One armed woman soldiers on with some help from KJELL ANDERSEN.

Thanks to Kjell Hugo Andersen.



  1. Well done Troy , you’re not just handing out money it’s hope kindness humanity and food for the human spirit . Thanks to you and all your donors . Keep spreading the LOVE 🤗

  2. I know someone who doesn’t work and complains she has to vacuum the house once a month… This lady is very deserving of assistant… Thank you Kjell and Troy.

  3. This woman embodies two of the many powerful traits of the Vietnamese; stalwartness and resilience. Thank you Mr. Anderson for your undaunted generosity and eagle-eyed Troy.
    Stay frosty Bro’.

  4. A well deserving recipient, as you rightly say carrying on and grafting! Great stuff as always young man, and the kids always bring a smile! Outstanding ya bogan vitnam commentator….Hans Christian lol

    1. He used to make fun of the people he’s helping so I stopped watching. Now I’m checking back and it seems he’s toned it down a bit so kudos to him.

  5. The one armed woman is way more productive than the lazy asses, welfare recipients in Canada.

    Keep up your great work, Mr. Nguyen.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to all donators.

    1. Well said yes I am Canadian as well and I see the same thing you mentioned. Western society is so lazy want so much to do absolutely nothing

  6. Troy you and your donors are a blessing for these people, they dont expect it and you/donors give them a lil hope in these troubled times.

  7. Thanks to Troy! and Kjell Hugo Andersen…well done! She surely is a hero to her husband and kids what a delightful surprise and story she will have for them when she gets home.

  8. Another great video! Love the daily uploads. I sent you a donation to your PayPal. I thought it would be over a million vnd but after it converted it may be less but I hope it will help someone none the less. I will send you more donations!

  9. ………Yeah…right on TROY…..The correct story…and “humor” at the end. That’s the idea !…..Working with a disability is much more tiring. All the best to….KJELL ANDERSEN….Her eyes indicate a massive SMILE is hidden under that mask….. You did that !

  10. That was a great find. I really try to support people near me also when I see them doing a hard grind like this. I don’t care much for beggars because I think they take advantage but unsung grinders like this are important to highlight and appreciate.

    Also, that’s terrific B-roll that you mixed in. Nice editing.

  11. Nice going Troy & Kjell! The past couple videos were so so but this has been your best upload in recent days. It felt like the older vids with the electro style music & people shots.

  12. A deserving lady indeed , great ending lol , so funny , but troy I don’t understand why your subs don’t move buddy they’re like stuck on 49K.?!!

  13. Ive heard americans pay some kind of disability to fat people…. shame on you americans!
    Anyway great video, that money went to the right person.

  14. Great work you’re doing Troy Vietnam! Keep it up. Hopefully, someday after this pandemic is done with, I can go back to Vietnam and maybe do some good as well!!!

  15. These are dope videos! Keep it up, so if I want to donate funds, I just send thru PayPal or? I noticed it’s in AUD I’m in US but either way LMK the proper steps needed to help out these needy folks 🙏🏽

  16. God job Troy, nice to see you still caring for others in this corona times! Kjell Hugo Andersen, very generous of you, are you also from Norway?

  17. As you are chatting to her she’s still working ffs 😭😭😭These people ,I’m lost for words 😂😂😂They are a credit to the world on what hard work when poor is like ..Bless her ..Kjell ..youre a great man no question 👍The kids at the end awwwwww 😊

  18. I can’t wait until I can get my $1,200 stimulus check so I can join troy to the journey to put food on the table to people needed cause I’m disability too.😇👍


  20. You know what I saw??? The guy is damn lucky to have a wife as such. How many spouses on earth would be so humble that willingly help share the burden to sweep the street so that he can finish earlier. And disregard her own disability & pride. Many would be too ashamed!!! Good job Troy for helping out this family. *thumbs up*

  21. People give thousands to love scam all over the world instead of helping those in need …. it is a a shame. Videos about nonsense getting tons of view instead of videos like this …that is why I am supporting you . We can just give without having to get something back in return …

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