Our Mechanic Marlon Makes A House Call

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  1. OTR Brian, for Off The Road. I have since your video on them asked many mates in the tyre game about 12 inch 14 ply rated tyres. NONE of them have ever in their careers heard of it. Like I thought, perhaps non compliant advertising? Trust me , nothing moves in Australia unless by road and were 14 ply tyres for vans available—we would know about it and be selling them. Having a stamped DOT , which s basically required world wide intrigues me? If they are an Asian knock off fake product which I am thinking the putting a DOT on the sidewall will cause that manufacturer a whole 14 ply load of trouble. But, I didnt ever mean to be a downer about it all, just that it piqued my curiosity having spent half my working life in the tyre game–ok? I never meant to be critical to you in any way–ok?

  2. That’s one thing I wiLl give living in the PI, When you want service it is available and cheap. Had a guy come to our house to replace a worn out insect screen on the upstairs bedroom window, he came, measured it all up, went away to get the bits, returned and installed it. Did a great job all for P150. Yup, I kid you not P150. OK that was 3 years ago but still, anyone can argue with that sort of home service is nuts .

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