OMG..We Need Toilet Paper!!!!

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  1. Cheap ones half the quality. Guess I’ll make a trip to your hometown for toiletries. They ain’t letting it go here. Goverment has all the toilet paper, lotta swiping going on there🀣🀣

    1. Hahaha…I was with my husband at the grocery store yesterday and upon seeing that whole shelf full of tp..he said that Filipinos didn’t care…

  2. We live on a 45 Acre Farm in the USA and our food budget is $20 a week to give you an idea of how much we purchased. 2 months ago because of the coronavirus we spent $700 at Sam’s so luckily we haven’t had to fight with any crowds. But I told my family to stock up and now we’re having to help them.

    1. @EDWARD D Beck hey ed, if you watched Brian’s video you would see no lines at check out and well stocked shelves. My comment was to point out the b.s. some people post, so no dont believe every thing I see on line, quite the opposite.

    1. @EDWARD D Beck It was a joke, one would think you would know the difference… Apparently you’re just another keyboard troll. Congrats.

  3. I was wondering why in Australia supermarkets and grocery store run out of toilet paper as preventive measure to fight coronavirus. In most other countries, shortage of toilet papers is not an issue. Whay do they do with toilet papers. Here in the Philippines, it’s not the case. Even in Canada, Japan, USA, Taiwan, Malaysia, or some European countries, toilet paper is not an issue.

    1. @lionhearted1969 When you try to insult me instead of answering my questions, it just shows you are too stupid to support your arguments. I answered all your naive questions. But since you still can’t figure out why people in Western countries are buying lots of toilet paper in a pandemic, it is obvious you are unlikely to ever understand. Now go back and re-read my last comment, the answer to your toilet paper question is there. Either that or you need to improve your trolling to make it more believable.

    2. @lionhearted1969 What does “laughing out” mean? So you are Filipino? You need to re-read my comments, because I never said that Aussies, Canadians or anyone was using TP to protect themselves from covid infection. I am not in Australia but I think it is wrong for you to say “why did Aussies buy lots of TP instead of alcohol and soap amidst the covid pandemic?” because in Canada people emptied the stores of TP, alcohol, soap, pasta, rice, canned goods, frozen foods, meat, etc at the same time to prepare for a 15 day self-isolation at home to avoid people infected with covid. (I have to do something now, but I will answer more of your questions in a few hours if I get bored again.)

    3. @Lance You could die laughing out. Your mind must be wandering somewhere. All my question was very simple which can be answered simply. Why Aussies and now, Canadians, use TP to protect themselves from covid infection. Because, for God’s sake, our health officials as well as WHO officials never ever recommended a TP to get rid of covid infection. Now, news headlines on international broadcast media (e.g. CNN, BBC News, Al Jazeera) screamed: Aussies go panic buying mostly on TP and their groceries run out of TP as a result. We, in the Philippines, are curious why did Aussies buy lots of TP instead of alcohol and soap amidst the covid pandemic? That’s why many of us wonder how come a TP be useful in covid protection.

    4. @lionhearted1969 I can’t stop laughing about you trolling toilet paper. Anyways I will answer your questions to keep it going. Yes I am Canadian. No I cannot tell you “why you use toilet paper to protect you from covid” because it does not work for that. No I do not use TP to protect myself from covid infection, I use it to clean my butt, hahaha. So what country are you from? Do people use toilet paper there? If they do, it seems you could answer your own questions. hahaha

  4. I went to my Sam’s Club back in December. I didn’t remember if I needed TP. I bought a big pack of it. 45 rolls. When I got back home I found my other big pack and a few smaller 9 roll packs. Not sure but maybe I have close to a years supply. I have plenty of paper towels too. I’m good here. I’m old too…

  5. American shopping carts look like dump trucks next to those little carts in the store there.
    I’ve noticed here that the carts are 1/4 to 1/3 bigger than when I was a kid. I’m 10 years or so older than you Brian but carts in the 70’s that were standard that you remember are small compared to the cart today. Bigger cart leads to more shopping?? Fill that big boy up?? Who knows it’s all psychology and marketing.

    1. @Jeffrey Wise, you’re right .. our carts in the States are much bigger, although most grocery stores do provide smaller version carts for those that only need a few items. Still, in general, your comment really made me think about our American culture’s views and the ways in which we are conditioned to live – ‘bulking’ our items, just-in-case-stockpiling, etc. I would bet that in every 8 out of 10 homes, there would be an area in their pantry, garage or basement that was shelved with back-up of non-perishable/canned foods, paper products, bottled beverages, and cleaning supplies. I tend to bulk-shop for some of those various items myself for the convenience of having them available when needed .. not a hoarder, but definitely very prepared.

