1. Love your honesty. I’ll be in Luzon, Barrio Barreto as soon as it’s open. Like the province, but the free trade zone is for me. Will travel, hope one day to meet you.

  2. Hi Paul does the local news talk about the mass Military buildup happening now in the south China sea with the Philippine president, taiwan and neighboring countries teaming up with the United States to go against China, I’m following it daily yet the mainstream media in the U.S.is not even covering it you can get good info on it on a youtube channel called The US Military News

  3. The person that was asking about leaving from Kissimmee…probably would have the same flight plan I have had…would have to leave out of Jax…to NY…then to Asian…then to the PI

  4. Hi Sir Paul still i enjoy watching your ytc😊
    Hopefully pandemic end soon so i can get holiday to come and visit you and Baby Mae personally to meet i can see dumaguete place😊! God bless always

  5. Hi sir Paul good morning I’m watching u now from Quezon City maybe next year I’m visit my kids in malaybalay city I really enjoy watching ur vlog by the way my daughter want to see you in person because she’s looking for a serious man to marry she’s 24 yrs old now she’s a teacher hope u can help my daughter thank you

  6. My wife is a filipina and we are planning to move to dumaguete in several years. Thinking about renting until we can find a house. Amy suggestions on a good suburb of dumaguete to live ?

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