to get some of her time with her busy schedule. These days while they are young pass so incredibly fast.

  13. A few. There’s an American expat here on Bohol I see every so often. Plus various expats I meet through my website who visit when they’re in town. But i’m only “in town” maybe 3 days a week so, since coming to the province I don’t socialize like I used to on Mactan.

  14. Hi! I have been watching your videos and I like what you are doing, educating people about our culture and dating habits. I am not interested in romance I just got married. If you are interested to meet a decent person please let me know. You seem like a good conversationalist. Anyway, if you would like to know a prospective like minded person, message me and I’ll meet you for lunch, DUTCH TREAT.

  15. Thanks for the compliment, I do what I can to hopefully make a transition here easier. I recently began seeing a Filipina, not yet in a relationship but it’s going that direction. Since I only date local women, any women I’d consider dating would need to be living on Bohol. I’m not a big fan of long-distance relationships, myself. I know plenty of people do it, but for me daily companionship is very important. But if you’re ever in Bohol and want to tip a few beers, I’m up for that. 🙂

  16. For the girls I meet that I call ‘short-term fun’.. I tell them up front, “I’m not looking to get married, not looking for a girlfriend.” For the few (2) that I’ve taken more seriously as consideration for a wife, I tell them, “Philippines is my new home, I’m not returning to the US. If that’s your goal, you need a different guy.” Being up front weeds out most of the ‘fake love’ scammers.

  17. I live in Hong Kong (8 years) and there definitely isn’t any foreigner camaraderie here. Unless of course your an alcoholic, then everybody at the pub is your best friend. Otherwise foreign, Chinese local;  there certainly is no sense of community here. I only see it observing the large communities of Filipino helpers here. On the other hand, some of the stories from my previous helpers, they all get along but you really have to watch your back. They are always screwing each other over.

  18. Meet a woman you can also call Ate and you’ll have some good conversation without as much intimate expectation. You have a good heart bro. I’d like to chat sometime. I dig your videos. I’m from LA. My Filipina wife (from Isabela) is just slightly younger than me. Makes for good common interests (she knows the Beatles like me) You know of Manual’s El Tepeyac on Evergreen? (ELA)  

    1. thanks, i’m on facebook at ‘Reekay’ if you search me there.  i’m way behind on email but i check facebook fairly often.

  19. Well, it’s not just with foreigners, a Filipino guy wont ask for a lunch if he doesn’t like the gal. You can have lunch and talk but it’s usually in a group not you two alone. Same thing as a gal won’t say yes to go out with a guy if she doesn’t like him. That’s one thing I’m sad about some Filipinas that whenever a foreigner is in to them they’re acting like they’ve got the best treat in the world even if that takes marrying a man who is 30+ older. It’s like marrying a foreigner is the only key to get out of poverty. Well, don’t get me wrong. I’m not against older man-younger woman relationship, maybe 10 years gap is fine but not 20 or 30….I don’t believe it’s love. It’s more of convenience.

    1. Julieta Jerusalem When a person is stuck in a vicious cycle called poverty, perhaps marrying a foreigner is a “convenient” way in getting out of it. I’m not here to make judgments or preach what is right or wrong, I’m simply stating a fact that is tangible that many Filipinas see as sometimes their only way to make life better for them and their families.

  20. I am a female and we were living in the Philippines (Northern Samar) for 1,5y. We left in the end of July this year. All of us were from Estonia (europe). I’m 24y old woman, my husband is 27y old and our son is 3y old at the moment. We rented two homes – one big house on the small paradise island and one apartment in Calbayog city (2hour ride from the island). The reason was the internet. We couldnt have proper internet on the island, but my husband needed it for work…

  21. I never saw this video before Henry – great video!  You hit it on the head.  I am quite certain MANY of the people in my family think I am off my rocker to live here now.  When I visit the US, I try to explain the appeal and why it’s a great life for me.  But I realize there is nothing I can say that can explain it or truly describe what life is like.  I know this because before I arrived here, I read and researched and quite honestly none of it prepared me at all.  I still had the culture shock and it was STILL nothing like I though it would be.  AND… it takes months, if not maybe years to fully acclimate and understand it all.

  22. I’m glad you brought up the family trying to talk us out of going to live in the Philippines as mine think I went off the deep end doing this,but there like most folks here in the states who can not fathom going so far out side of there comfort zones.Nice to know I’m not alone in that,at least most of your family was cool with what your doing.One can not experience adventure watching others on the net or TV,we only get the real adventure by just plain heading out and doing it.

  23. I hope your family and friends follow you youtube or your web site. Perhaps someday your kids take the opportunity to see both the poverty and beauty of the Philippines.  There are some awesome places that they would like and appreciate.  America doesn’t have the history as the PI.  I agree with you wholeheartedly regarding the special group you are in.  My son is a Eagle Scout, I am from a military/medical family . My father, brother and I were in the military. Worked in the education field 20 plus years. Hope you can meet more friends/associates to network with there.

    1. Thanks.. in the last 2 years this decision to move to the PH has led me to meet so many new and interesting people from all over the world.  It’s been a great experience.

  24. Thanks for the info. but it seems that young girls in PH. are a lot more street smart that for example here in the U.S.
    But let me ask a silly question, Has anyone investigated as to why Ph. women are so beautiful in general compared to other nationalities, including Asians, and that is not just my opinion but many others I have talked to.

    1. I suppose beauty is an objective opinion.. but, I myself find Filipina women to be, in general, some of THE most beautiful women I have ever met and known.

  25. thanks for some enlightenment to some issues, im a filipino guy btw your right when you say some girls at the bar act like that. but if you really want to meet well behave filipinas don’t go in a bar, there’s a lot of them you can meet at the park, market or beach maybe. In general most of us pinoy grew up poor I can’t blame some people need to marry foreighners to get out of poverty maybe they are uneducated and the only way for them to help their family is to marry foreighners. but i know they will give their love and loyalty to their husbands no doubt.

    1. +LifeBeyondTheSea – Philippines Hey sir my grandfather lived there for 15 years and married 2 woman ..the 1st tried to have him killed. the second seems nice. but he lost alot of money like 15 million there. now my buddy just married a lady that lives there and he keeps telling me that he wants to move there and start a lumber business and buy land and raise pigs. i am concerned for him. is there a video on scams you see get pulled on the new guys. He is American white and this is probably the 5th woman at most he has slept with.

    2. @beanie green i’ve seen maybe less than a dozen female expats and only spoke with two of them.  one was traveling during a holiday break and the other was a student at a college.

  26. Good stuff Bro! I would like to meet up with you for….beers. lol Not sure where I’ll eventually settle down, I plan on doing some island traveling and such. 

  27. my experience with expats is quite different than what you speak of. my experience with expats is they are whiners and criers. always complaining about life where we are. my response to them is always the same. if you dont like it here why dont you leave??

    1. yes, i call those the ‘malcontents’. always complaining and never enjoying what there is all around them. no matter where they go, they are unhappy. i have no time for them.

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