    2. Our store here in Pangasinan has two sizes, even the the biggest ones aren’t that big. Have seen sarisari store owners filling up three or four trolley loads! πŸ˜€

  6. Your lucky none in the shops hear in Adelaide South Australia toilet paper that is and our shops people wait out side the shop when they open at 7am i had to take my wife to work and saw the long line waiting

  7. It’s always more than you intended at the grocery store, especially if you are hungry at the time. The experts tell you to not grocery shop while you are hungry.

  8. Corona virus madness represented in US purchasing pattern. Bottled water, toilet paper, fresh meat, fresh produce (materials open to public contamination vs packages for your protection.) , and microwave pizzas (local stores guarding and limiting to 2 per person). Crazy!

  9. Yea all the crazy people bought all the TP in the States and now they are out trying to buy guns and ammo . The crazy anti gun people are finding out you still have to have all the paperwork done. Rumor is the servers got hit so hard they crashed.

  10. Dam, the shelves are full there. Here in Florida, & everywhere else in the US, they are BARE. How about some Ding Dongs. I Love them. Yes & some sunflower crackers, please.
    Maricel, you should be wearing a mask. We all care about you & the baby. Take care guys. Godbless

  11. sakto jdka sir daghan tawong pinoy nga d ka afford mag panic buyingπŸ™kumpara diri . Pa prktisa imo bana dai og gamit kabo og tubig panghugas hehe

  12. The longer you live here you will soon find no need for toilet paper. The Philippine way is more cleaner. Use water. It’s cleaner instead of taking toilet paper which does not leave it shower clean like water does. If I use toilet paper I no longer feel clean. Water and a pale is a clean method which a lot of the world uses for a reason.

    1. I lived here went Went to Iraq for 7 years and Afghanistan for 2 year. I lived here for 10 years. I did not return to the USA for a total of 10 years except to go to Greenville SC for around a month to take medical and train to go to Afghanistan for flour Daniels.. I worked in war for 4 months and came back home to philippines for 2 weeks a few times in the early part of war we got 3 weeks. I got hurt in Afghanistan and lost my job, had to sell my house for a lost the Philippine wife got half. The saying no money no honey is true. After I got hurt and lost my job she wanted nothing to do with me. I returned to SC and GA in early 2014 and lived there till 2019 sept when so returned. Live on a small farm on Dinagat island I will get my pension in sept for around 1,300.00 US dollars. Till than have no income. Iam staying with a 30?year old who is living with her whole family. She has a 2 year old kid that keeps her attention day and night. No one bothers me here. I don’t fit in here. I’m not no farmer. Just trying to survive till sept. My trade was HVAC and electric. My feet and back are crap from many years of lifting heavy stuff and I have bad gout in my feet. Sex life here almost does not exist. Once every 2 weeks maybe. Waiting till sept.

    2. To each his own. The ones around here don’t use toilet paper unless it’s dry season and no water available. If there is no Kleenex I use toilet paper for a runny nose.

    3. I’ve been here 3 years and have no felt the urge to go the Filipino way. In fact, every Filipino I know prefers paper

  13. Nothing like going food shopping, and then you get hungry and just start buying all kinds of stuff. We go for a couple of items then the bill is usually about $4000 pecos lol. Marcial you look good, God bless you. Brian you 2 .we enjoyed your video guys.
    Miles n Karl Nakonechy

  14. In Arizona. No one can enter Mexico or leave the us to enter Mexico. And Walmart hardly has anything I wish I lived there near u guys But I guess we will survive this world if the virus doesn’t get me first take care u guys be safe love u sll

  15. Ooooops sorry I made a boo boo I meant to say all excuse me for I am legally blind so if I mess up u no why πŸ™ƒπŸ˜˜πŸ–πŸΌπŸ’”πŸ’™

  16. Can’t find toilet paper for sale? No problem. Just don’t throw those corn cobs after eating, you’ll be glad you did, in a worst case scenario…lol…πŸ˜ŽπŸ€·β€β™€οΈπŸ˜œ

  17. oh my GOD!! HAHAAAA!! tissue tlga sbgy ok xa pamunas pero pg ngrerelease mas gusto ko soap and water..well just in case of emergency tissue paper on the rescue..

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