Our Molly goes under the knife.

Our dog, Molly had been developing a growth over the past year, so we decided we must get her checked out at the local Vet. Here is the story. What happened, the cost and the hassle. Please thumbs up if you enjoyed the video. Thanks. __________________________________________________________________________
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  1. My favorite part of this vlogg is Molly’s tail during the last few minutes. I do believe that she feels comfortable now. Her upper abdomen looks great! Blessings to you and lovely Mrs. Brown.

  2. Interesting Bud. That was a huge growth so very good it was removed. Molly seems happy and handling the head cone well. Best wishes to all. Ouch on the bill, but it probably would have been 10x more in the US.

  3. Happy to see that everything went well! That worried look on Glorias face when you heard that Molly had to spend the night.. Thanks for the video!

  4. As a part of your lovely family, Molly deserve all the trouble you went through! Thank God it was a benign lump of fat… She deserve every pesos you spent on her, you’re responsible owners.
    Thank you so much for another great sharing. Best regards/Ned

  5. Glad Molly is ok Bud. We had to leave Bradley overnight when he had his “boys” removed. I checked around and found a big price difference between Vets here. We like Cani and Gatti. His surgery and overnight stay was less than 3k and the Vet was very good. Molly looks to be doing better with the “cone of silence” than Bradley did 😀

  6. Poor Molly the Vet installed a satellite dish on her. Glad she is better. Hope it heals quickly. My dog did not like going to the vet is week either.

  7. Great that it was a lipoma and they removed it and hopefully that will be all for poor Mollie to endure. That sure seems like a bit of money, but compared to the U.S. it would have run anywhere from $600.00-$1,000.00 for that same surgery. That cone or e-Collar can be brutal on the legs, I have one wearing that right now and I am considering not wearing shorts in the summer.

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