Opening a Business in the Philippines, Let’s take a Tour of “Shelter” a New Resto Bar in Bacong

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Opening a Business in the Philippines, Let’s take a Tour of “Shelter” a New Resto Bar in Bacong@Paul in the Philippines Old Dog New Tricks let check out my friends new resto bar in Bacong and meet some of the beautiful Filipina’s that are the owners and staff

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  1. Thank you Paul for another great video dummy me hit the button and went to this one just as the other one was ending before I got to comment seems like they have a good idea but they need a bigger place That’s the only thing that will hurt them if they’re serving alcohol is not having more room and seating but you have to start off small in order to grow big it’s easier to start off small and to always grow than it is to have a large building with huge payments for rent and you don’t feel the place so they can always move later but sounds like they have come up with a good idea if another lockdown deal don’t come along Good luck to them and thank you again for sharing this video and the other one also I’m sorry I did not call me in on it if I find it again I will comment

  2. Okey, piece advice if you want to come in PH, do first YouTube channel first and that’s the way, FILIPINOS support you all foriegners, not in financial but in other way to survive and lots of friends and JUST INCASE “Pinay” not good doing to you ,(keep the evidence) look this MAN IN ACTION IN MANDALUYONG ST. TV5 METRO MANILA “RAFFY TULFO” SO YOUR ALL SAFETY!!!

  3. I have a feeling that the expat population in Dumaguete is going to increase substantially after foreigners watching this video. They will be anxiously waiting for international travel to open up…..LOL

  4. Thanks Paul, Might be nice if they could start a Facebook page or link to the expat page there. Finally, posting the address or a google maps picture would help too….help pinpoint the location

  5. Ha! you are too Funny Paul. I do enjoy you showing the locals and their culture. Through Mae you actually have REAL friendships and relationships with the locals and these videos really showcase the genuine personalities of the Philipinnos along with their wit, humor and work ethic. Your channel captures this like no other.

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