Only 4 Types of Foreigners go to China!

Why is it that the majority of foreigners that end up in China seem to be at the very least a little screwy (batty), myself included?

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  1. A funny story for me in regards to the foreigner “that is special because he’s not chinese” 3 years ago I lived in shanghai for studies and internship for about a year, and one time around christmas i walked out of the gym and saw something hanging off the side of my scooter. I initially thought it was just one of those marketing things that they often give around, but when i looked closer it was a bracelet with a medal with a chibi version of me on it. It had way too much detail including the logo on the shirt i was wearing, which was something you can only buy from a local shop in the us.. and i’m half asian half western european lol.. i never found out who it was. It even said merry christmas on the back of the amulet.

    Which means someone knew it was mine, and it was a very generic looking scooter. Also the person must have taken a picture of me or stalked me in order to know exactly what i was wearing to the gym in full detail.. it gave me the chills

  2. Honestly, I went for 3 reasons:
    1. Stable income and savings for my 10 year plan, which is IMPOSSIBLE as an educator with student loans in the U.S.
    2. I was already learning the language in college and wanted to put it to use.
    3. I had NO IDEA what China was really like. I imagined neat architecture and an ancient culture to delve into.
    I’m still in Beijing 5 years later…but only because my wife is here. To me, China is like Cyberpunk 2077 gone wrong. We’re working on a strategic exit plan, not sure what country to pick.

  3. Hahahha, living 14 years in China, never met categories 1, 2, 3…and I am not a corporate guy…weird! “Criminal, drugs, death, chaos..” that’s your vision 🙁 sorry about that

  4. The agent sounds like a fixer. (Fast Talker) Someone who is good in sales, uses his contact list and network to find opportunities to benefit him.

  5. Don’t consider yourself to be a drinker until you get to hang out with Kiefer Sutherland for the weekend…
    and you are still alive on Monday morning!

  6. Don’t use the word SWASTIKA…
    It’s not a SWATIKA…..
    I assume you don’t know.
    It’s important SYMBOL for us in INDIA.
    In the Hindu faith specifically.

  7. There is a very large trading community that have made a fortune in China … you missed out on listing them. But you are mostly right from a, “white caucasian” perspective.

  8. Sorry for extra long post here. I try not to make a habit of that lol. But I always love when Winston does these kind of Videos. Which are important for people to digest here. 🙂

    The problem with most people that travel. Outside of maybe your occasional weekend warrior or tourist. Is that they are either coming to fulfill some sort of misplaced childhood fantasy.

    As you get all types of people which have no business being in China. To criminals, rejects wishing to create trouble or cause mischief. Which include Chinese themselves at times which aren’t always the best tourists either.

    I used to be a guide in Yellowstone Park & won’t get into that whole mess here. But many come willfully or ignorantly prepared. Not taking into account the culture, context, and environment.


    Which many seem to think mirror their own countries lol. Now am I against people traveling to other countries, ah no. But it’s important not assume what applies back home appies in China or elsewhere.

    China especially so and personally you’re better off not wasting your time. Now that’s not to say you occasionally don’t come across the world traveler. Who keenly’s aware of the environment around them and not a loof.

    Winston has somewhat acknowledge to this unicorn rarity within. But those people are very few and far between. Usually other expats or people who have lived outside their own closed environments.


    I would say probably 95% of our problems with China. At least here in the West are self inflected. Which range from people who either never been to China. Have spent too much time watching Fox News.

    Or have watched too many kung fu movies lol. China is sort of a red pill blue pill sort of place. If you want to see how far the rabbit hole goes by all means deep dive. But be aware of what you’re getting yourself into beforehand.

    Just like anywhere there’s dark elements but not all is bad. Just know and keep your expectations in check. Always appreciate Winston’s perspective as would be a fascinating person to meet here :b

  9. How would you categorize Japanese,Corean in China? Africans? The expat female population? Non English speakers working in other industries unrelated to education? Your 4 categories just fit in 10% of the expat community. Maybe can apply in 3 tier cities but definately not in major ones.

