Options For Earning Income Overseas: Pre-Retirement

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    In this video I discuss, “Options For Earning Income Overseas: Pre-Retirement”

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  2. What about a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner? I can do telehealth back to states also but curious about needs there and having a hard time finding information.

  3. You are echoing my thoughts. Not only few jobs; BUT NO local language. As you say; for local pay. Millions of unemployed OR under-employed locals. A quite ridiculous notion. You would need unique professional skills. Thanks for the video.

  4. Hello Henry, this is Michael Harman, I used to live in Lapu-Lapu city back before 2015. Came to Reno Nevada to have open heart surgery in 2015 and that was a successful surgery. I had to replace my aortic valve which was not opening or closing properly and it was pretty gummed up with plaque and stuff. I have no other issues so we are trying to get a visa for myself and my daughter born in Texas. They want a ton of paperwork for this visa. We already have a townhouse in Bacong just south of Dumaguete. We plan to live in that townhouse which has 3 bedrooms and is up stairs and downstairs unit. Will remain there indefinitely and any medical appointments I need will be done in Hawaii. I hope to be able to meet you once we are there.

  5. I’ve been vlogging my transition from the U.S. to the Philippines for a year, 100 videos and I’m up to a whopping 96 subscribers. It’s more of a hobby and video album at this point

  6. I have my TESOl/TEFL and I live here in the Philippines but I haven’t been able to teach because everywhere I’ve lived has to much noise. You have open air houses that don’t block sounds. Everywhere there is loud chickens, kids and babies screaming, loud music, and karaoke.
    I do better just trading a little Bitcoin.

  7. Call Center Agents – With Free Training – No Experience Needed – 18000 Monthly
    Metro Manila, Philippines
    … is an Job ad I pulled out of an E-mail.

    The average monthly pay for someone who just speaks English for a Call Center Job is around 17000 Pesos (about $320 USD) a Month, Working Full-Time for 6 Days per week, 10 hours per day.
    Call Center Jobs do not offer a Working Visa, so in order to get such a Job, you’ll need to have residential status married to a local.
    In a rare occasion, they will offer Working Visa for a Managerial position at a Call Center, but you will need previous experience in said position and provide past references.

    In Addition to English, if you are fluent in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Arabic, I have seen ads for as much as 40,000 Pesos (about $800 USD) per month, Working Full-Time for 6 Days per week, 10 hours per day at a Call Center.

    The key to earning more than a local is being FLUENT in Another Language in addition to English.
    Most locals can only speak the various Filipino dialects + English.
    There are a lot of Jobs for people fluent in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, but the pay is way lower than Western standards.

    I am Fluent in English, Japanese and Korean, have a undergraduate (BA) Degree in Finance and have over 10 years experience as a Customer Representative however, even with my qualifications I can only find similar Jobs in Manila or Cebu for around P80,000 ($1600) to P100,000 ($2000) Max.
    Unlike the Low-end Call Center positions, most of these “High-end” jobs also offer Working Visa, various allowances, paid vacations, free meals, and sometimes a Car with driver to/from work.

    Also note, minimum wage PER DAY in the Philippines is about P500 ($10), but most employers don’t even pay close to that.
    The Girls selling goods in the various Booths and Shops in the Malls, earn around P200 or less PER DAY working from 10:00am to 9:00pm with 1 hour lunch break. Their salary does not include Transportation fee, so P200 Minus whatever they pay to commute to/from work per day..

  8. Hi, Im impressed by the clear and Logic content , Im a visualiser /illustrator and thinking of doing that from the Philippines with my old European clients as a basic source, so this was valuable information ! thanks and succes yourself !

  9. Really if your planning on coming to PH in my opinion you need to have 1,500 usd per month set up. Don’t rely on income while here, if you generate income while here it’s icing on the cake.

  10. Lots of great ideas and helpful information here for guys looking to create an income . A prime example of having good content, thanks Reekay, have a great weekend there you two.

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