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  1. Hi Paul, Im filpina working here in Manila. I have Bf from America he told me to Watch ur blog. Lol he learn a lot from asking me about Life in the Philippines. I Started watching u of what he learn in ur vlog so I can depend and explain him well. Im 52 years old and his 67.. Its perfect Match. He he. He said ,he want to see u when his come here. Sorry , to my English. Take care Guys.

  2. You know you have the pea on so she needs to tell the whole story on land ownership as yes Americans can incorporate and own land.But the peas female lawyer says nothing.On her vid now I post for Google sooo lines drawn.

  3. Paul. I’m thinking of traveling to Dumagete and may want to stay. so how long would you suggest staying. I’m 73 years young.want to decide either stay there or come back to Rodadero Beach Colombia .the beach is a big thing for me. I’m Prepared to pay up to 550 for rent if i have to.

  4. About you bike stalling, sounds like you got some bad and/or dirty gas or contamination in your gas tank. Did the mechanic empty and clean the gas tank and lines and filter? If not, might be worth looking into. Since your bike is pretty new, more likely not things breaking.

  5. Concerning SSN The Filipina has to have lived with You in the USA for at least 5 Years to get Your SSN when You die I believe….I don’t know about ex wives in USA but I believe you had to be married for 10 years to ex wife in USA for them to qualify for Your SSN

  6. I’m tempted to go to Dumagete just to expierence the difference in culture beteeen spanish and phillippino. I was born in Manilla but left there when i was very small. I don’t remember any of it..not interested in Manilia but Dumagete looks interesting. Less people and i love the beaches and ocean.

  7. Hey Paul. I listened to Gio in tje Phillippines talk about many expats leaving the phillippines. What’s up with that. I’m stuck here in Cali Colombia. I need to go back yo my home in Rodadero Colombia. The beach there is worth the change from the USA. Also i do want to go to where your at to expierence the cultural difference.

  8. Enjoyed the video Gentleman, Paul be carefulon your scooter if you was decide to go out after it’s rained very hard over there The road will be washed out in places especially it dirt take care and God bless

  9. You’ve done everything owning a skating rink selling art on cruise ships, you made fabulous money, $20,000 a month. Ended up with $1000 a month in Social Security it doesn’t add up.

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