  10. If you like anime why not go with a comparison between Japanese Anime and Chinese Anime? Although i watch both its really hilarious to see the blatant product placement although the storyline and such are sometimes quite decent ( kings avatar)

  11. Type 4 checking in! except I loved china and of the corporate type there was “China compatible” and “China incompatible” and if a company had been doing business in China for long enough then they knew who to send. It was awful when I was stuck for a week or two with a China incompatible type I’d be the designated guy to “Help” them because I’d lived in China for a long time but it just meant I was wiping their arse for the two weeks they were there counting down the day when they were getting on a flight back home.

    To be honest I’d avoid 99% of foreigners when I was in China, they just wanted to get drunk all the time or “Get girls” and they would act like your best friend while they were there and forget all about you as soon as they got on the plane back home no longer answering emails or messages etc. Also I’d run into the weirdo loosers that would walk up to you say hello and then instantly try and add you to their Wechat.Literally. like they were so desperate to add other foreigners. I’d add them then I’d just delete them as the NEVER EVER messaged you, they were just there on your contacts list.

    Stick with hanging out with Chinese people, it’s a much better experience.

  12. Hey Winston. If your wife goes back to visit China with your children or alone, the CCP probably would use her as leverage, to shut you up.

    Does your extended family in China face any backlash, from the authorities there?

  13. I’m high as a kite and Serpentza looks like he’s flying above the street in his magical desk chair @19:08 and I think I’m losing it.

  14. You been hanging out with the wrong crowds! I would’ve changed your perspective entirely. Just an ordinary young guy taking a couple years off after graduating and choosing to teach English…that said, the ones that had hung around China the longest were stoners or just weird. One even would regularly solicit prostitutes…

    But the short term ones left because they didn’t enjoy it in China.

    I didn’t learn all about China. I actually had some Chinese friends and took a beginner course. I met my wife when she was a your guide and I wanted to go back to China for work. She helped me out to encourage me to come to China to teach English. The rest is history. I probably don’t fit any of the 4 categories you mentioned.

  15. 12:54 I’m Australian. I visited China for the 3rd time last year. I asked about 10-year tourist visas and i was told they don’t exist for Australians.

  16. Then you have people like me. Go there for a week or two at a time due to work. Like it for first days, get things done, efficient and then come home.

  17. I feel like there are more categories but you are fitting people into four. Most of what is, is enigmatic, but we make sense of it the best we can.

  18. In the academia is 1) People with special interest in China because they do research about this topic or they are married with Chinese 2) Individuals that cannot find a job elsewhere 3) Weirdos. By the way, amazing footage behind you.

  19. mao destroyed all history and culture of china when he installed his dictatorship and forthcoming leaders realized this and there is no turning back something similar happned with Persia(destroyed by muslims, modern day iran) but some had fleed to India and saved it from complete annihilation. If you are interested in culture(good one ofcourse!) then try India, Japan, Thailand and some of the European countries also have good one though christianity has become the baseline. Half of the world is queens colony so you can find the same thing everywhere only different thing would be the geography and climate.

  20. I have ridden to every province of China … many I went to before using public transport.

    I think there are more than 4 types of foreigners in China …. there are explorers who can see the positives and negatives …. but they love the adventure

  21. Years ago, I liked your channel, Seeing China from a foreigner’s perspective, but these day’s. You seem so butt hurt, not content with slagging off the Chinese Government, you are pigeonholing about a million foreigners living in China,, I guess most of your subscribers and viewers are anti Chinese, so I guess you have to suck up to them.

  22. Wow, so in another words, there’s no entrance examination for positions in education or any other field of employment, that’s not good. That really shows me the CCP is oblivious the requirements of the infrastructure to the societies of China ? Now, to the question of enforcement ? How ?

  23. I seem to be a type 1 foreigner. I still like the country (not the leadership). I always found the foreigner admiration of women very strange. It made me feel strange because I like to be admired for my abilities (or maybe looks) but not just because I’m an alien or they think I’m rich. I can see how this appeals to a certain type of person but to me, it was always strange…

  24. We visited China as we were curious and it was the cheapest way out of Cairns to get to Europe.
    They threw in a free guided tour of Shanghai. We were the only non Chinese on the plane, and we had our own private tour guide who was more of a pleasant security guard who made sure we only went where they wanted and only answered carefully scripted questions, nothing controversial. My youngest son was bombarded by families who wanted to take photos of him with their children. He was only 5 and bewildered as to why they wanted to take photos. There are probably many photos of him on whatever social media China allows.
    It was a strange experience, loved the bullet train, not sure what category we were.

