Palawan – The Philippines Journey – Vlog Ep 1

Philippines Journey – Palawan

Most of you have probably seen my cinematic film ( Philippines – Land of Enchanted Islands ) but until now no one has seen what adventures went down while filming that video in the Philippines.
This Is the place where it all started, Palawan. Palawan was an obvious choice to visit as it has so many beautiful locations within the Island. My goal was to film as much as possible to have enough footage at the end to create a Beautiful cinematic video, and of course have a great time doing so. I made my way from Puerto Princesa, visiting the insane Cave system there, and then to Port Barton, where i made a bunch of new friends and was truely getting the Philippines vibe. The after 3 days in Port Barton I left my new friends to get on a 4 hour van to El Nido where i would meet my buddy Mark Mitchel. from then on El Nido became a dream as we met with others, and set off on boat tours around this beautiful paradise.

Amazing people in this video

– Adi ( Model girl on Elnido island ) –
– Mark Mitchell ( Instagramer, travel film maker ) –
– Esmee ( Zipline friend ) –
– Miya – ( Girl on the hammock ) –
– Brett Anderson – ( El nido squad group ) –
– Devon Gray – ( El nido squad group ) –
– Brendan Keck – ( El nido squad group ) –
– Connor Reilly – ( El nido squad group ) –
– Tyler Willi – ( El nido squad group ) –


– check end credits of the video.

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  1. If your from the Philippines comment below! yeooww! I have been wanting to show you the story of how the Philippines cinematic was filmed and the adventures behind it for so long! and here it is! there will be another episode on what went down next! hit the like button and stay tuned for more (:

  2. 3:24 awesome video – this drone pullback shot was superb. Was this a sped-up drone (flown through the hole in rock) shot or is there more trickery at work? 🙂

  3. Benn TK – you are one of the phenomenal filmmakers on YouTube. So inspiring. And your VO is so appealing. Much warmth from ‘Amit Sengupta Vlogs’ in Kolkata, India.

  4. Hi Ben ! Which gimbal do you use ? Im new to gimbal & want to buy 1 for my Lumix G85 camera. I would like a gimbal not too heavy & easy to carry for traveling ! Please help

  5. Broooo I love this kind of video of you, with the vlog style, nice storytelling, and funny conversation. Pls make more sth like this. Cheers from Indonesia!

  6. Sometimes the RAW moments are the best moments! Be safe on those motorcycles, when I traveled to Asia on my recent trip around the world 2 people in Phuket died right by us on bikes. BE SAFE. All the other crazy moments are on my recent video if anyone’s interested ⭐️

  7. The drone shot going through a rock opening was incredible. I own a Mavic, and I don’t how you did it, but again it was surely amazing. Quick transition?

  8. one of my favorite creator!!Ben if you ever want to visit Poland and see polish mountains and polish wedding feel free msg me!!i will pay for flights food and hotel!all the best

  9. Dear Benn, Thank you for all the tutorials , presets and inspiration. I have made an attempt to create my first travel video taking inspiration from people like you.
    I have also given you credits in my video. Here is link to it
    Kindly have a look at it. Thank you 🙂

  10. Hey Benn!!! Love your work! What frame rate do you shoot at? I have a Sony A7rii and always wanted to make cinematic stuff but felt maybe I should just use 1080p at 60fps? Can u give me some tips?

  11. Note to Aussies: You don’t ‘hire’ a motorbike, you rent one. One does not ‘hire’ things, you only hire people! Oh and it is a motorcycle by the way….

  12. Hey Benn! You should do a video on your Sony picture profile and settings, i think that will give you a lot of ad revenue and i think people would love to see it ^^

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