(Part 3) Quarantine Easing + Some thoughts on Leadership | Walk’n’Talk in Lumpini Park, Bangkok

Greetings. If you had an opportunity to watch (Part 1): https://youtu.be/1FBdlpiSrCU
and (Part 2): https://youtu.be/7BgkS7uVq2o of the last few days of me walking around Bangkok a bit, you probably noticed that I like (well… LOVE) Lumpini Park. I have actually enjoyed Lumpini for years BUT this has also been the first week in a long time that you could get *into* Lumpini. This week, the rules of quarantine have relaxed to include the ability to go to public parks and exercise and several markets have opened.
Malls are still not open but after another 6 days we will enter Phase 2 of the “opening” of Thailand. This will also mean that Phase 1 has been in place for 2 weeks AND there are Very Few new cases. Thailand is doing an Excellent job are containing this and protecting the people here! Its an honor have the opportunity to stay here!
I cannot WAIT to get to the beach!!!! THAT is going to be a VERY WELCOMED excursion.
For now, I’ll simply take the opportunities that avail themselves.
So, Lumpini it is!!! And for some reason during this video I started chatting about responsibility and sharing some of my leadership point of view. Thanks for joining me.
Chat again soon!
Live the Dream

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