  25. Best advice in the video: Also learn the writing! I did it as soon as I didn’t manage to remember all the homophones. Without the writing, I would still be unable to have a normal conversation.

  26. Foreigners that comes to China to study and after graduating because good Chinese language skills find a good job start working and living a normal life🙂

  27. I feel like you are just talking about people who stay longterm. I was there for 2 weeks. I traveled alone but always had a private guides and drivers. I went to China because I read about it when I was about 11 years old and absolutely had to see that wall! I was never into Kungfu though. So I’m not really sure if I fit into any of your categories. 🤔 I will say that I had only one bad experience. I ended up at a show even though it wasn’t on my itinerary and I didn’t buy a ticket and the audience was primarily Americans. 🙄 (and they are the kind of Americans I avidly avoid while traveling abroad. Ya know…the overly entitled type.) But I loved China and certainly wouldn’t mind returning but I couldn’t see myself living there. However, I could eat authentic Chinese food every freaking day! SO GOOD!

  28. Winston can we have you presenting your videos on the street? I really miss that feeling or is it because the COVID thing is still in place?

  29. I don’t think Winston belongs in the same category as criminals. His fresh start was for economic opportunities. But he was a stand up guy in SA too.

  30. My wife is also Chinese. She also hate prc gov. But fortunately she also feel disgusting abt living in prc like me.we live in UAE.” Narrow minded ppl who suddenly become rich in pocket but their mind is really poor. ” This sentence is all the meaning of china and Chinese mainlanders.

  31. I get what you are saying za but police rarely loose their jobs in the US or the UK. *Most* of the time even with murder they get suspended with full pay at very worst.
    Ergo the current riots.

  32. As an American in Japan, I think I fit 3/4 of these types.
    1) Corporate: Working in consulting in Japan provides accelerated opportunities for promotion and career growth, especially if you’re assigned to global projects.
    2) Cultural Affinity: Japan is so incredibly Pronomian and societally stable. The cultural trappings and societal organisation are so beautiful and everything just works.
    3) Escape: Socially and governmentally, I think that long term, America is going to end up more and more like South Africa in terms of incompetence and racial grievance dynamics. As a blond guy from the left coast, I’d rather be in Japan.

  33. The fact that Sasha talks to her parents every single day reveals that she regrets marrying Winston. It’s an escape mechanism. She’s trying to escape.

  34. Sir. Winston, you must know, many Chinese women marry to western men not because they love western men, life style, or culture, etc. They marry to western men for a green card, to many chinese women, it is an insurance policy, it is a scape route. And many Chinese women kicked off their western husbands, as soon as they got a green card in hand. That’s the trick many Chinese women will play. I said MANY, not ALL CHINESE WOMEN.

  35. I experienced something similar in Nicaragua, there were two basic types of foreigners, the wanted and the unwanted. Losers that were there for the women, lots of fugitives. Visa trips to Costa Rica, pensioners living on Social security. It all came to an end for the foreigners when the government went crazy in 2018.

  36. Wanted to go to Thailand before the virus started- mainly going to Chiang Mai Elephant Nature Park to feed and wash the elephants- disappointed as on hold indefinitely now- glad you said it was one of your favourite countries 👍🏿🇦🇺

  37. I’m not sure where I fit in your categories. Not here for a clean slate, I’ve never committed a crime, but I’m in China just for work since China is currently the only place work is in my field, and in the US, I’d get stuck in a factory job or retail–which I loathe. I’m not a Sinophile. My second language is Russian. And I teach Science English in a middle school. I know tons of corporate types, though… and students from abroad here for a cheaper education.

