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  1. I am 99% certain that signing that promissory note exposes the signor to estafa charges in the event the amount is not paid. This is not just a small Civil matter like it would be in the US, but a criminal charge.

    On a side note, it seems that the number of foreigners who are unable to pay for their hospital bills without charity assistance is increasing every year judging by the many stories popping up on social media. A very common problem in Thailand already for a long time.

    I admire/respect anyone who steps up to the plate to help a friend/stranger in need, but I personally no longer contribute to such fundraising anymore because I believe it doesn’t address the root of the problem – a lack of personal responsibility to make sure one is financially stable enough to travel/live as an expat in a developing country. Especially when the bills involved are frankly speaking peanuts in comparison to what the cost would be in the West if one has to pay out of pocket.

  2. I had to enter the hospital up here in Angeles City. I couldn’t leave the building until I had showed my paid receipts to the guard. I went though most of my savings to leave. Don’t come here if you are sick. Healthcare is terrible.

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