1. Look at the top ten on coinmarketcap to start. Most coins are shit coins. Get off the earth 2 its complete garbage. It’s obvious that you’re just talking about it to get people to comment

  2. I stopped buying earth2 and just sold my Ethereum and now I’m getting into crypto mining. electric is very expensive in the Philippines but I just added solar so hopefully that helps.

  3. About Crypto, just buy BTC, you don’t need to buy a whole coin. You can buy say 0,001 BTC or 0,1 ETH. Cardano will probably also do well, but it is up also quite significantly. My advice invest 1-5% of your cash to BTC

  4. Family life is awesome but as you say we all need a good balance. You see on Earth 2 they are now asking people who are interested in Advertising on earth 2 in Phase 2. Very interesting times ahead. All the best with the House Pete. It will be interesting watching it be built. 🙂👍

  5. Congratulations guys! sounds like not enough time in the day. Exciting Times. Cant Wait to see the progress of the builds. Take it Easy mate!. E2 misses you

  6. Yes sir. Get into Ada. (Cardano) it’s legit man!
    I have 23 ether now. Just holding long term. Def Ada. There are others that look great to as far as alts or low caps go. Good cal man. This bull market is rare. You gotta get in now. Don’t miss it man. This isn’t fomo talk. Drop a LOT into Ada.
    Also, glad to see the old Property club Pete here. Can’t wait to see the plot

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