  38. I actually chose China over other countries because there are far more jobs and there are some good ESL companies in China who are trying to elevate ESL above the “play-a-bout” stereotype and attitude. The deals I was offered from Korea/Taiwan were not as good and didn’t seem as legit. Just not as professional and some had very bad reviews from past teachers.

    I came for teaching experience and wanted to actually bet training/developed as a teacher. My recruiter in the UK steered my towards a company China because the feedback he was receiving from teachers was very good. I always say, I didn’t choose China but China chose me. 😉

    Even though I can’t wait to leave China, from all the wild stories I’ve heard from friends in the ESL world of dodgy schools etc… I must say I’m impressed with my company and how seriously it takes what it’s doing.

  39. Heard a high amount of media in the US has high investment from China and are requested to make sure the media there report the negative events to play against the government to look like lack of control – think the video I watched said Fox is the only company not influenced by the Chinese – only quoting from a channel that has a very reliable reputation for reporting

  40. Incredibly fascinating take on the types of expats that go to China. It’s really interesting, and very similar to Korea in that you get a lot of guys that are “running away” from their previous life. I do want to know if you ever cover what Nationality most foreigners are from. I can see why you would have the foresight to see what South Africa would be like, and I can see why you would be vindicated during 2020. But people from less volatile countries or even poorer countries are interesting.

  41. I stayed for a decade in China ’til the outbreak. The only weird expats I met were wannabe Communist larpers and bossy self-righteous western leftists. I’ve heard stories about violent degenerate westerners coming to China, but never saw it in all my years there.
    Also, the constant attention they give you is annoying, not complimentary. It makes you agoraphobic actually, because you get hounded constantly when you go outside. If they proposition you to be on TV or a public venue thing, it’s probably a set up job, so I’d never do that.

  42. All these personal stories from you two is what makes your work the best when it comes to China and your adventures in general
    Keep up the great work!

  43. truth is trump’s not tough on china,reckon you need to get updated winston,boltol just let the cat outta the bag.trump’s just spouting hot air when it comes to china,

  44. Hmm, I was waiting to see what I fit into, i’m a music producer and was asked by a company to come over to make music for their artists and dj, i’m having a great time over here and since I was offered way more than what I earned back in my homecountry I decided to go. I’d also like to mention that i’m also successful in my own country (worldwide) which was also the reason of them contacting me and asking me to work for them.

  45. What would be more awesome is if you do another round of Lemon Tree (Karaoke style) on the next podcast! Great show. Can’t wait for the next weeks line up of videos. I did post a question in the chat about Xinjiang and whether Trumps new Order will help the oppressed minorities there. Maybe talk about it next time. Thanks.

  46. I would love to visit the South Western part of China where the mountains , lakes and farms are located . The air is cleaner and there I think you would have a better experience with the people of China. I do not think i would live in China as their culture is so different from mine and the language barriers would make it difficult . Then there is the medical challenges and all the fake meds , booze and then there is the Laws of China that could easily be worked against you there. Sorry but China is not for me. But this is just my case. Your friend from Canada!!!!!

  47. Serpentza – I want to thank you for setting things straight with a lot of people who buy into the garbage with the main stream media (MSM) and the current state of the US and China. I am like you, I came to the US with strong family values and have built a successful life here, and for once … we have an American President that stands up to all this crap and people continue to consume fake media bullshit about the US and about Trump in particular. Your point about who controls the media and the power they have to get their narrative across and especially to people outside the US is right on the money. The MSM brainwashes people across the globe because it is controlled by enemies of normal people with normal decent values. They condone the violence and corruption in the political situations that has been going on in the US and with China and the swamp. Anyway, thanks for setting things straight. Good Post and keep it coming. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  48. I have two friends that have (had – one of them became really disappointed over time and avoids anything Chinese like the plague, except their food lol) an obsession with China and I would say they fit into 2 or 3 of your categories at the same time. They were real outsiders/weirdos here at home, not able to get a girlfriend and then they were showered with attention over there, because Chinese girls thought they were rich, coming from the West. They worked as teachers there and now one of them lives there because for business reasons. But both became pretty disillusioned over the course of time with China and the one who lives there only likes to live there because of his salary which allows him to live a very luxurious lifestyle over there.

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