1. Cheeapet lol we have the same problem hair were about the same age but I’m glad I live hear in Anchorage Alaska were is cold we bundle from head to toe that’s why when summer come every is one to each other says”your bald?and I get alot lately sometimes I wonder what to do..what do you do if you’re just starting losing you’re hair….

  2. Nice thumb nail Ned . I wonder if you and Gio have seen each other . I know you and Tim K have run into each other , what are the chances of that happening and it happened . Think about that for a minute .

  3. Brother Airborne I’m praying for you and your family. It’s so nice to see you happy. You have a lovely bride and will have a beautiful lil Gurlie!!!!

  4. Hey Ned. Don’t know If you read my comment a view vids ago but in Phil they only have part fiber . All copper leaving their central office then connected over fiber optic. Short answer. Not true fiber. Good luck with the new arrival coming. God bless!!

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