(Part 1of2) “Expats Stranded Abroad” & Your Lockdown Experience

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  1. Our stupid governor in California says that 26 million people in California will catch the Coronavirus.
    If that were the case what is the point of a quarantine?
    We are being lied to and mass hysteria has taken over.
    It’s terrible.

    1. @Mike Masters thanks for that explanation but the truth is the virus is new and it’s strong when it’s a bit older herd immunity will weaken it
      And it will end up like just any other flu.
      You can’t trick Mother Nature as much as we think we can.
      Every time there’s a virus that kills anybody are we going to shut down the world?
      Sorry it doesn’t work that way.
      Want to Obama declared a flu emergency nobody cared.
      What changed?
      We becomen snowflakes.
      I’m sad and people get sick and die but this is part of nature.

    2. The point of a quarantine is to slow down the progression of the disease so healthcare workers and facilities are not overwelmed with patients and people die because of no care. At some point docotors may have to decide who lives and who dies, exactly what we do not want to see happen, hence the quarantine.

  2. My son works as a respiratory therapist in Ventura Hospital California.
    Not one patient has tested positive for the coronavirus but you would think that there was a bio attack at the hospital.
    This is insane

    1. I just retired 2 years ago from being a Neo Peds respiratory therapist here in LA at White Memorial Medical Center. I don’t have any friends that works on the adult side. Thanks for the info, I was wondering how things were at the hospital, just for a brief second.

    1. For me in the same area as my neighbor, Reekay, I paid one month deposit and one month of rent when I moved in. Nothing else!
      I also insisted on a one month lease.

      I’ve been living on those terms in the same unit for almost 2 years, now.

      Total move in cost 26,000 pesos, less than $500US (at exchange rate back then).
      Rent, electric, tap and drinking water, averages less than 16,000 ($320US) a month, in a great area and in a well managed building, that has backup power and 24/7 security and staff.

      Sweet Deal! ❤️

    2. no, i refuse to do pre-dated checks. i paid a 2-month deposit and 1-month advance. other units were 4-months total move-in cost.

    1. Are you concerned at all about the supply chain in PH/Cebu? I have talked to some people in CDO and Leyte who are already dealing with shortages (only 550ish confirmed).

  3. I’m in Bicol I’m suppose to leave May 20 I got a 59 day visa from Chicago arrived on feb 7 I’m suppose to renew in April 6 we are on lockdown here till the 15 of April anybody hear if they are going to issue extensions I’m wondering if they will make me leave in April or if they will let me stay till may

    1. during the quarantine, late-fees will be waived for this period. nobody is sought out and actively forced to leave. just check-in with any BI office (if you can) a week or two before you flight out.

  4. Got to hand it to you Reekey. Your subjects from bedays to LA ghettos are fascinating. We in the US are experiencing social isolation. It reminds me of my “jailing” days when I was a war protester in 1975, before you time I think. haha Congratulations on Bee or Vee? I am glad we met in Dumaguete. You have been predominant influence and inspiration in the last 7 years.

  5. If things happen for a reason.. perhaps you were meant to stay longer term in Cebu? I’ll see you there after they’re allowing visitors from the US again.. guessing and assuming August? Curt.. from BWW Ho Chi Mihn City.. long time viewer and friend.

  6. As far as addressing hunger, my wife in Pampanga, Mabalacat told me the people were given 5 kilos of rice the other day. Now of course there were the people that complained that they didn’t get 6 kilos but overall she said it went fairly smoothly. There’s no notice as to whether this would be ongoing and just yesterday they were told to stay inside for 24 hours and they’re just taking it day to day. The Filipino people have been through hardship for as long as I can remember but this is new territory with no known end date.

  7. MANILA, Philippines — Some 4,500 foreign tourists were “kicked out” of hotels and ended up sleeping in the open since the government declared a Luzon-wide lockdown last week and restricted all travels due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This according to today’s Inquirer.net

  8. Thank you for your Information on traveling to the Philippines especially Mindanao Davao Digos were My fiance is sadly for a lot of other guy’s who have long distance relationships there wondering if we ever get be with them again..I have always been a follower of you, good advice , a good travel guide to the philippines ..take care and good travel

    1. no, it’s the other way around. landlords and hotels have been told they can and should deny taking in any new bookings or tenants.

      the only relief for some tenants is that they cannot be evicted if they are unable to pay their rent, but have a long-term lease in place. short-term renters, expats who were just staying at a hotel are being turned away.

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    I hope I’m not telling stories on myself.

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